Draco knew it.

He first knew it when Potter was sitting with him during Potions in their eighth year. He could smell him, he could see the way his hands shook whenever he would work on a potions lab.

Seeing Harry Potter in all of his magical glory was really what helped Draco realize it.

“Draco,” Potter grinned one morning as soon as Draco sat next to him in Potions, “goodmorning.”

This confused Draco to no end. First off, since when were they on a first-name-basis? Secondly, he couldn’t understand how it could possibly be a goodmorning for him, considering he had to sit next to Potter and listen to his nonsense for an hour.

The portrait of his godfather explained the potion they would be brewing today, Pepper-Up Potion. Draco quickly sent Potter off to retrieve the ingredients from the cupboard at the back of the room, while he prepared the cauldron and the tools they would be using.

It was common knowledge that Harry Potter was not an excelling student in Potions, but Draco couldn’t understand why it took him five minutes to fetch the ingredients. He impatiently strolled to the cupboard to see what was holding him up.

As soon as he entered the cramped cupboard, he ran into the back of the one-and-only Harry Potter. He was having a hushed conversation with Theodore Nott. Once his presence was known, the talking ceased, and Potter grinned at him.

“Why, Draco,” he began, “fancy seeing you here.”

“Yes, fancy seeing me in my own class,” Draco rolled his eyes, “I came here to fetch the ingredients that you obviously couldn’t.”

He began to collect what he needed, only to notice that Nott had left. He required the “eyelashes of Hippogriff” which was on the highest shelf. Draco wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but he wasn’t particularly tall. He strained his one hand up, only to feel the pressure of hands lifting him up.

This was not a position Draco Malfoy wanted to be in, at the time, but he took the opportunity and grabbed the jar anyway.

Once he was on his feet again, he nodded at Potter who had rosy-tint to his cheeks, but was smiling nonetheless. Leaving the cupboard, he tried not to look baffled even as everyone (including Dumbledore who “coincidentally” entered Snape’s portrait at the time) looked at the duo as if expecting something.

As they arrived at their seats, Draco watched as Harry began chopping up a basil leaf. He saw his hair sticking to his face from the heat of the cauldron, and his glasses fogging up. Oh, Merlin. Draco knew it then.


Once he knew, he figured that the whole school was most likely in on the secret. Except for, newly-appointed, Headmaster McGonagall, actually. He figured this when he was inside of her office (which still smelled like Dumbledore, for the record).

“No, Mr. Malfoy. I will not change your rooming arrangements. We must enforce house-unity, and what better way to get through to the younger wizards than to place the eighth years in mixed-house dorms?”

Draco though of several different methods, perhaps even eliminating houses all together. He knew to keep his mouth closed, though, because the look in the woman’s eyes showed that she would not be convinced otherwise.

The wrinkles surrounding her eyes also showed that she was way past her expiration date, and he constantly wondered how she managed to avoid death. If I was death, Draco thought, I wouldn’t mess with Minerva McGonagall, either.

“I understand that, Headmaster, but Weasley constantly sneaks into the room in the middle of the night, no doubt from Granger’s room.” They ignored the chuckle Dumbledore let out from his portrait above them.

“I don’t see how a room-change will prevent that from happening.” She sighed these words out.

“It doesn’t matter to me if it stops, I just don’t want to deal with it.”

“Mr. Malfoy, I can’t ju-”

“No, no, I think the boy is right,” Dumbledore spoke gruffly from his portrait. You could hear the smile in his voice, “Perhaps, we should switch Mr. Weasley with Mr. Potter?”

Draco Malfoy couldn’t deny that he liked where this was going. What he didn’t understand was how Dumbledore caught on to his feelings for the messy-haired boy so quickly. Draco made a decision to hide his feelings better, because if old men in portraits could figure them out, he was sure Potter could.

“Now, why would we do that, Dumbledore?”

Minerva McGonagall was practically competing with Harry Potter to win the title of ‘Most Oblivious Person in Hogwarts’.

The sound of Dumbledore sighing was heard in the room, and Draco couldn’t help but agree with the man.

“Well, I’ll be going now. Perhaps I could get a few hours of sleep before Weasley comes into our room, only to leave again with Granger.” Draco spoke as he rose from his seat to leave the room.

With McGonagall’s complete lack of knowledge towards Draco Malfoy’s feelings for Potter, he assumed that maybe the school didn’t know. Maybe it was only Dumbledore. That thought alone made him feel a bit at ease.


Until the next day.

He was strolling down to the Great Hall that morning, only to be yanked into a corridor. Pansy Parkinson and Hermione Granger looked at him expectantly, as though he was the one that pulled them into a corridor.

“What?” He questioned impatiently. If their little chat was going to happen at this rate, he would miss the fried tomatoes.

“We think that you should stop acting oblivious, and just be with Harry.” Granger rushed out as Pansy nodded alongside her.

“I’m the oblivious one?” Draco said incredulously.

“Oh, you have to forgive Harry,” Granger waved his comment off with a flick of her hand, “he doesn’t get things sometimes.”

