I’m neeeearly finished playing through all the New Vegas DLC. Dead Money is definitely the best one in terms of…everything. Damn! There wasn’t one thing I misliked.

I think my least favourite was Lonesome Road… It got a little boring for me BUT I never got tired of listening to Ulysses roast me over ED-E’s speaker. Like, sorry huh?? 👀👂❓❓❓ I didn’t hear anything you said your voice is too beautiful 😩

Tale As Old As Time

[title]: Tale As Old As Time

[pairing]: Bucky x Reader

[summary]: Bucky and the Reader’s relationship is very similar to Belle and the Beast’s.

[warnings]: cute, sad Bucky

[a/n]: this is short and sweet and im just

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           Bucky closed his eyes, as if the moment he was in was overwhelmingly perfect, he needed a moment to take it all in. He wanted to appreciate every small detail about it. It was only him and [y/n] in the living room, and it was quiet save for [y/n]’s velvety voice, reading aloud the words that were printed onto the pages in front of her. Her voice was reassuring and soothing and Bucky wished that he could listen to it forever. She sat upright on the sofa while Bucky was lying down, his head resting contently in her lap.

           [y/n] held The Adventures and Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes in front of her and read it to him because she knew that he liked mysteries and the way they stimulated the mind. And so she held the book in front of her eyes with one of her hands and with the other she played gently with Bucky’s hair. He was happy and warm and safe and everything was perfect.

           Then there was Tony Stark and Sam Wilson and everything became less perfect.

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the Masters' favourite dreams
  • Mr Wines: cheesy romance movie about the Bazaar getting acquitted and living happily ever after with the Sun
  • Mr Stones: Scrooge McDuck-style diamond bath
  • Mr Spices: dancing to Spice Girls music videos while Wines looks on in tsundere envy and awe
  • Mr Iron: winning a write-a-thon by dual-wielding pens, then celebrating by eating a giant pudding with two spoons while a city-wide Knife & Candle game happens in the background
  • Mr Apples: pranking people by offering them apple pies which turn out to be full of raw meat
  • Mr Fires: sitting at its normal desk in its normal office exactly like it does every day
  • Mr Hearts: pranking people by offering them meat pies which turn out to be full of apples
  • Mr Cups: eating trash nonstop for thirty years and loving every second of it
  • Mr Mirrors: flirting with Cups through a window frame. but only on certain days of the week
  • Mr Veils: wacky show starring it as the Vake, exactly like old batman cartoons except it gets to rip apart and eat the grateful civilians
  • Mr Pages: discovering a weird electric box which displays the entirety of 'my immortal', transcribing it to print, and winning every literary award ever
  • Mr Candles: same as Fires', only the desk is sandstone and the other Masters are standing around it shaking their heads and going *TSK TSK TSK* with deafening loudness while it sits obliviously
Three-episode arcs

It’s remarkable how similar in tone ASiB and TEH were.  Both were somewhat fragmented stories - different things happening at different times, with case plots that came and went in between character stuff.  Both were about equally heavy on humor - ASiB had Sheetlock and Druggedlock and Priestlock and Christmas party wackiness and Mrs. Hudson’s boob-hideaway and Sherlock’s sock index and on and on, TEH had Operation and the Holmes family and…actually kind of less humor than ASiB now that I think about it.  But I still feel like the tone was similar.

I’m anticipating that HLV will be a gut-punching case-heavy angstfest, as TRF was. 

So the difference here is in the middle episode.  Hounds was a  case-heavy story - more similar to TBB, actually - but lighter, without that angsty overtone of TRF.  SoT by all accounts so far is case-light, but with a LOT of emphasis on the relationships and more humor.

That to me says that series 2 was about developing Sherlock and John as detectives, while this one is more about developing them as people.

Just my impression.

Theory: Redbeard symbolizes Sherlock's other brother

Redbeard wasn’t really a dog.

Whenever Sherlock thinks of him, he’s really thinking of his other, more troubled brother who got “sent away” (and later taken care of in some manner by Mycroft) as a child.

Sherlock just blocked out the real truth because he couldn’t handle it, or  more likely since this is Mycroft we’re talking about, got brainwashed into thinking he’s mourning the loss of a dog instead of a brother.

Here’s why I think this:

While losing a beloved childhood pet is heartbreaking for any child, would it truly justify Sherlock being as jaded as he is?

Likewise, Mycroft constantly telling Sherlock never to love anyone or get personally involved because his dog died as a child seems a BIG over-reaction. Kids lose pets; it’s sad but it happens. It’s not a reason to tell them to never love anything again.

If you think about, it makes more sense for Mycroft to be talking about another brother that Sherlock got too close to, who then had to be institutionalized/sent away.  

On some level, Sherlock knows it too, but he’s not quite ready to accept 1) that he had another sibling 2) that his family have erased this sibling from their lives.

“Redbeard” was presumably a nickname for the third brother (or maybe his real name considering Mr and Mrs Holmes’ wacky taste in names.)

For the record, I don’t think Moriarty is the brother like has been suggested. That’s just TOO out there.