Yandere Simulator but every time Alex says “implement” it Osana gets 0.001% closer to completion but at every percent that’s a multiple of five the Squid Sister plays and each time it plays the speed doubles and every time Squid Sister is ¾ of the way done Alex drinks milk from a goblet and every time he makes a cringy face it plays a 2015 progress update video but every time he says “Senpai” or “Yandere” it’s the entire bee movie but every time they say bee it’s Shrek 2 but every scene with purple in it is removed but every time it skips a scene it’s the entire Pokemon anime but every time Team Rocket blasts off it’s a randomly selected LeafyIsHere video but every time he says “litchrelly” it goes to the next video in autoplay but every time the word “the” is spoken or written in the video it’s the first episode of Winx Club but every time it goes off-model it’s a picture of Alex’s spaghetti code but every time it says “else if” it’s an unfunny stale vine but every time the person talks fast to fit within the 6.5 second rule it’s [S] Game Over but every time someone dies it’s random episodes of Steven Universe but every time something gay happens it gets 9% faster and once it’s at 200% speed it’s We are Number One but every time they say one it’s Biggie Cheese singing Mr.Boombastic but every time he says “me” or “my” it’s Cooking by the Book but every time they say “cake” it’s a Joey Salads “social experiment” but every time a YouTuber makes a video on it it switches to that video but every time someone makes a salad joke it becomes a YandereDev video