“I’ll have you know, I am completely fine with pining after Potter. Leave me alone.” These were words that Draco never thought he would ever say in his life. His father was writhing in his grave.

Draco now figured that, yeah, the whole school was probably aware of his problem. You would think that maybe someone would actually help him solve it, but he continued to talk to Parkinson and Granger about how this was all his fault for not taking action and winning Harry over.

The thing is, Draco isn’t a man of action.


So people knew, that is, except for Potter (and maybe McGonagall, as she tended to watch them closely nowadays, as though they would break out into a fight at any moment). Which was quite a nuisance really, because now here he was in the library. The Boy Who Lived was his only companion, completing a Transfiguration Essay, and he was burning with want.

Over the past few weeks, Potter had weaseled (no pun intended) into Draco’s everyday life. They played chess, went to Hogsmeade, and ate together. Draco was in no position to complain, but everyday he found that he craved Potter more and more.

The library was silent, except for the quiet sound of Dumbledore trying to make his breathing inconspicuous. All he smelled was musty, magical books and the boy next to him. He seriously wondered how a boy capable of defeating the most powerful dark wizard in the world could be so absolutely oblivious.

Now, for the record, Draco Malfoy was not an observant person, himself. He had only realized his true feelings for the Golden Boy a few weeks ago. Whereas, the majority of the school population had figured it out during their sixth year (according to Seamus Finnigan who explained that he and Nott have a bet going on how long it will take for Draco to cave into Harry. The bet has been running for over two years.). Draco didn’t understand how he could have gone for so long without thinking about Potter that way.

Harry Potter, however, was a different level of obliviousness than Draco had ever had the displeasure of encountering in his life. It was a wonder that the boy realized there was a nose-less man after him in the first place.

“What are you reading?” Potter turned to him and pushed his glasses up.

Draco simply turned his book to show Potter the cover.

“You know, you don’t have to stay with me while I finish my essay.” Potter smiled at him.

“Well, I can’t leave you alone, now can I?” Draco rolled his eyes.

“You could.”

“Don’t be daft.”

Potter casually toyed with a piece of Draco’s hair, and even though his face was set in a frown, it secretly drove him mad.

He and Potter continued to share light conversation. They covered news concerning Quidditch, their N.E.W.T.s, and the other eighth years. Draco found talking with Potter was quite easy. Their conversations drove late into the night, and Draco was still not fulfilled. Eventually, Harry decided he ought to complete his essay, and Draco finish his book.

Draco had yet to figure out what got him in this dilemma. He had half-a-mind to pin it on McGonagall and her attempts at enforcing “house unity” between the eighth years. If he had stayed with his fellow Slytherins in their chambers, he would have never noticed the way Potter’s hair flopped into his eyes. He would’ve been too busy restoring the Malfoy name to care about Potter’s matured voice. He definitely wouldn’t have noticed the way the boy’s eyes gleamed with determination as tried to complete a potion. He would’ve never realized what he’d known all along. Damn it, Minerva.

As Draco pondered over the absurdity of his situation, a light snoring from his side shook him out of his thoughts. Potter had fallen asleep on his parchment and the ink on his quill was beginning to drip. He looked so vulnerable and delicate lying there. The light pink of his cheeks, accompanied by the gentle rise-and-fall of his lungs shook something inside of Draco.

Draco thought quick about what one of Potter’s friends would do. Making a natural decision, he gently shook Potter’s sleeping form.

“Potter,” his shaking only resulted in Potter crinkling his nose and then recommencing his snoring, “wake up.”

Draco sighed and felt a bit bad for trying to awaken the boy. He had been working so hard recently. It was no surprise he was exhausted. So, Draco carefully scooped the boy up in his arms. Throughout the past year, Draco had grown slightly taller than Potter, whilst keeping his lanky form. He silently enchanted their equipment to follow them as he begun to walk to the Eighth Year Common Room. There weren’t a large amount of returners, and they couldn’t simply sleep with the underclassmen. McGonagall decided to place them all in the same quarters. This was also another attempt to promote the idea of house-unity to the younger wizards.

Draco tried to walk without running into any bumps. He narrowly avoided any disruptions that may wake Potter from his slumber. He would occasionally check to see if their possessed possessions were still trailing behind him.

Upon reaching the portrait of Sir William Arthur that hid their common room, Draco quickly mumbled the password. He tried to act as though he didn’t see the knowing look the man gave him as he entered.

Potter’s room assignment had been with Blaise Zabini, some Hufflepuff boy, and Neville Longbottom. Draco was sure they were asleep, but had no problem waking them up.

He knocked at their dormitory door, until a very frazzled-looking Blaise Zabini opened the door.

“I believe this belongs in your room.” Draco said gesturing to the boy in his arms.

Zabini rolled his eyes and moved to let Draco enter the room. It smelled like pine and there was only one untouched bed in the corner. He carefully set Potter on the bed, perhaps standing to look at him a bit too long.


