Jared Leto (The Joker) x Reader

     Imagine being Jared’s girlfriend and he tells you he will play The Joker in The Suicide Squad movie.

        -He brings home the script and reads it every day. A lot of times he asks you to jump in and help him; you usually get Harley’s part.

      - When he rehearses the club scene, you like to sit in his lap, munching on a little sandwich. When he gets to the part: “You don’t want no beef?”  you pull apart a little piece of beef out of the sandwich and feed him. That makes him laugh and you get a kiss for being goofy.

       - He has to cut his long, beautiful locks for the character and you actually cry like a baby. You love his hair. He believes it’s the cutest, sweetest thing ever and he hugs you for a long time, promising he will let his hair grow again after the movie is done.

      - To compensate, he asks you to help him choose a shade of green for his Joker hair. You do, but you have no patience so you insist dying his hair yourself to see how it looks like. The bathroom is a mess afterwards but the end result doesn’t look bad at all and you are both happy with the outcome.

      - At first, he has a hard time talking with his metal grill and you make fun of him because he stutters, but somehow it makes him cuter. You tell him he looks like a sexy nerd. He can’t stop giggling- he is really not attempting to go for a sexy nerd look.

      -He is trying different make up combos for his character and you love watching the process. When he finally decides for the pale look with red lips, dark eyes and tattoos, you are thrilled: you really dig it. But something is missing. You grab your eyeliner and write “Damaged” on his forehead. Jared likes it so much he wants to keep it for the movie.

       - He likes to parade in front of you dressed as the Joker, trying to get your attention while you read your books. He tries different laughs and sometimes he sounds so annoying and you’re just like: ”Really??! Let me read my book.”

       -When you make dinner, he likes to sneak behind you and rest his chin on your shoulder, whispering in your ear: “Would you die for me?” (He knows you love this part). You smile: “Yes!”    “That’s too easy…Would for me?” You turn around to look him in the eyes. “Yes!” He grabs your waist,casually swinging you around:”Would you…get naked for me?”   He’s such a dork. “YES!!!!” You shout, jumping in his arms.

       - He works out like crazy because he needs to be in great shape for the role. You have to admit you REALLY enjoy that. I mean, he looks amazing anyway, but since he got involved with the movie you can’t stop yourself from wanting to touch him every damn second.

        - The time to start filming is coming closer and closer. Jared spends a lot of hours working hard, trying to perfect his alter ego. He walks, dresses and talks like the character and you have to admit you find him sexier that you expected. There is something very appealing about this bad ass he’s bringing to life.

        - One time, when he is practicing walking around the house, you have no choice but to stop him, push him in the bedroom and tell him to make love to you in character. He really turns you on. He doesn’t even think about protesting so he just jumps on the bed, huge grin on his face, takes his white shirt off slowly and growls: “Come to daddy!”  You feel you’re going to lose it so you don’t wait for a second invitation. You crawl on top of him and you whisper: “I think I just came, babe.”  He bursts out laughing, shifting you over so he’s on top on you.

        “Man, I’m good!!” he declares full of himself, covering your neck in kisses. “Well, since I’ve done my duty…” he suddenly says, trying to get off. “Come back here, Leto!” you say reaching your arms and pulling him back on top of you.

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The Joker x Reader 2

         “Enchantress!!!!” you scream from the top of your lungs. “Enchantress!!!! Show yourself!!!!” You know she can hear you.

          She suddenly materializes in front of you, eyes glowing in the darkness that surrounds her.

      J lies on the floor in a pool of blood. You are holding his hand, caressing his forehead with the other. He groans in pain. “Enchantress” you say nervously, “heal him”.   She doesn’t move.    “Do you hear me?” you shout. “Make him better!! NOW!!!”    No reaction.    “You owe us; we helped you get your heart back!”

         “My child”, she suddenly replies in out worldly voice, “I can only bring back the dead. He’s still alive.”

          “What?! If you can bring back the dead, you sure can heal.” She smirks, revealing her white teeth. “It doesn’t work that way, my child”.

       J opens his eyes, his gaze meeting yours. He smiles, but the pain is too much. His smile turns into a grimace as he attempts to lift his head. “Fuck, I think I’m dying, baby” he whispers with labored breathing. “It really hurts, don’t try it.” He starts laughing, clenching his fists.

         “You’re not funny, Mister J” you say through tears, pressing on his chest wounds. “I’m always funny”, he grins, closing his eyes again.

       “June,” you say softly, putting your blood covered hands together, like in a prayer. “June, please help him. We’re in the middle of nowhere, we barely escaped the ambush. You were my best friend, please heal him.”

        “June’s not here!” the sorceress answers, giving you an evil glare. “She’s gone…Why don’t you try to heal him?”   

           “You know I only have the power to destroy, how could I heal him?!” You swallow the lump in your throat, despair taking over.

