Good things that happened in 2016: Les Mis edition
  • Ramin Karimloo and Hadley Fraser sang Bring him home together
  • Aaron Tveit sang Take me or leave me with Gavin Creel
  • Alistair Brammer got married
  • Killian Donnelly, Fra Fee and Sam Barks went to his wedding
  • and Fra Fee let his inner Courfeyrac out
  • the musical travelled to Manila, Singapore and Dubai
  • a new musical was made in Germany
  • a concert tour was announced for next year in France
  • there was talk about series adaptation (which is scary, but hey, we’ll have more material to discuss and at the very least it will bring new people to the fandom, which can’t be bad)
  • George Blagden sang Grantaire’s verse of Drink with me
  • Andy Mientus and Michael Arden got married
  • and Andy Mientus caught a Mr. Mime
  • Aaron Tveit discovered memes
  • Eddie Redmayne starred a Harry Potter film

anonymous asked:

do you know if our dear mr tveit has any more shows scheduled? or is he just gonna focus on company from now on?

Yes actually, Aaron currently has 2 more shows on the books - he mentioned that LA was the last “rock show” he currently has scheduled so I am taking that to mean that both upcoming shows will be the Broadway setlist

Sunday, July 16th at 8:00 pm at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center in Westhampton Beach, NY - tickets are already on sale for this one here

Thursday, September 21st at 7:30 pm at Schaeffer Auditorium at Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA - tickets go on sale for non-season-subscribers on August 8th - event announcement page here

Hope there are more to come but for now these are the concerts that have been announced working around his Company schedule.


my hands are tied behind my back and I’m weakened by your slow attack
you take me in, then change your mind again…

Gifland 3.09: What’s a little lying between you and me?

My current crush and light of my life; Mr Aaron Tveit. Even though this day has been pretty rough, I feel so happy whenever I see this man. Happy, but also miserably in love. Thank god I have friends to rant to. Special thanks to weareunderthesameskies for bringing this greek god into my dull life, and for giving me things to look forward to.

could aaron tveit sing no good deed in the original key
  1. ask a question: could aaron tveit sing no good deed from wicked in its original key
  2. do background research: the highest note in no good deed is a belted high f, which idina menzel does not hit (instead belting the lower c#) but other elphabas (such as rachel tucker) do hit. in addition to his good looks and charm, mr tveit is known for his abnormally high belting range
  3. construct a hypothesis: if he were to attempt this feat, acorn tibet could potentially hit the high f “fiyero” belt note in no good deed, and could probably hit idina’s lower c#
  4. test your hypothesis by doing an experiment: included above — idina’s no good deed “fiyero” belt note (high f = not hit), rachel tucker’s no good deed “fiyero” belt note (high f = hit), and an example of aaron’s vocal range (highest note = Bb, just three half-steps below idina’s note)
  5. analyze your data and draw a conclusion: there is only one way for us to know for certain if he can sing this song. i’m looking at you adam tvite

‘Grease: Live’ Prepares for the Small Screen, NYTimes (x)

Mr. Tveit, who is a bit more James Dean than John Travolta, said that he had a difficult time breaking free of the movie. “I had to say my lines out loud over and over for, like, two weeks before I got Travolta’s voice out of my head,” he said. “Tommy really helped,” Mr. Tveit continued. “He has this way of telling you what he wants without making you feel like your original choice was wrong. For actors, that’s everything.”

Also features the line, “Danny (Aaron Tveit, a fast-rising Broadway and television actor) grabbed his ankles in a prolonged stretch.” Article photos (by Emily Berl) extracted and posted in high-res.