He was met with a grunt from Zabini as the door shut behind him. Draco found his way back to his room with the Weasel, Finnigan, and Nott. There wasn’t even a shift in the room when he entered. Draco laid in his bed and thought about what mode of action he should take.

However, Draco wasn’t a man of action.

He knew this, and he doubted he ever would be. He fell asleep that night already accepting his Potterless future.


The next morning, he went down to the Great Hall only to notice Potter. He only ever thought of Potter these days. Today was the day that the ceiling had begun to snow and everyone was planning their plans for the break. Potter, however, sat and ate his fried tomatoes glumly. Draco didn’t understand why though, it was no secret that the boy would typically accompany the Weasel to his Weasel home.

He decided to take a seat next to the gloomy boy.

“It’s a wonder you were given the name "the Golden Boy,” Draco began, catching his attention, “what with your depressed persona.”

He watched as Potter laughed, and ignored how good it made him feel to bring joy to the boy next to him. Damn it, Potter.

“I wouldn’t be so "depressed” if you would have told me.“ Potter now sat with his chin is his hands facing Draco. Draco resisted the urge to straighten his glasses which were slightly crooked.

Once the words left Potter’s mouth, Draco didn’t know what he should do. He didn’t know how to respond to this situation. He looked at his nearby eighth years, and saw Neville Longbottom giving him a nervous thumbs-up. Pansy tried to hide her grin as she drank her pumpkin juice. Damn it.

"I didn’t think you wanted that,” Draco tried to speak as clearly as he could, given the heart-shattering circumstances.

“I think I know what I want better than you do,” the boy gave Draco a grin as his words sunk in.

“It’s not my fault you were completely oblivious to my advances.” Draco let a smile through. He ignored the way that the corner of Hermione’s mouth quirked up at his words.

Advances? Draco, you won’t even touch my skin! Last night was the closest we’ve ever been, and I was asleep.” Potter threw his hands up and grinned.

“Well, I’m gentleman, and I have yet to even properly court you.” his eyes twinkled as he said this, and Potter’s cheeks were rosy with life.

Potter bit his lip before he spoke. Draco tried not to let his eyes focus on the action, or the way that Dumbledore inconspicuously wandered into the portrait behind them.

“You’re going to court me?”

Draco was suddenly a man of action.

Damn, Gryffindors.


“I don’t think your dad will be too happy with this news.” Potter chuckled and danced his hand closer to Draco.

“Well, he’s not the one doing the courting.” Draco gingerly played with the boy’s fingers.

“I should hope not.”

This was the second time Draco knew it. He knew he was in love. Potter did, too.

So did Dumbledore.

About a Girl [5]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final / Epilogue

Let’s make a deal.

“M-mr. Kim? What are you doing here?” Discomfort was written on his face. It was clear to you that he had no desire to be here. But why was he here? Your mind drifted to Jangmi, every dreadful possibility began floating through your mind. “Is everything alright? Is Jangmi okay?”

Mr. Kim threw up his hands to halt your onslaught of questions. “Please, miss Y/LN, Jangmi is alright. Well, kind of.” His face fell along with his hands. “I need to speak with you privately.” 

You opened the door a little wider, taking a step to the side. “Would you like to come in then?” He took a step into your hotel room and taking in his surroundings. You watched him closely as you shut the door. “So, what exactly did you want to talk about?”

“It’s Jangmi,” he turned to face you. “No one is good enough for her.”

Your head cocked to the side. “In what regard?”

Your former employer let out a deep sigh as he clenched and unclenched his fist. His normal calm and in control aurora gone had been replaced with one of frustration. “I’ve been looking for a new nanny. Normally that’s Jungkook’s job, but after your little outburst it made me think. I didn’t even know who you were the first time we met, what kind of father does that?” There was a brief pause. “All these candidates are amazing. Their experience, references, education, they’re all impeccable. But for some damn reason they aren’t good enough. And I have no one to blame but you!”

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anonymous asked:

oh could you write a oneshot about how about betty and jughead eloped over break and didn't tell anyone but people find out at school when betty changes her name to jones

Hey!! I love this prompt :) I actually had to google what eloped means because I had no idea. But still, I hope you enjoy!!


“Jughead, remember to remove your wedding ring before you get to school” Betty said into her phone while pacing around her pink frilly room. 

On the other side of the line, Jughead was sitting in his dads trailer, twisting his gold wedding band around his ring finger. “Got it Bets. Don’t worry. No one will know until we decide we want to tell them.” he said. “Now Elizabeth Cooper, go to bed.”

He heard a soft sigh on the other side of the line. “Night Romeo.” she whispered, making him blush on the other side.

“Good night, my beautiful Juliet.” he said as they both hung up their phones.

Over the spring break, Betty and Jughead decided that they wanted to make it official. They tied the knot. Whatever you want to call it. They may have been a little bit ‘under the influence’ at the time, but neither of them would want to change anything. 

They both decided that they would keep it a secret until they decided that they wanted to tell everybody. That means that they would have to not wear there wedding rings when they’re at school.

