• <p> <b>What she says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>What she means:</b> mtv's scream is such a brilliantly written show. The plot is absolutely insane, the characters are amazing, and the music is perfection. The killer was predictable, called it around episodes 2 or 3, but the way she acts upon revealing herself was fucking insane. She looked so psychotic and the way she kept calling Daisy "mommy"... How do you make a slasher movie into a TV show? You do it like that. You kill people steadily, stop for a few episodes, then kill off a huge character in a horrifying way. You can build those solid relationships with characters so the viewer pleads with the world to let their favorite characters live. That's how. I can't believe I have to wait a year for season 2<p/></p>
Orphan Black characters meeting a new clone
  • Sarah: Shite.
  • Alison: *distressed soccer mom noises*
  • Cosima: Whoa.
  • Rachel: I already knew about you.
  • Helena: Sestra?
  • Beth: Nope nope nope *dies*
  • Felix: Holy Tilda Swinton
  • Paul: Can I fuck this one too?
  • Mrs S: Can't read my, can't read my, no she can't read my poker face.
  • Art: Fucking shit.
  • Kira: [Oprah Voice] You're not my mother, and you're not my mother, and you're not my mother!
  • Donnie: akjghakrhgauihveranv
  • Delphine: You're definitely so-and-so
  • Gracie: Let me eat in peace, woman.
  • Olivier: Hawt
  • Mark: *pulls out a gun*
  • Leekie: Look how caring I am *schemes in head*

ok but Luffy literally did a Sanji impression right in front of Croc and Croc STILL had no clue what Sanji/Mr. Prince looks like or that there was another unaccounted for Straw Hat

right in front of you Croc


the signs as mean girls characters
  • aries: janis ian
  • taurus: cady heron
  • gemini: gretchen weiners
  • cancer: the girl who cries about rainbows and cake
  • leo: regina george
  • virgo: kevin gnapoor
  • libra: karen smith
  • scorpio: aaron samuels
  • sagittarius: damian
  • capricorn: ms. norbury
  • aquarius: mrs. george
  • pisces: principal duvall
A Language of Fists

another weird take on @5sos-games‘s 5sos Fic Week theme… which is “Language” for today

You were a school teacher. To be more specific, you taught preschoolers. And even though the school year had just started a few weeks ago, little four year old Riley Hemmings was already your absolute favorite student. It wasn’t just her angelic shoulder length blonde ringlets or her huge yet solemn eyes either. It was the fact that she took no shit. Not from anyone. 

The day you realized this was also the day you were first introduced to her gorgeous father, but more about him later. Your class of preschoolers consisted of children of various sizes and shapes. Riley, at age four was at your median age. Some parents finagled their kids in at three, while other kids missed the September birthday cutoff and ended up stuck in preschool at five years old.

From what you’d witnessed of her, -before the Incident, anyway- Riley was a pretty calm kid. It was almost scary sometimes how somber her big, ice blue eyes could get. She was super quiet and crazy helpful and obedient; she acted even older than you sometimes, it was ridiculous. So it really shouldn’t have come to such a surprize to you that, even when in a fight, Riley Hemmings never lost her cool.

On the day of the Incident, you were one of the teachers on recess duty. Riley had been playing with little redheaded Becca Hastings as per usual and you were several yards away keeping your eyes on as many of the children as you could. So, you saw when one the boys from another class began barreling towards Becca and Riley, his eyes zeroed in on the bright red ball they’d been playing with.

Sensing an altercation, you began slowly walking towards the children. The kid was fast though, and significantly bigger than the girls so you were still too far away to stop him from ripping the ball away from Becca. Your walk turned into a brisk jog as Becca’s lower lip started to wobble and Riley calmly asked for the ball back. The boy refused and you saw Riley sigh. It wasn’t until Becca started to cry and the boy, in response kicked playground sand at her that you began sprinting towards the children.

Little Becca’s wails was what finally drew the attention of some of the other teachers on duty. But before anyone could react and the boy even had a chance to blink, Riley clocked him right in the jaw, knocking him straight to the ground. And even though you were the farthest away you were still the first one to reach the kids after seeing that. As you approached them you noticed Riley shaking out her now reddened hand, an annoyed expression crossing her features.

Your first instinct was to check on the little instigator, and make sure he hadn’t actually been knocked out. He hadn’t been, thank God, so that ruled out a concussion. It was only once the other teachers caught up that you were able to focus on Riley.

“Come on, slugger,” you said to her once the situation was pretty much under control. “Let’s get you some ice for that hand.”


Because you were apparently the only teacher who caught the whole fight on the playground, it fell to you to call all the children’s parents and fill them in. It turned out that the little instigator’s real name was Kenny Duvall, and he had a bit of a reputation as a problem child among some of the other teachers.

It would help your case with the school’s principal when the time for that conversation came around. But as for that particular moment in time? When you were holding a cold compress to the struggling Duvall kid’s face while you waited for his mom and Riley’s dad to show up? Yeah, not so much.

Kenny’s mom was the first to show up. Barreling into the classroom like a roided up gorilla-lady, she grabbed Kenny and whisked him away to the nurse’s office without much more than a “We will have words,” screeched over her shoulder as she walk-ran away.

“Riley honey, just a heads up?” With the two of you finally alone for the first time since the fight, you took the time to deliver some not so appropriate advice. “When you’re going to punch someone or-rather something,” you hastened to correct. “Keep your thumb outside of your fist. You’ll break your thumb going around the way you did earlier.”

“Like this?” She showed you her hand, a correctly formed fist held out.

“Just like that,” you reached over to ruffle her blonde curls. “And aim for the nose if you’ve gotta hit the face. It’ll be easier overall that way.” You added with a wink. It was right after your delivery of this little fight club spiel that Riley’s father chose to rush into the classroom.

