My Spanish teacher...sweet Jesus!

why can’t I just be 22 right now? Why can’t I be his age?!

): he’s so perfect. Ugh. His blue eyes. And his blonde hair…and his precious smile. AND THAT PIPITA ASS! o.o

Oh & today,he asked us to write about our favorite teacher & why we liked them. And I wrote about him and he made me read it aloud and I was just like: “Mr.Engel is my favorite teacher because he’s really nice & he is very,very intelligent.” I wanted to say that he was ‘guapo’ (handsome) too but…I just couldn’t. Bleh. ):

Oh & have I told you guys how perfect he is? ;)
I would take a picture of him but I can’t. /: waahhh!

Oh & the way he walks! :O he’s like a model. Like francisco lachowski! :D But even hotter.

I just wanna marry him!

Why can’t I be Aria? He should be Mr.Fitz!

Today was such a good day for me. ^.^ Except for the fact that I failed my P.E quiz. -_______-

But then it was also such an embarrassing day too!

My friend,Ashley, & I were talking about my Spanish teacher. We were talking about his ass (Ugh.I’m so ashamed -.- ) and his eyes and his smile…and well we didn’t realize that we were talking really loud & that the Spanish teacher (another Spanish teacher;a woman) was like almost right behind us. Oh my god. I felt so embarrassed and ashamed of myself. /: What if she tells him?! SWEET JESUS! NOOOOOOOOOO! That would just ruin everything! ))))): And she looks so mean…and the thing is that they’re always talking during lunch. ugh. She’s gonna tell him,I just know it. MY LIFE IS OVER!