The next morning as Betty’s alarm woke her up from her deep slumber, she realized that she was late. She rushed out of bed and quickly got changed, brushed her hair and teeth, and quickly ate a blueberry muffin. In the rush of things, she completely forgot to take off her wedding ring.

Once she got to the high school she immediately spotted her husband leaning by her locker. She ran towards him and practically leaped into his arms. He wrapped his surprisingly strong arms around her, and when he let her go he grabbed her hands and leaned his forehead against her own. 

He looked down and his eyes went wide. “What is it?” Betty asked as he rubbed his fingers over the band that was wrapped around her finger. 

“Oh shit” Jughead whispered right as Veronica and Kevin walked up towards them.

“Hey lovebirds” Veronica said, Kevin trailing behind her. Betty blushed at the nickname while Jughead wrapped his arm around her shoulders, gripping her hand, attempting to hide the wedding ring that was neatly placed around her finger.

His attempt wasn’t good enough, because Kevin noticed the diamond almost instantly. “Elizabeth Cooper. A word?” the Keller boy said before grabbing her by the hand and pulling her away from her husbands grasp. 

He pulled her into an empty closet before flicking on the lights and inspecting every inch her hand. She looked anywhere but his eyes, but could still feel his gaze staring at her head of blonde hair. 

She finally looked up and saw her gay best friend with his arms crossed and leaning on one hip. He raised on eyebrow and Betty knew that she was defeated.

“Fine,” she sighed, breaking in “Jughead and I may or may not have gotten hitched.” she said, like it was no big deal. 

Kevin gasped and brought his hands up to his mouth while he jumped up and down like a fangirl. “That is too cute! I need to tell V. Like Right now. ASAP.” he said while grabbing his phone, but Betty stopped him before he could start typing.

“Kevin. You can’t tell anyone. Not even Veronica. No one was supposed to know. I was just freaking out about Jug forgetting to take off his wedding ring that I forgot to this morning.” she said, looking down at her hands.

Kevin just sighed and looked up dramatically. “Fine. You can stop me from telling everyone that Romeo and Juliet got married. But you can’t stop me from freaking out about it? Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Wait… not how. Your moms super like ‘no sex before marriage’ right? Is that why you did it? Betty Cooper!” he said while playfully slapping her arm while she giggled at his words. “But seriously. We have ten minutes before class starts. Tell me everything” he said while sitting down a flipped bucket, chin in hands.

Betty just sighed and sat down on the bucket next to him. “Fine. Who: Jughead and I. Duh. What: We got married. Where: Spring break, in some small chapel when we were on our trip. When: Spring break. Why: I love him. How: We went to the chapel. We were also a little drunk at the time. But I don’t regret it at all.” she said, spilling all of her secrets to the schools gossip queen. 

Kevin just sighed with his dream eyes. “But Kev, promise me you wont tell anybody?” she said, while standing up and grabbing her backpack.

“Promise” he said while sticking his pinky up. Betty just giggled and wrapped her small finger around his. She ran out of the closet just in time for the first school bell, and to run into her beanied boyfriend. 

Jughead raised one of his eyebrows and grabbed her hands in his. “Kevin knows, but he promises not to tell anyone. We still have time.” Betty said, while brushing her thumb over his rough cheek. He leaned in for a kiss but was cut off when the bell for class rang into his ear. Betty gave him a small kiss on his cheek and ran off to her first period of the day, english. 

She ran into the classroom, just making it before the bell rang again. She ran to her seat and plopped down next to Veronica. They shared a smile before the teacher interrupted them.

“Ok. Attendance. Ms Lodge?”


“Mr Andrews?”


“Ms Cooper?”

“It’s Mrs Jones now.” she said, not thinking about what was coming out of her mouth.

Everyone turned to look at her with shocked looks on their faces. Jughead just walked into the classroom before her huge announcement and now had a smug look on his face.

Veronica looked at he best friend with a super surprised look on her face, and her gaze was switching between Mr and Mrs Jones. 

Betty just shook her head yes and smiled at her new husband. 

Veronica just laughed, with the same shocked expression plastered on her face. 

“You are telling me everything later.”

Re: LeFou in the live-action Beauty and the Beast (spoilers):

I’m pretty sure I read that his sexuality was supposed to be kind of a “gay awakening” type subplot where he slowly realized his feelings, but it seemed to be much more of a “I’ve been pining after this straight guy for a while and still hope to gain his affection some day” type deal.

Like there is a scene, kind of early-onish I think, where Gaston is talking to himself in a window and before he walks away he says “I’m not done with you,” or something along those lines. And then LeFou walks up once he’s left and goes, “And neither am I,” which with what was going on came across very much as “I’m not done pursuing you, sir.” A lot of Gad’s / LeFou’s lines are slanted with double meaning or a flirtatious tone.

LeFou’s real story is one of having a pedestal broken and rose colored glasses removed, leading up to his infatuation shattering. It’s clear that he sees Gaston is crossing lines and entering dangerous territory and he becomes increasingly hesitant and uncomfortable defending Gaston. 

