Cool Down- Steve x Reader(f)    Chapter 7

Authors Notes: Again, sorry for taking so long!! Hope you enjoy this chapter!

Note/Warnings: Fluff, kissing, teasing and…. I think that’s it…

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The ceremony went off with out a hitch. Tessa looked beautiful and Frank cried as she walked down the isle with your dad. Pastor Andrews conducted the ceremony with grace and Tessa cried when Frank gave his vows.

 Of course, you were distracted the whole time.

 Steve stood at the back of the extensively decorated barn and smiled at you the whole time. He looked amazing in his dark blue suit and you were stunned at how well he cleaned up. You had half a mind to go invisible just so he wouldn’t see you blushing, but Tessa would kill you for stealing the spotlight on her big day. So, you stood there, trying to ignore your grinning soldier who grinned at you with his arms crossed. You fixed your eyes on your sister but no matter how much you willed yourself not to, you kept stealing glances back at Steve.

 Tessa was, thankfully, so picky that she knew every picture that she wanted to have taken so, after the bridesmaids shots and the family pictures, you were done within forty-five minutes. When you made your way to the reception tent you quickly found Steve, who was being forced to mingle with your great grandmother. At first you were mortified that she seemed to be flirting with him, but you smirked when he looked like he was flirting back. It was then that you realized they might actually have something in common.

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likeohmygodseriously  asked:

can someone write about Kara knowing way. too. much. because of her super hearing? My headcanon is that she knows so many secrets accidentally, and maybe it gets her in trouble one day because she's scanning the city and hears a loud "ALEX!" and she tunes in quickly but it's just maggie screaming Alex's name while they doin the do and then Kara can't unhear it fast enough & every DEO agent is asking her why she's blushing and she just shakes her head and covers her ears with her eyes shut tight

It was her own fault, really. 

Her super hearing had been getting her into trouble from the moment she crash landed on earth.

She had accidentally ruined countless surprise parties. She stopped going to church a very long time ago (there’s a very good reason confessionals are private and she knew more about old Mrs. Patterson than any fifteen year old ever should). 

But ever since The Alex Incident, as her and Maggie had so lovingly dubbed it, Kara had been constantly keeping her ears to the ground. And the sky. And everywhere in between. J’onn had been teaching her meditation techniques, so she could calm her body down and focus her energies.

She was a model student, too. She had gotten the hang of it quickly, and found that she could hear Alex’s voice from miles away. If she focused extra hard, she could hear Alex’s heartbeat. 

That Thursday morning, it wasn’t even Alex’s voice she heard. It was Maggie’s.

But she sounded distressed, and she was calling Alex’s name out over and over again. Kara stilled for a moment, listening to the plea in Maggie’s voice.

“Everything okay?” Winn asked, looking at his friend with concern.

Kara took a deep breath and closed her eyes, straining to find Alex’s heartbeat. It was beating faster than normal, too fast, as though she were in danger, like she were being threatened. Like she was in trouble and Maggie was standing by helplessly, watching it all happen.

Without another word, Kara was in her Supergirl and flying through the skies, speeding towards Alex’s apartment. 

She burst through the window, broken glass scattering across the kitchen floor.

“Alex!” Maggie yelled.

“Alex??” Kara yelled, horrified.

“Kara?!” Alex screamed in surprise.

Kara?????” Maggie replied, looking down at Alex incredulously.

“MAGGIE.” Kara yelped, her hands now covering her eyes.

“Get out of here!” Maggie and Alex shouted at the same time, and Kara didn’t need to be told twice. She leaped from the window without a second glance, arriving back at the DEO bright red and flustered. As Winn saw the look on her face, he burst into laughter, knowing exactly what she’d walked into. Everyone at the DEO knew that Alex’s Thursday morning knife practice was actually Forking with Maggie. Everyone except Kara, apparently.

“Shut up,” Kara grumbled. “If you need me, I’ll be bleaching my brain in the Kryptonite room.”

Misconceptions-Chapter 7

And here we are lovelies. The final chapter! 

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Natasha x Bucky, Platonic Tony x reader.

Warnings: ANGST. Pregnancy, violence, insecurity and self-loathing, Mutant reader (powers similar to Jean from X-men with a little immortality thrown in) smut sorta. Tiniest amount of fluff, so much swearing.

Song: Avril Lavigne-I wish you were here

I can be tough
I can be strong
But with you, it’s not like that at all


4 Months since the incident in Bucky’s bedroom, you’re standing in the day care centre willing yourself to let go of Ari as the teacher approaches you. Bucky is standing next to you, scanning the room for threats. “Everything’s fine James relax” you whisper. His shoulders relax slightly but his eyes keep moving, “I don’ like this kitty, we shoulda hired a nanny” he replies “She needs to socialize with other children James, it’s going to be fine.” You hand over Ari to the teacher stifling a sniffle. “Be a good girl for Mrs. Patterson, Ari, okay?” you add as you place a kiss on her cheek. Mrs. Patterson gives you a sympathetic smile as she turns to leave and you grab Bucky’s hand as you watch her. you don’t notice him smiling down at you.

