Time Flies (Chapter 2/10)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: December 16th, 2016
Warnings: Nooonnnneeee (Unless you label a 7-year-old and a 9-year-old kissing?) 
Genre: Fluffy fluff!
Paring: 1940′s Bucky x (Y/N) Rogers AND Steve x (Surprise Character)
AN: I am so happy everyone is enjoying this series!!

(Intro)  (CHA: P1)

~Childhood Adventures: Part 2~

“It won’t be hard.” Bucky’s voice shook as he looked at himself in the mirror in his bedroom, “Just press my lips to her’s.” He swallowed as he ran his fingers through his hair, trying to calm his cowlick down. “UGH! Forget it.” He growled as he walked to his closet and grabbed his newsboy hat. He walked back to the large standup mirror and put on his hat, “Besides, I am an 8-year-old boy. I can do this.” Nodding to his reflection once before popping his suspenders, “Ow.” He whispered and rubbed the popped skin.

Bucky jumped down the last five steps of the stairway before swinging the door open and sprinted out the door after shutting the door. He rushed over to Steve and (Y/N)’s house across the street, taking a deep breath he knocked on the door. Rocking back and forth on his heels as he waited for the door to open, and when he heard the footsteps on the other side of the door, his heart slowly started to race, it calmed down when he saw it was their mother, Sarah, “Hi James.” He smiled up at Mrs.Rogers, “Hi mame, is (Y/N) home?” His hands were stuffed down in his jacket pockets. It was nearing Christmas, and snow was just starting to stick to the ground. 

Sarah tilted her head, “Umm, she is over at Deloris’ house–but Steve–” 
He smiled, “Thank you!” Bowing his head to her before jumping down the porch stairs, nearly slipping on the ice before he took off toward the red-headed house. 

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Two Blocks - Lucaya

plot: New York City was undergoing their worst rain storm in a decade. Sadly for Maya Hart, the sound of rain wasn’t as welcoming to her as it was to others. Terrified of the storm raging above, she distracts herself by bringing a brush to a canvas.
rating: K+
word count: 2.2k 
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Okay PeggySous fans get ready to have your minds blown because … DANIEL SOUSA BEING PEGGY CARTERS FUTURE HUSBAND WAS JUST MADE CANNON and here’s the proof- this is what we know about the future Mr.Carter: - served in the army - in Europe near Germany - in winter time - in 1944 All of this info courtesy of Peggy Carters 1953 interview from Winter Solider Now when I was re-watching tonight’s episode of Agent Carter I heard Daniel finally say where he lost his leg …. it was in a place called Bastogne You know where Bastogne is BELGIUM AKA GERMAN TERRITORY AND DO YOU KNOW THAT A FAMOUS BATTLE TOOK PLACE THERE BETWEEN AMERICAN SOILDERS AND GERMAN SOILDERS IN DECEMBER 1944 SO LET’S DOUBLE CHECK HERE DANIEL SOUSA -SERVED IN THE ARMY - NEAR GERMANY - IN A TOWN KNOWN FOR A FAMOUS WINTER BATTLE IN 1944 I DON’T NEED TO SEE ANYMORE WE WERE JUST MADE CANNON PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!! you may now scream

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