While his sexuality is not as blatant as originally stated or hoped for, I feel like it is undeniably there for anyone not steeped in denial, and Josh Gad is a gem of an actor in his delivery and body language. I was not enthused by LeFou’s eventual heel-face turn being framed at least somewhat in terms of a jilted lover’s revenge. It’s mitigated by LeFou’s expressing doubt; for example his lyrics in The Mob Song: “There’s a beast running wild, there’s no question / But I fear the wrong monster’s released;” but the actual redemption scene is very much rooted in his status as a comedy relief character. Even with all his misgivings, it takes Gaston literally abandoning him as he’s crushed beneath a harpsichord to finally cut ties. He tells Mrs. Potts “I’m switching sides; we’re not in a good place right now.” He’s finally setting himself free of an abusive relationship and that deserves weight they don’t grant. I can’t help but think this could have been a vulnerable moment for LeFou where he admitted he thought Gaston might still be convinced to call the attack off or something. That’s cheesy, I don’t know.

That being said, Mrs. Potts telling LeFou that he’s much too good for a man like Gaston before the two of them team up on a fighting spree is honestly amazing.

MASTERLIST (PART 1/2) [back-up]


I figured out Tumblr was being a problem when I was trying to make this post the first time ‘cause our masterlist is too damn long, so I split it up. WARNING: THESE POSTS ARE REALLY LONG

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Raucous Productions | Joe Sugg Imagine Part 1

Part 2 Part 3

“Ms. L/N?” My PA Karen knocks on my door. I look up to her with a questioning look. “Mr. Sugg wants to see you.” She says before dismissing herself.

I save the final edits of my draft before turning off my computer, grabbing my notebook and pen. It was around 8 p.m, my shift was about to end. I work as Joe Sugg’s assistant meaning I usually work late than the other workers here. Raucous Productions was a company set by Mr. Sugg and his friend Mr. Lee after the success of their movie “Hit the Road” which was followed by a sequel.

The man himself was lovely, very sweet. Mr. Sugg however had a tendency to welcome in some fit girls into the building. That also means that when Mr. Sugg asks me to deliver them a bunch of flowers I get to know their names. Not that it wasn’t a bad thing that I see him with girls, but it was something I didn’t like about him.

Walking towards the mahogany door, I take a deep breath before knocking. Once I entered without knocking was one of the most embarassing moments I’ve ever encountered with my boss. Seeing your boss on top of a semi-naked girl was not something I would love to see.

I open to door once I hear a faint “Come in.”,  I then see Mr. Sugg standing across to room, looking out the glass walls and onto the London scenery. I clear my throat, “Good evening Mr. Sugg, you asked to see me?”

He turns around, hands at his back, his body showcasing a white button down and a black cardigan paired with black skinny jeans. “Yes, I did. Take a seat, love.” Mr. Sugg gestures the two single seater sofa chairs in front of his desk.

I walk towards his desk and sit down, my notebook and pen resting on my lap. “What is it about sir?” I push a strand of stray hair behind my ear, noticing that Mr. Sugg was staring intently at me.

He laces his fingers together against the desk, leaning forward. “I have a flight to LA, yes?”

I nodded, opening my notebook to scan what I had written about his flight to Los Angeles. “Yes sir, for a business meeting with. Ms. Lake will also be accompanying you on the flight.”

Mr. Sugg nods his head, leaning back to his chair with arms behind his head and feet crossed on the desk. “Well tell Ms. Lake that she doesn’t need to accompany me anymore, she will have a day off. As I want you to accompany me on this flight.”

I lump forms on my throat as I begin to process what he has just said. “You want me to accompany you, sir?” Mr. Sugg nods, confirming what he has said. “But Mr. Sugg, I must decline, it is Ms. Lake’s job as your secretary to accompany you in every flight you have.”

Mr. Sugg sighs softly, “Well Ms. L/N, you happen to know more about Los Angeles better than she does. That is why I want you to accompany me, that is if you are free that day?”

I didn’t have anything planned, I would to go with him but there’s a part of me that’s denying it. “Yes sir, I am free that day.” A grin forms of his lips, nodding his head.

“Well then you should tell Ms. Lake about you being my company instead of her, love.” I suddenly start to feel all flustered, seeing as Mr. Sugg prefers my company instead of his own secretary. I nodded my head, straightening my pencil skirt after standing up.

Mr. Sugg happens to call me “love” most of the time, it was just a polite gesture but he doesn’t do it to the other female workers here besides me. “Goodnight, Mr. Sugg.” I grasp the door handle, seeing Mr. Sugg nod his head in return.

“Goodnight Ms. L/N.”

Once I open the front door, I release my feet out of the heels I was wearing, slipping them onto the micro fiber slippers I have. I didn’t have the best flat, per say but it was good enough for me. The rent was affordable as Mr. Sugg gives me a salary of £50 each week.

“Sophia? You still here?” I call out, my best friend Sophia has been staying her over the past weeks since she just broke up with her ex-boyfriend since he was cheating on her.