        “Baby doll.” J lifts his hand, faintly touching your face. “Baby doll, you heard her. You know what to do.” You look at him in disbelief. “What…what are you asking of me?” “Do it, you’ll have me back in no time. You can only bring back the dead, right?” He points his finger at her and Enchantress bows her head in agreement. “See?” he sights, “she’ll do it. I just have to die.” You bring yourself near his ear. “What if she’s lying?” He pulls you closer so only you can hear him. “Then joke’s on me, I’m dead anyway.” Your heart sinks as you try to control your sobbing. You press your cheek against his while you take the dagger out of your pocket.

            Your hand shakes badly while you place the knife on top of his heart. “What’s wrong, baby doll?” J mutters. He grabs your trembling hand, bringing it to his mouth and kisses it. “Save me, ok?” You nod in acceptance and press your lips against his while plunging the dagger in his heart. He lets out a deep breath, his green eyes remain fixed on yours.

          “You killed him!” the Enchantress gives away a sinister laugh, her face enlightened.

          “He’s dead, now bring him back! Do it…”, you mumble, heartbroken, as you slowly lift you face. Tears are falling from your eyes and you can’t control them. “Bring my puddin back…” Her burning darkness engulfs you as she crawls on top of J ’ s body to get really close to you. “I LIED!” she hisses before she disappears with a satisfied smile.

             “You bitch!!!” you shout, trying to snag her, but all you touch is ashes and smoke. You cover your mouth in fear, inhaling the smell of his blood. Every fiber of your being is crushed and defeated. What are you going to do now? Nobody can help. You put your head on J’s chest, your hair soaking in the red blood. You slowly take out the dagger and toss it to the side.

           There is only one thing left to do, there’s no choice, and you have to take the risk. Nothing to lose at this point. You lift Joker’s lifeless body so his head can rest on your shoulder. You start concentrating, calling forward the forces that possess you. Rays of dark energy start pulsating from you, turning to ashes everything they touch. The cabin slowly starts disintegrating into thin air as you try very hard to control the destruction,because his body needs to be protected.

“Murderer” you start hearing the voices, “you killed so many and now him. How could you kill HIM?”.

         You try to ignore the malicious whispers, concentrating on J’s wounds. His flesh starts to melt and you let out a loud, frantic scream. You cannot heal, only kill and destroy. “June!!!! June, please, please help me!!!!!” you start yelling, feeling you are going to die from the agony and remorse you feel.

        The Sorceress appears in front of you, kneeling to the ground. She has June’s eyes. “Quickly, I can control her for too long”, June chokes as she tries to fight the evil inside her.

         She touches the Joker’s body, muttering a spell in a language you’ve never heard before. She suddenly twitches, her eyes starting to glow again and she takes your hand, struggling to maintain control. “It’s done! I’ll take her away now,before she realizes what  I did”. The Sorceress’s body dissipates in thin air.

          You hug J’s body really tight, lovingly caressing his face with your right hand, whispering in his ear “puddin, wake up…wake up please.” You hear a low moan and you feel a faint movement. “Baby doll” you hear the familiar deep voice barely loud enough to understand : “I had the weirdest dream… You were darker than the darkness…” You start whimpering, squeezing him even closer to you. “You’re back", that’s all you manage to say before you feel his arms reaching around your waist.

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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of The Joker, Suicide Squad director David Ayer has revealed the first official image of Jared Leto as the character. Covered in tattoos with metal teeth, a purple glove, and a very different kind of smile, this is the Clown Prince of Crime as you’ve never seen him before…

The Joker x Reader 10 *Pranking Frost and make him think you and J are having... too much fun in the fitting room ;)

You two are jerks for doing this to Frost, but he’s so serious all the time.( Well, Mister J is the bigger jerk since it’s his idea.)

Mister J rented the whole “Allure Emporium” haute-couture boutique for you today. The owner is one of his business partners and you love the place. J likes to spoil you when he needs to apologize for being a jerk. He never says the words “I’m sorry”, but somehow finds a way to make it up to you.

You bring a decent amount of henchmen with you so they can guard the outside and inside of the building, just in case. “Allure” ‘s  dressing room is huge and luxurious, plus the Joker spared no effort in personalize it with everything you love: red roses, pink champagne on ice, your favorite chocolate truffles, diamond jewelry and lots of hundred dollar bills scattered all over.

He helped you pick up a ton of clothes and now you are going to start trying them on.

“Sorry, Frosty, but my girl is for my eyes only”, Mister J grins at his trusted right hand standing outside the dressing room. “Find your own!” he says while closing the heavy velvet curtain to hide what will happen soon. Frost smiles in agreement and distances himself a bit more from the perimeter to give you privacy.

Inside the dressing room there are two TV screens: one to watch any regular channels you might want and the other one serves as a monitor to show you what is going on right outside your booth. J sits down on the sofa and keeps on purring every time you change in front of him, trying to kiss every little piece of skin he can reach. You keep on teasing him and don’t let his lips touch you – that’s punishment for him being a total jackass yesterday and he knows it.