There’s a girl
That gives a shit
Behind this wall
You’ve just walked through it


7 Months since the incident in Bucky’s bedroom and you’re man down with the flu. Bucky’s been taking care of you and Ari without fail, hauling in soup and crackers, taking over midnight feedings and grocery runs, he’s slowly pushing past your defenses, proving himself time and again. You’re starting to trust again, feeling more comfortable around him as each day passes “Ya need anythin darlin?” he asks you. You smile at him “Nah Buck, I’ve got everything I need right here.” The look of pure happiness on his face melts your heart.

I love the way you are
It’s who I am, don’t have to try hard
We always say, say it like it is
And the truth is that I really miss

. 11 Months and you’re starting to crack. It’s getting harder not to be with him, harder to keep holding on to your anger and hurt. He spends most nights in your room now, falling asleep with Ari on his chest, you don’t dare wake him. This,you think, this is what I wanted all along.

Damn, damn, damn
What I’d do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here
Damn, damn, damn
What I’d do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here


14 months when Bucky broaches the subject of living together. “I think we needa home ya know? Somewhere that isn’t filled with superhero’s an Ari can try an be normal? With a yard an a swing set?” He hesitates “I founda place just outside the city, it has a big yard an plenty of space for a puppy” he watches you nervously. “Well Buck let’s have a look then” you reply, your heart fit to burst with happiness.

No, I don’t wanna let go
I just wanna let you to know
That I never wanna let go

16 months,you think as Bucky sits you down to “talk”. “Darlin I wanna ask ya somethin, but ya gotta promise  ta listen” he adds. “I pomise James. What’s going on?” you ask, slightly nervous. He’s been distant lately, stand offish, you don’t know what to make of it, it scares you. “I’ve been thinkin bout us a lot recently ya know?” he runs a hand through his hair “And nothins changed for me, I still love ya, maybe more now than I did then. Ya and Ari bring so much happiness inta my life, an I don’t wanna lose either of ya.” He continues shakily “I can’ imagine having this taken’ away from me, I need ya and the baby like I need air, so if ya tell me nothins gonna happen beyond what we have now, I’ll be okay with lovin ya and ya not lovin me” he swallows heavily “What I guess I’m trying to ask ya is will ya give me a chance? Ta try and be what I shoulda been ta ya when this first started? Will ya give me a chance ta make up for my mistakes? Ta love ya like ya deserve?” Chewing on your bottom lip, you think back over the past year. Bucky has been a constant presence, never faltering in his devotion to Ari. Or to you when you think about it. He hasn’t pushed you for anything, he’s supported every decision you made, taken care of you when you couldn’t take care of yourself but…

 Do you still love him?/ You think. Yes

Do you trust him? You question. Yes

 Do you want him? You ask yourself. Fucking yes Taking a deep breath you finally answer him: “Yes Bucky, Lets give us a shot” Smiling you grab his hand and pull him into a hug.

 “I aint never letting you go again Kitty cat” he whispers in your ear.

Damn, damn, damn,
What I’d do to have you
Here, here, here
I wish you were here (i wish you were)
Damn, damn, damn
What I’d do to have you
Near, near, near
I wish you were here

Tags: Alright there you have it guys! Thank you all so much for sticking with me. New fic soon!

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A Different Sort of Team

Marichat May Day 24: “I owe you one…”

This is sort of a Superman!AU, with Chat Noir as the superhero and Marinette playing the part of Lois Lane. But while Lois and Marinette both have black hair, blue eyes, and are journalists, that’s where their similarities end.

In this oneshot, there are no miraculous. Instead, people are born with superpowers. Chat has the power of destruction and Marinette has the power of luck and quick-wit to get out of a compromising situation. However, she doesn’t deem these as enough traits for a superhero so she mostly stays out of it.

She went for journalism since she thought she would have a better chance at making it as that instead of a fashion designer. But she does do fashion on the side for herself and for her friends.

So, without further ado, I hope you like it!

“It has been confirmed that Chat Noir has been captured by The Mime. The two were last seen fighting inside of The Louvre. Witnesses say that The Mime had been threatening to massively rob the historical museum, and it wasn’t long after that Chat Noir came to the public’s cry for help. Police have not yet been able to-“

Marinette turned off her television with a grimace. That mangy cat, getting himself into trouble again. This was the third time this week! For once could he just do his job without needing her to save his tail?

She checked her phone, although she could already predict the gist of her newest text message.

P. Perry Patterson: Are you at the Louvre yet? I need that interview and pictures with Chat Noir when he gets free or it’s your job, Cheng!