I get no answer so I assume she was sleeping. I head to my bedroom, grabbing a fresh set of pajamas. Once I have changed, I grab my phone and sent a text to Ms. Lake about the whole Mr. Sugg flight accompany switch. A breath escapes my lips as I finally crashed onto my bed.

My eyes abdsentmindedly scan my room until they landed on the diamond necklace that was on my dresser. On my 22nd second birthday, Mr. Sugg gave me that diamond pendant necklace as a present along with the matching earings.

They were from Tiffany & Co. seeing as they were expensive but Mr. Sugg didn’t mind a bit. At some point his kindness towards me soon turned into flirting. Sometimes, Mr. Sugg will flirt with me that I get all blushy and stunned to even manage a reply without stuttering. That was the effect he had on me.

It was 9 p.m but I wasn’t tired or sleepy yet so I decided to play a game on my phone. Until I was debating on ordering dinner on the phone, I hear the doorbell go off. I stand up, walking to the door before looking through the peep hole. It was the flat delivery guy, carrying a Nandos and Starbucks bag.

I open my door, “May I help you?” As much as wanted Nandos and Starbucks at the moment, I didn’t order one right now.

“Ah yes. I’m meant to deliver this to Y/N L/N.” The guys said that left me even more confused.

“That’s me. But I’m afraid I didn’t order.” I furrowed my brows in confusion.

The guy shakes his head, “No m'am, Mr. Joe Sugg did.”

My eyes widen in shock. My boss just ordered me Nandos and Starbucks. Is that normal? Without another word, I nodded, grabbing both the paper bags from him before saying a “Thank you” then shutting the door closed. I open the Nandos bag first, seeing my favorite order from Nandos. My eyes caught a post it note stuck on the cover of the food packaging.

“Eat up love” it said with a smiley face then his signature on the bottom corner of the paper. I place the bag on the counter top, shoving out the food that Mr. Sugg has ordered me. Not only did he order my favorite meal but from the Starbucks bag, he ordered me the chocolate macademia cookie and my favorite drink. I unlocked my phone, sending a quick text to my boss.

Me: Thank you sir, for the Nandos and Starbucks delivery. 😊 (21:47 p.m)

Nothing more than a minute, he replied.

Mr. Sugg: No problem love, it was my treat afterall for a thank you since you agreed to accompany me on my upcoming flight. 😁😚 (21:47 p.m)

Mr. Sugg: Also, I hope you haven’t eaten dinner yet or the delivery would have been too much.😂😚 (21:47 p.m)

I start to open up the Nandos meal, my nose picking up the fresh scent of the cooked meal, my stomach churning in hunger. I then decided to reply back.

Me: I haven’t eaten dinner yet sir, so the surprise take away isn’t that much 😂👍 (21:48 p.m)

Mr. Sugg and I start to talk via text while I was eating the Nandos order, saving the Starbucks drink and pastry for dessert. It was so nice of him to surprise me with this but, I just wonder why he treats me this way. He surely doesn’t call any of the femal workers “love” besides me and he surely doesn’t just deliver random surprise from Nandos or even Starbucks as a “Thank you”

Mr. Sugg: How’s life, gorgeous? 😚 (22:04 p.m)

A smile breaks on my lips, my stomach creating involuntary butterflies as my eyes scan the text. See, this is him flirting with me. Calling me names like “gorgeous”, “love”, “sweetheart”, “my love”, “darling” and other names you would call your partner.

Me: I wouldn’t really know how to describe life Mr. Sugg, but so far, it’s been great 👍💕 (22:05 p.m)

Once I have finished my Nandos chicken, I move on to the fruit salad that came with it.

Mr. Sugg: That’s great sweetheart, and I do insist that you call me Joe instead since we are out of work and being called Mr. Sugg makes me feel old 😂😛😚 (22:05 p.m)

I was chewing on a bite off my salad when Mr. Sugg decided to call me. I slide to answer, putting the phone next to my ear. “Hi.” I grinned, not expecting him to call.

“Hey love.” I can pratically hear the smile in his voice.

I take another bite off my salad, swallowing before replying. “Why did you call me sir?” My grin doesn’t falter a bit. I was quite happy with the relationship (not romantic) I have with my boss. He wasn’t those snappy, boring ones but he was completely the opposite.

“It’s Joe now, m'love. I called you because I wanted to hear your voice.” There it goes again, the butterflies.

“Is my voice that interesting?” I asked, giggling a bit before finishing off the fruit salad.

Mr. Sugg, or should I say, Joe chuckles through the phone. “To me it is.”

I bite my bottom lip, grabbing the Starbucks drink the the cookie in my hands, balancing my phone by pressing my shoulder against it with my ear applying the same preassure. “You’re too sweet Sugg.” I push the door of my bedroom open with my foot, placing the drink and the cookie on my bedside table.

“Well, you’re the sweetest strawberry of the bunch.” Joe replies back and I can hear a bit of shuffling in the background.

“Stop making me blush!” I playfully scolded, taking a sip from the Starbucks drink then taking a bite off of the cookie.