“Hey, Kitten, look”, the Joker suddenly gets your attention, pointing out at the monitor.

“Ahhh, good old Frosty is always so serious and stern. How is he supposed to get a new girlfriend if he doesn’t loosen up?” you softly chuckle, trying on a new cocktail dress.

“Let’s help him loosen up then,” J winks at you and whatever he has in mind you know it’s going to be good, but you would follow his lead regardless.

He’s starting to speak louder so Frost can hear.

“Baby doll, take that off for Daddy!”

“Puddin, come on, not here. Wait until we get home,” you reply in a seductive tone, barely containing your giggle.

“Don’t make me ask you twice, Pumpkin; you know I don’t like that.” He bites his lip, smiling, both watching the screen to see if Frost does anything. No reaction yet. He’s face is as stoic as ever.

You just unzip and zip back your dress, but Frosty doesn’t know that.

“Uhhh, it looks so smooth, doll.” 

“That’s a good one”, you think, nodding your head at J.

 “Give it to Daddy!”

You almost burst out laughing but you stop yourself in time. You finally go and sit on Mister J’s lap, quietly snickering while pressing your forehead against his.

“ Oh, Puddin, you’re so naughty. Don’t bite that! Ahhh!”

“ Hehehehehe, perfect!” he whispers  and  buries his face in your cleavage so Frost won’t hear him snort. You cover your mouth because this is too much fun to blow it all.

You finally see Frost licking his lips and crinkling his nose, probably getting a bit uncomfortable.

The Joker kicks the sofa a few times with the back of his shoe, this way it sounds like he slams you around.

“Oh my Gooood !” you fake moan and you’re so good at it.

“Not quite, baby”, J roars, slapping your exposed thigh from under the dress. Poor Frost is oblivious of what’s going on; he takes a few more steps ahead, trying not to listen.

“Yeah, that’s right, make Daddy happy” he grunts, just like he’s having his way with you. You scream a few more times.

“We’re going to hell, Puddin,” you whisper in his ear, cracking up.

“It’s worth it, Kitten” he whispers back with a smirk.

You caress his face, kissing him softly, accomplice to the prank, having so much fun. He’s forgiven.You love it when you two have great team-work (you usually do), even if right now you’re a jerk too for tricking Frosty. The TV screen shows a fast blinking Frost, nervously passing his hands through his hair.

“Turn around, Princess! Daddy wants it all!”

The Joker kicks the sofa again, then slaps your hand, and you squeal, delighted you are such a good pretender.

“Auch ,Puddin, play nice. Don’t slap too hard… hehehehe… Do it again!”

J slaps your hand again; Frost imagines the worst, he feels he’s starting to sweat. Jesus, why does he have to witness all of this? He loves his job but he doesn’t want to hear his boss and his girl going at it right behind him in the dressing room. He heard things before at the penthouse and he was able to just walk away, but here… he has to stay.

“Yo, Frosty! Come help me with this!” the Joker commands. You let out a moan again. “ Harder, Jaaaayyy, harder!”

“Holy shit”, Frost thinks, heading back, anxiously wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, “WTF? What does he need help with?… I swear to God, if they ask me to join in I quit!” he decides, taking a deep breath and parting the curtain, his head turned away.

“Ummm, yes, boss?”

“ Frost, look at me when I talk to you!”

He does as told and…you and Mister J instantly start laughing like crazy, not being able to keep it in anymore. Frost looks at you dumbfound, his eyes widen when he sees you just sitting in Puddin’s lap, both dressed.

“You should have seen your face, Frosty”, you barely manage to say while holding your tummy, giggling so hard tears are starting to roll down your cheeks.

Frost’s confused expression turns into a grimace, and he lets out a relieved chuckle, followed by a full blown laugh.
“You guys got me”, he lifts his hands in surrender, amused, shaking his head as he walks inside. “I actually panicked for a few moments.” 

“Laughing Frost needs to be…immortalized somehow,” J theatrically gestures with his hands, shortly after placing them around your waist. “How should we go about it, baby doll?”


Later that evening all the henchmen kept on stopping to stare at the new art piece hanged in the main lobby of your penthouse. The huge frame contained screenshots of Frost’s face during his ordeal at “Allure”: serious, then him squinting his face, wiping his face, smiling, then laughing.

“What is this all about?” everybody asks, curious to find out what’s going on. “Hey, Frost, why is this here? Is that really you?” they keep on asking.

He just growls with a bitter face, telling them to shut up and get back to work.

They have to obey him and once everybody is gone, Frost goes in front of the masterpiece and a small smile starts to form in the corner of his mouth. He looks in both directions, fake coughing a bit before regaining his demeanor and slowly walking away.

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