Yo yo yo. Here is the final version of the fan art i made of Bambi, A character from the comic Mr Invisible By Ovens ( I really enjoyed her work and im being a fan since i belived she was a he.
In this piece i had help from Armyboy for the last part of the process, the effects one.
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invisible ~ calum

He sat on the bench at the bus stop with his fingers popping out of the open ended gloves he was wearing, earphones plugged into his ears like they were 24/7. He clutched the pen in his hand and scribbled down words, words that popped into his head, words that were beautiful together, words that meant something. The bus squealed to a halt in front of him and he shoved the small red notebook into his bag, slinging it over his shoulder and finding his regular seat on the freezing cold bus. When he got in the door he kicked his shoes off and slammed the front door, his mum and dad were sat on the couch watching football and he could hear his sister and her friends laughing upstairs. He sighed and leaned up against the side of the couch, 

“I had a test today.”

“Mhm.” His dad mumbled.

“I failed it, I got 0.” 

“That’s great honey.” His mom said without averting her eyes away from the television. 

“I graduated highschool 2 years ago. I was at work, I don’t take tests anymore.” He said with a grimace on his face, yet no response from either of his parents.

Calum was used to it by now, no one really listened to him. No one. He could leave, and no one would notice. Some days his family acted like he left before the day he actually did. The night where his heart pounded as he shoved clothes into an old backpack, he shoved everything he loved into that one single bag and left. Though he really didn’t know where he would go, he needed someone to see him. He needed someone to hear him. No one at home cared enough to even ask him about his day, or his well being. Constant regrets flooding his thoughts as he ran down the pavement of the street, tears burned in his eyes. He ran faster than he did in 3rd grade track towards the bus station, grasping the straps of his backpack as he pushed past people on the busy downtown street. He’d been saving for this day, to leave. All the money from countless birthday’s, Christmas’s, everything. He knew one day he would snap, he knew one day that he would want to leave and go find himself. Because he didn’t know who he was. Who he was was in that red notebook. He finally got to the terminal, but now he was lost. Where would he go? He didn’t know anyone, anywhere. No one except for hishighschool bestfriend Luke, who’d moved to LA after graduation. He’d become out of touch with Luke though, there would be no way he could just barge in on his life like that. So he was stuck, sitting in the middle of the terminal, backpack on his lap, headphones in his ears, watching the businessmen walk back and forth past him shouting into their cellphones. He’d lost track of time, how long he’d been sitting there for. No one cared to ask him if he was okay, no one cared to ask him if he needed any help. He was invisible to everyone, but that came as no surprise because that’s how he felt for most of his life. He simply scribbled in his notebook, more words that no one would hear. Then in the crowd of the men in suits, and moms pushing baby carriages, was a girl in a baby pink dress. She was smiling and spinning around so her dress flew up when the air from the subway would come up the stairs. She looked so carefree, so beautiful. People were glaring at her, and yelling at her to get out of their way but she simply giggled and continued to spin, until she locked eyes with Calum that is. She stopped and smiled, pulling her hair down from the tight ponytail that it was in. It had been so long since someone had looked at him, he started to feel anxiety bubbling in his chest. She walked right over to him and sat on the floor in front of him, pulling her dress in between her legs to cover her underwear. 

“Whatcha writing?” Her eyes sparkled and she pointed to the red book in Calum’s hands. 

“U-um, words..lyrics..” He stuttered. 

“Who are you?” 

“Who am I?”

“Yeah, who are you?”


“What’s your real name mr.invisible?”

“C-Calum.” He stuttered again, feeling like an idiot. 

“I like that name. I’m Y/N. You have nice eyes, they tell a story yanno?” 

“T-thanks…um..why were you spinning around over there?” He asked and she chuckled, moving her hair from one side of her shoulder to the other. 

“Well, no one looks at me at home, at school, anywhere really. So sometimes I like making a fool of myself here, people definitely look at me.” Her smile faded a little and Calum’s heart fluttered. 

“But you’re beautiful, how do people not look at you?”

“Because Calum, I’m not really everyone’s type of beautiful. See, there are girls who get looked at all day everyday, which must get tiring because they feel like they have to look good all the time to meet everyone’s expectations. I’m sure those girls get tired of getting looked at. I’d love to be that kind of tired. You’re that type of beautiful, I bet you get tired of people looking at you all the time.” 

“People don’t look at me. You’re the first one who really has.” He swallowed thick saliva in his throat and she frowned. 

“That’s odd because I could look at you all day. Can I read something from your special red book?” She leaned in closer to him and he momentarily forget that they were sitting in the middle of the downtown terminal. He wasn’t invisible, someone wanted to know him. Someone saw him. 

“Yeah, I’s not good-”

“I think it’s probably very good, if you don’t want me to it’s okay, I’ll understand.” Calum carefully handed his notebook over and watched as she smiled, flicking through the pages and running her fingers over each line on every page. They sat like that for a long time, in silence, he started to feel self conscious because she was so quiet. He snatched the book from her hand and she gasped. “It’s not good..I’m sorr-”

“It’s amazing. Like…I’m kind of speechless right now and I’m…never speechless. You say you wanna run away. So let’s run away.” She sounded giddy, he watched her knee start to bob up and down.

“We know nothing about eachother. I could be a serial killer, so could you.” 

“We’re the same. We could both disappear and no one would notice. So let’s go. What do you have to lose Calum?” 

“Nothing I guess.”

“Good, I’ll be back here in 20 minutes exactly. Don’t move.” She stood up, brushed off her dress and turned around, running towards the exit sign. He felt like his heart was in his throat, worrying was always one of Calum’s strong suits. So now he was exceptionally worried that she would never come back. He tapped his shoe and stared at the big clock on the wall, watching time tick second by second. But then he saw her, flashing a smile at a lady who held the door open for her, she’d changed into a baggy grey hoodie and had a huge bag slung around her shoulder. He stood up and he couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face because for once in his life he felt excited, he felt like he was doing something extraordinary. “So sir, where are we off too?” She saluted and Calum laughed and shrugged. 

“How about we go over to the map, close your eyes and point anywhere, that’s where we’ll go.” 

“I like your style Calum.” She reached down and intertwined their fingers. “Up for an adventure then?” 

“Definitely. Let’s get out of this town, I want to be somebody.” 

She grinned, shut her eyes and ran her finger over the map, finally stopping and opening her eyes. 

“Well then Mr.Invisible, let’s go be somebody.” 

OKAY I’m doing a Sounds Good Feels Good series, I’ve decided. This one is for my lovely bestfriend @fuckyeahcalhood x