I hear Joe laugh from the other side. “Aww, I’m making you blush?”

I nodded, even though he couldn’t see me. “Yes, and I want you to stop it.”

“Aww, but you love it, don’t you?” Joe asks.

“Annoyingly, I do.” I giggled, placing my duvet over my as I hold my drink in my hand, the plate of the cookie on my lap. I love it when Joe and I have these kinds of coversations, wether it be in work or at home via phones, it was always full of banter.

“You’re cute, you know that?” Joe compliments.

I giggled again, “No I don’t, that’s why I need you to tell me.”

Gentle laughter errupts from the boy on the other side of the phone. “Yeah and I deserve a thank you, darling.”

“Well, Thank you,” I grinned again, bitting my bottom lip. “Are you normally like this with the girls that I see you with?”

“No, only you.” He replied and my breath hitches slightly. “Because those girls are nothing compared to you.”


Hi! So this is the first part of my first imagine series here on Tumblr. I might do a second part if I get some motivation such as how many notes this will get. Also if I do make a second part it might take a while since I get a massive writer’s block most of the time. To any one who read this, I hope you liked it.

Lego Trash Rambles

listen, I really like the idea that lego joker and harley are platonic gay bffs. but I also headcanon that when they first met in this universe, joker had a mega huge super crush on her. he was all smitten and blown away by this cute smart af arkham psychiatrist, staying put longer than ever just so he could figure out how to get himself a session with her.

finally, he does.

they actually have a great meeting, full of their usual chemistry, and literally he just opens up to her without another thought. no tricks, no malice, no head games, just honesty. and she’s all like ‘whoa everyone always told me joker was like the bad guy, and maybe this is all a clever ruse, but…. something tells me…. it’s not??’ so they develop this deep patient-doctor relationship and keep bonding, but eventually he does break out again. 
of course, he gets into deep trouble, not even batman-related, and she hears word of it. not that she’s been keeping special tabs on him or anything, how unprofessional would that be? ahahaa ironically, she has been getting more and more interested in this idea of moonlighting as a super criminal to better understand her patients, so why not tonight? hasty decision made, she rushes to the joker’s aid as harley quinn for the first time, kicks some butt, and then helps an injured mr j back to his hideout where he’s just shook like ‘fuckin calm down heart, you can’t afford an attack right now’. once he’s healing, they hang out all night and talk some more, maybe play some video games, and suspend all their usual titles for the first time in a long time, really just connecting. j asks finally why she even came out tonight, all dolled up in crime, and she tells him her reasons, sort of embarrassed with how it all sounds out loud.

“it’s pretty stupid of me, huh? I mean, I could’ve easily died…”

“no no harl! not stupid…. risky, sure… but you said you did it…. //// for me?”

“uh well not… I mean… yes, I heard you were in trouble… and so that was to save you… or help you… or… uh….”

“no one’s…. ever come to my rescue before…”

she meets his honest confession with a pure sunshine smile and that’s when he knows, hoo boy, mr j you did actually die tonight. alert gotham, alert batman, the clown is finally slain.

he doesn’t return to arkham that time, but she continues to moonlight as harley quinn, usually with him, or to assist him, because he does know what he’s doing and can offer her the most guidance and protection as a novice. plus, friendship. after a while, it’s clear to her that her talents lie more in this world than a clinical one, and she finally converts full time to joker’s no. 2.  
not too long after making the switch, mr j, ecstatic and overwhelmed with her moving in, ramps up his flirtations full force. harley is at first amused, not sure whether he’s serious or it’s just him being him. eventually though, he legit makes a move, and she finds herself reciprocating. they become friends with benefits for a long time, and don’t necessarily deny the boyfriend/girlfriend title, but aren’t really set in it either.  
however, once harley’s interactions with ivy become much more intimate than just the occasional run in or gal pal hangout, it’s clear to her that she’s really better as bffs with joker than as lovers, and it tears her up for a long while trying to figure out how to tell him. she also knew he’s had it really bad for bats this whole time, and has never blamed him, but feels maybe that is worth pursuing more? eventually she sits him down and has a talk, the most terrified she’s ever been in her life. joker can see how freaked out she is about hurting him and that actually makes everything a lot easier to take, because they’re still so important to each other regardless of romance. he’s like “harl, no, don’t cry it’s ok monkey-face, we can just be platonic if you want? like I won’t lie, I’ll miss kissing that mug, but I don’t want you to feel bad about things for me. im still your boo-boo.”
and she just crumbles in his hug.
literally me too, we don’t deserve gay lego joker you guys

happily, the switch back was really easy for them to make, and sure, they lapse and will still share the occasional kiss or ass slap, because, come on. look at them. but really, it was such a good decision for them both that nothing was really ever awkward. to this day, they’re still the gayest of friends, and the best dynamic duo in crime.

and that’s the story of how my weak heart just wants joker to be really good and respectful to harley, his one and only psycho circus princess.

anonymous asked:

hc that bitterly pining keith listens to fuqboi by hey violet and thinks abt lance

keith: *playing “Fuqboi” out loud in his room with the door shut and the lights off*

pidge: *knocks on door* everyone told me to tell you to keep it down. also, allura and coran wanted to know what a fuckboy is. so I had to explain it and they said “so like lance?” now they’re trying to figure out why you’re listening to this song

keith: *stumbles off bed and immediately switches on “Mr. Brightside”* ok thanks, bud

pidge: stay gay, buddy

Tonight in Things I’m Not Emotionally Prepared For. Where did the time go </3 (I ask, having spent 6 months on one generation.)

