Title: Born into the Mafia

Chapter 5: Mr. Park

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It has been three weeks since Mr. Park has been teaching, three freakin weeks and you still haven’t understood anything he taught. He doesn’t even teach! He just stands up there in front of the whiteboard blahing about whatever math problem exhausting out his sex pheromones. God you swear you were going to get pregnant from that voice or either your ovaries were going to potentially explode. No matter how much you tried to focus, you just couldn’t.

The bell rang and everyone began packing and walking out. You rushed everything into your bag not wanting to be stuck in a room with your teacher and hoping to get help elsewhere. You lightly jogged out and quickly were heading to tutoring.  

“Y/N!” Yuri screamed from outside the classroom door. You turned your head back looking at her running up to you. “Where are you going?”

“I…uh…I’m going to go get tutored…” You said trying to walk off


“Because I don’t understand anything Mr. Park is teaching… and plus he’s too distracting. He should be illegal honestly.” You said as you blushed slightly

“Ahhh, See I told you would like him -nudging you by the elbow - Hehe, well I’ll leave you to your tutoring. Bye!” You sighed in a relief as she left and started rushing to get help from one of the other teachers, but what you didn’t know was that Mr. Park walked out of his class and heard part of your discussion.


“So you move the 2x on this side and then divide it? Oh! and then x equals… 228!” Your eyes sparkled as you finally were able to catch up on a three weeks lesson. You turned to Mr. Tokko and thanked him. You walked out of the classroom looking at the time and noticed its only 4:45pm.

“Wow I still have time to spare.” You happily walked out of the gates and stepped into your waiting car.


Again. You still learned nothing the next day. WAS MR. PARK REALLY THAT DISTRACTING?! The bell ended the day and you were still packing when Mr. Park called your name.

“Ms. Kwon? Can you stayed after please. I want to talk to you.”

‘Oh fuck, great’ you said in your head “Yes, Mr. Park” You threw your backpack up around your shoulder and walked up to him. He looked out at the door as the last remaining students walking out of the classroom. Now the class wasn’t field with seductive lectures, but silence until Mr. Park broke that silence.

“I heard you went to get tutored yesterday? Is that true.” He leaned back into the desk with both hands, biting down on his lip as he was waiting for you reply.

“Uh… Yes, did Yuri tell you?“ You looked up questioningly tilting your head

“No, Mr. Tokko came and talked to me. Why didn’t you come and talk to me?”

“I…Uhh-” Mr. Park leaned in closer to your face a little but not too close to disrupt the boundary between student and teacher and whispered in a seductive deeper voice

 “You know Y/N, I could of gave you private lessons. Haha.” His seductive voice made you jolt and caused him to giggle at your mind going down the drain.

  “Umm, Maybe next time Mr. Park, but my ride is waiting for me actually! Good bye!” You turned your head from blushing too hard and speed walked casually out the classroom. After your were out the sight of the classroom you rushed out the school, sheltering in your car.


  Mr. Park watched you as you rushed into your car and still watching as the car drove off.

  “Thank you for telling me that information.” Mr. Park said not turning his back, knowing his spy standing there.

“Your welcome sir, I’m glad to be of some help.”

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