Dear Duncan,

Hey little buddy, Merry Christmas! Wish I could be with you right now. Heads up! Open the package first then read the rest of this letter. I glued the page shut so no peeking until you’ve opened it. No peeking, hear me?

Okay, ready? Now read this bit:

Vin and I went to Nuka World. It was full of bad guys and crab monsters but we helped the traders out and made it safer, so one day, when you’re big enough, I might take you there. The lunchbox is cool, isn’t it? Inside there’s a few special caps - I like the Victory one. The purple sloth is called Mr. Huggy and he has orders to give you hugs until I can come and get you. The cow - did you know brahmin only had one head before the war? - will stick to one kind of material. See if you can find out what.

If you eat the gumdrops or drink the Nuka Grape, make sure you use the toothbrush and paste. You don’t wanna end up with teeth like mine (though Curie says she can fix them up but it’s gonna hurt). The car is a special Nuka World paint job. Cool, huh? The Protectron model is from Vin. He says be gentle with it, MacDunc, it’s for big boys really but he trusts you to protect it.

Next Christmas, we’ll be together. You’ll see. I’ll bring you to Diamond City and we’ll have festive noodles under the pretty lights they string up. Miss you, son,