Omfg Jojo will you stop moping about Stephen Tinker already?? MOVE ON 

-Ugh please, I’m over him. I have my eyes set on someone new..

It better not be fucking Malcolm there, aka your MOM’S SIDEPIECE, because I may have your father as a zoophiliac but even I’m not touching this fuckery.

But I am having Komei greet him. Worlds colliding!

-So I hear my wife ghosted on you LOL classic. Had her fun with your blonde ass for a while but it is I that holds the key to her heart. And her safe. BECAUSE WE’RE MARRIED BITCH


-Oh it hurts, does it? Wait till I show you our joint bank account (:


-Hey Jojo! Jojo. JOJO


-Do you want to build a snowman? ♪ 

-I’m gonna shove that flamingo so far up-

Come on Jojo, not cool, don’t lash out on Daniel just because your life sucks and no one loves you.

-Well my rubik’s ball and my mom love me and that’s all that matters.

Oh yea, great combo. I’d count more on the rubik ball if I was you.

-Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. 

NO. NOP. You only get one character, you chose Mr. Darcy, you can’t switch midway just because your love life is nonexistent.

-UGH you don’t let me seduce Stephen Tinker, you don’t let me be Hamlet, is there anything I’m allowed to do?


Finally, someone who has their shit together. Congrats Vic, printing you own money now. What a self-starter!

-Dude I’m so fucking high right now..

And who can blame you the way this family has turned out..

Case in point, proletarian ballerino in the snow. Apparently this is the athletic outfit of Daniel’s choice. Goes great with the factory worker cap!

-Art is nothing but a product of state ideology! But this is pretty fun.

Teen sims can die, right? Asking for a friend.

Kim is finally here!!! I’ve been waiting for her to show up, she’s my fav townie cat and I really want us to adopt her so we can get her genes into the cat legacy. Obviously, there’s only one man for the job..

..Komei, the cat maniac whisperer.

-WHADDUP. CAT. HAHA. Please don’t run away.

Komei WTF. You spend all this time around cats I assumed you were good with them??? JFC

-Well you should know better by now than expect me to achieve things!

True and fair.

Komei fucked this up so bad that Kim destroyed our bed before getting tfo, leaving us dick in hand (metaphorical dick. Not a reference to Komei’s zoophilia).

Guess who calls for Gunther again!

-Kennedy!! It’s so good to hear from you! How are the adoption papers coming?


Here, have some bonding time with dad.

-Think you can throw me all the way to Kennedy’s house?

-I don’t know kid, but I’m gonna try my best. You’re taking up precious cat space.

OMFG I FORGOT HIS BIRTHDAY AGAIN. Maybe he should get adopted by Kennedy after all, because 3 kids are clearly too much for me to handle.

-So this is what it’s come to, growing up next to the toilet paper.. Guess we have a lot in common..

Ugh I’m sorry Gunther but if it’s any consolation, your birthday picture is serving some a-star-is-born realness ❤

-Does this look like a moment I want to remember?

 I mean, I can’t really tell with your sunglasses..

-Can you tell which finger I’m holding up?

DEAD. This hair truly ages like fine wine. AND NO KOMEI JAW TG. And we roll…………

DEAAAAD. Oh this is gonna be fun. All that’s missing is a slight makeover..

They come, they go,
some real, some faux
some friends, some hoes,
but no I, goes nowhere, it’s Hov.
Everyday a star is born, 
clap for ‘em, clap for 'em, clap for 'em, clap for 'em, HEY♪

The Devil and the Dancer: An Elorcan Fic

Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4


(A/N: So this is my new Elorcan fic! Big thanks to Az for the title help. I’m planning on it being multi-chapter, but I won’t write more of this if people aren’t seeming to like it, so feedback is much appreciated! Enjoy! )

Elide remembered every detail of the fall. She was in the final dress rehearsal of La Bayadere at Indiana University, starring in the role of Nikiya—something no other sophomore had ever achieved. Her Pointe shoes were brand new, just broken in enough. Her fouetté turns were seemingly flawless, a huge accomplishment for her. She’d always been afraid of them. That was when she went down. She still didn’t know what it was, how her foot bent in just the wrong way, but her ankle just snapped. She remembered blinking up at the ceiling, seeing the metal railings, lighting fixtures and the catwalk that were all rest up, up, up. She’d wondered where the chairs had gone. The small audience, mostly critics, the director, the choreographer. They were all just gone, replaced by the endless space above her.

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