She sighed before shooting back a text that confirmed that she was on her way there. Standing from the couch, she reached out to grab the black blazer that was hanging off the back of it. From there, she slipped it on over her red-collared blouse and fastened the two lower buttons, completing the pantsuit look. Forgoing the usual pumps she would wear to the office, she slid her feet into a pair of black flats. It was hard trying to save someone in heels, after all.

After grabbing her purse and door key, Marinette briskly walked out of the apartment.

So much for a day off.

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Perfect World - Chapter 1

Summary: You have been hunting with Sam, Dean, and Cas for a while, but once you turn 30 you’re torn between loving Dean, wanting out of the hunting business, or just continuing on through life with the boys.  Something unexpected happens that turns your entire world upside down.  How will the Winchesters and Cas handle it, and will anything ever feel the same again?

Perfect World Masterlist - Introduction

word count: ~1400

Bright and early the next morning, you were dressed in your fed suit and headed to the local diner for some breakfast.  The three of you hoped that in a community this small, the local gossip would be as good a source as any.

The three of you sat at a booth, the boys across from you, as your waitress came to take your order. You and Sam both got an egg-white omelet with spinach and tomatoes, while Dean got the loaded breakfast.

Sam put his nose in the newspaper he had grabbed while you looked around.  A couple men sat at the counter, seemingly on their way to work. You listened as they spoke.

“Shame for Kevin, man. He’s pulling his hair out over Darlene. He’s got no idea what to do with those kids without her.”

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“And people can evolve together don’t you think?“
“Yoko and John Lennon did. They got closer and closer as the years went by. At the end they even had the same face.”

- Mr. and Mrs. Flannel, everybody.

Space BBS AU! It’s time for some supporting characters! Today we have the Ethereal goddess, Simone; Delirious’ older “brother”, Luke; the tiny flower pixie, Fern; the big lovable giant, Cal; and the crazy, labyrinth hermit, SP00N! There are many more characters that will be coming soon, but for now this is the small list of supporting characters. I think you will enjoy all of them very, very much. Enjoy! :D

bfketh  asked:

Okay, I don't care if it's you or cinnamonskull writing it, but I NEED more Hot Dad Eren. (I might be willing to reciprocate with a MHIWYHI oneshot. I just really, really need more of Levi desperately trying to get Eren to LOOK at him.)

Lol, i wrote that snippet, but idk, i don’t feel that comfortable with underage!levi (or any underage / age difference couples tbh). This is cinnamonskull‘s baby, I don’t want to step on toes (plz write it KK, i would read the shit out of it!!!)

Also, you know me and my love of dumb comedy, that scene would most likely end with Levi knocking before bursting in on Eren in the shower and Eren going, “WHAT THE HELL!?” and dragging Levi out to the kitchen and going, “I’m calling your mother to come pick you up now!”

…Then cut to a few years later and Levi is in college and spends his summer cutting lawns and he always makes a show cutting old Mrs. Pattersons lawn and Eren ignores him, but it’s becoming harder and harder for him not to look. He contemplates planting a hedge in front of his house just so he doesn’t have to watch the way Levi drinks lewdly from the garden hose, letting it splash all over his chin and chest before he runs his hand through his sweaty scalp.

Finally, after several weeks, Levi gets tired of Eren pretending not to see him bend down and pull the starter in powerful strokes and stalks across the street.

“Hey Eren, how’s your summer going?” Levi asks rakishly, leaning on Eren’s white fence.

“Great Levi, and it’s Mr. Jaeger to you. How was your first year of college?” Eren asks, watering his rhubarb plant.

“Aren’t we past these formalities, Eren?” Levi asks lowly in the same voice that helped him pull an A- out of his PoliSci class.

Eren sprays him. He actually sprays him right in the face.

“W-what?” Levi sputters.

“Oh, sorry, you looked like you needed to cool down,” Eren apologizes in a not very convincing voice, his dark brows raising.

“Ha. Haha,” Levi mutters darkly, trying to regain his composure. “Well, as you noticed, I’m in college now. Eighteen and legal and very, very interested to continue our conversation about pool cleaners.”

“Pool cleaners, eh?” Eren asks, his eyebrows still raised in amusement.

“Don’t you remember?” Levi asks in a silky low purr. “We were standing by your pool and you were wearing…ooh one of those tight little polo shirts you are so fond of.” 

He reaches forward and strokes along Eren’s collar, pulling his finger down and stopping somewhere near Eren’s navel. Levi looks up through his eyelashes at Eren with his best Psych 101 B- pout.

“A lot like this one actually—blearggghh!” Levi coughs and gasps as Eren spritzes him with the hose again.

“Sorry, you had a little something on your face—almost—” Eren sprays again into Levi’s unamused face. “There. Got it.”

…Sorry, I can’t write sexy. I’m too big a dork. >_<

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The Gilmore Girls revival is exactly one week away! Did you ever think we’d be this #blessed?!

production stills courtesy of Netflix