It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m not dead yo, just out in parties.

(and actually self loathing a lot because my own drawing skills and perfectionist attitude)

BUT THAT’S NOT THE POINT, the point is, i’m always cooking new things for you guys.

This drawing here, however, was inspired by two things: the Skullgirls N.M.O. Arena theme (i’ve been picking up skullgirls again) and the little funfact that Peach -of all mario characters- was originally intended to be the extra boxer in the remake of Punch-out wii (but wasn’t included because…you know…battle damage, DK was a more acceptable punching bag), so the idea of peach being able to duke it out with the best in the ring amuses me so.

So i got to work and this piece came out, i hope you all enjoy it in its colorful glory, because lemme tell you, this one was BIG.

Oh, by the by, the banners in the backgrounds? HAVE AT THEE.

Yes, i even spent some quality time with these lovely background thingies, I’m a man of detail don’t you know?

I ask you to dance with me, so the world can see!

So i did a shovel knight poster, why not make one for the other hyped indie character? I did recently manage to buy pirate’s curse after all and i love it.

Soundtrack so good.

I also invite people to make newcomer posters rather than renders, while nothing wrong with renders, i personally find it more fun to see posters imitating the artstyles.

This might not have gotten as close as shovel knight did, but i had a lot of fun with it.

Now, I’m not one to draw generic drawings too much, usually i try to tell a joke or make a weird idea become a reality, but i felt that this blog needed some more content. And since i recently finished Bayonetta (in Rodin’s words: “Beautiful”) i thought this would be appropriate, what’s with this witch being the last of the family.

Apologies if this looks a little weird, my setup is not the best right now due to my video card’s current state (which is to say, it broke), so now perfect circles look like ovals to me with this weird resolution that stretches out things horizontally, hopefully it still looks good.

In other news, i suck at backgrounds.


I felt artsy for the past 3 days and got this one done.

Even when i’m working with (mostly) varying shades of blue (and some red), it still took forever to get it done.

(also, i drew Zero suit instead of normal samus because i wanted pikachu on her shoulder, and given Power suit samus’ massive shoulder pads…).

Edit: also, just in case it flies over your head, this is a drawing of the original 12, Mr.G makes a cameo here because…well, you can read my name.