Shit, you bit your lip as Riley scurried away from you to welcome her dad. Had he heard that? Fuck, you were so getting fired! Riley snapped you out of your mental panic by grabbing your hand and trying to pull you where she wanted you.

Which was towards her dad. Her very tall, broad, attractive dad. You could see that he was where Riley got her beautiful blond hair and almost unsettling deep blue eyes from.

“Mr. Hemmings,” you said, trying not to swoon. “Great to finally meet you I mean,” you winced. “It’s not under the best circumstances but what can you do y’know?” You held your hand.

“Yeah um,” taking your hand, he looked like he didn’t know whether to be confused or amused by you casualness. “Please, call me Luke.” Guess he was going with amused.

“So, I ran the whole situation by you over the phone earlier but I was pretty brief.” You said. “I just wanted to reassure you that all the kids are fine,” Luke looked relieved by that, his broad shoulders relaxing a bit from their previous tenseness. “Riley’s friend was even kind of excused from the whole incident and Kenny Duvall, the other child had already established a reputation as an uh, aggressive kid throughout the school.” You continued. “So the meeting with the principle should be pretty straight forward.”

“Right,” Luke nodded. “Okay, great.” He then turned to face his daughter. “Baby girl,” he sighed after placing his hands on her shoulders and crouching down so they were meeting eye to eye. “You know we don’t hit. That’s not how we solve our problems.”

Riley nodded, her baby blues dead serious. “I know daddy, but Uncle Mike said if someone’s being a dick-”

“Oh my God,” Luke’s hand flew from his daughter’s shoulder to cover her mouth.  You coughed to hide your laugh. “Language Riley, Jesus-” he met your eyes then quickly looked away. “Shit, sorry,” he shook his head. “I mean, crap. No wait-”

“It’s okay!” You held your hands up to stop him, only to have to force yourself to turn away to keep from snorting out loud. “Just,” you sighed and turned back to face the blonde duo. “Please stop talking.” Then, after smoothing out your pencil skirt you kneeled on the floor in front of your favorite young pupil. “So Riley, your Uncle Mike taught you how to punch like that?”

She shook her head before slowly removing her father’s hand from her face. And after sending a him a reproachful look way too mature for a four year old, she looked to you and replied. “No, I learned from watching my Uncle Ash and Uncle Cal, only,” she frowned. “They don’t do it like I did it and usually they both stay up after.“ 

"Oh man,” you shook your head and couldn’t fight back the laugh that came out. “Your brothers, I assume?” You asked Luke between giggles.

“Pretty much,” he said while running a hand through his hair. He sighed and then your eyes met, and his gorgeous blue gaze softened as he smiled at you. Your heart stuttered in your chest and after a sharp inhale,  you looked away to smile at his little angel.

Mrs. Duvall chose that moment to reappear and then descend on you -and by default Luke and Riley- like a bat from hell with the world’s most ridiculous tongue-lashing. She went on and on about her “angelic” son and how “he would never” act in such a way. When you tried to interrupt to inform her of her of her “prefect” son’s multiple infractions, the lady practically started breathing fire. You and Luke managed to share various half disbelieving half entertained looks throughout her tirade and when she finally paused to take a breath,  you quickly stepped forward.

“Look Mrs. Duvall, I can see that you’re um, upset so why don’t you and your son just head home for now and we can pick up where you left off next week? With Principle Matthews present? At the group meeting we all have scheduled with him?” Nodding suggestively at her, you looked to Luke for some support and like champ he came through, with a too wide grin and nodding along with you.

“Right,” Mrs. Duvall cleared her throat. “Fine. Goodbye.” And after straightening her cardigan she grabbed her son left.

“Oh my God,” you managed to gasp before you met Luke’s wide eyes and the both of you burst into laughter.

When you and him managed to settle down after Mrs. Duvall’s chewing out, you spoke up. “Look, Mr. Hemmings-” at his pointed look you winced and corrected yourself. “Luke,” you were whispering even though the devil woman was gone. “I know this is totally inappropriate but, "you bit your lip to hold back your grin then, at his raised eyebrow continued. "Your daughter is my new hero.”

“Oh,” he laughed breathlessly. “I thought, that is- uh yeah.” He shook his head before shooting you a smirk. “She’s mine too.”

It was your turn to raise a questioning brow. “What did you think it was going to say?”

“Oh, nothing.” He shook his head in denial then laughed at your expression. “Seriously,” he ran a sheepish hand over his neck. “Don’t worry about it.”

BTS As Roles Of Mean Girls [Requested]
  • Jimin: Regina. Jimin can be sassy sometimes and he works it. There's no other person that would fit Jimin besides Regina.
  • Regina quote - "I know she's kind of socially retarded and weird, but she's my friend... so, just promise me you won't make fun of her."
  • Jungkook: Gretchen. He's always trying to make something happen with his meme face.
  • Gretchen quote - "That's so fetch."
  • V: Karen. Tae is silly and he always saying some crazy stuff. Some people think of him as 4D or as the dumb blonde of the group.
  • Karen quote - "I'm kind physic. I have a fifth sense."
  • Suga: Janis. He's chilled back and doesn't do as much because he doesn't care.
  • Janis quote - "Can I help you?"
  • Rap Monster: Mr. Duvall. He would be the teacher of all of this, and he's in control.
  • Mr Duvall quote - "Coach Carr, step away from the underage girls."
  • Jhope: Regina's Mom. He's upbeat and always trying to make everyone happy. He would be one of those cool moms.
  • Regina's Mom quote - "Hey,hey,hey. How are my best girlfriends?"
  • Jin: The girl that doesn't even go there. He just wants peace and happiness and to make a cake out of rainbows and smiles.
  • Girl that doesn't even go here quote - "I just want us to get along like we did in middle school."