lmao just imagine

teenaged eveline’s friend who is a boy is coming over to the eerie baker estate to visit eveline

when eveline opens the door he could see Zoe and Ethan cleaning knives, Mia casually cocking a gun with bullets, Lucas tinkering what it looks like a bomb, marquirete has a bunch of black widows in a jar as she’s casually cooking a sandwich, and Jack has a unusually sharp shovel in his hands while watching tv and they’re all just glaring at eveline’s friend

“ah hello! welcome to the family. im Clancy Jarvis and that’s Zoe Baker ( "she makes knives a lot” ) Ethan Winters ( “he fucking hates everyone lmao but he’s sweet especially to his family” ) Mia Winters ( “she’s really sweet and knows like all the exotic island cause of her job” ), Lucas Baker ( “my fiancee. he’s shy so he doesn’t like to talk to people but he complains a lot about his parents but he loves them” ) Mrs. Baker ( “her cooking is the bomb! she’s super kind too!!” ), and Mr.Baker! ( “he plays a lot of pranks so do be careful but he’s surprisingly sweet and affectionate” )“ Clancy is just smiling unusually hard as he introduces everyone

then he darkly turns his head around "listen, hurt eveline either emotionally or physically ill put a serum in ur fuckinh veins that makes sure ur always in pain until ur 50 got it?” when the boy nods, bright sunshiny Clancy is back and grabs the boy arm, showing him around the estate while eveline is embarrassedly covering her face

It’s Always Been You - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

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Warning: swearing,time jumps also it’s pretty long..


“Mom,Dad we have new neighbours” I called out running outside “Y/n wear your jacket” my Mom called “I know” I called back running back to grab my jacket then making my way to the house next door.

I saw a boy about my age with his dad “Hi!” I waved giddily “Oh hello” the man smiled “I’m Y/n who are you?” I asked the boy, he became timid and moved behind his dad “Mischief” he answered his voice above a whispher “Mischief? That’s so weird I like it” I smiled the boy named Mischief moved from behind his dad “It’s actually Stiles but he likes Mischief” a woman carrying a box spoke I laughed a bit. “I’m 6 how old are you?” I asked “6″ Stiles smiled “that’s great” i grabbed his hand and jumped causing Stiles to do the same

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The conversation that Sherlock and Karim are having in this scene is amazing and I didn’t pick up on it until tonight.

Sherlock: Mr. Baker, that completes the set.
Karim: No, it does not.
Sherlock: Well, who else am I missing?
Karim: Master Bun, it’s not a set without him. How many more times Mr.Sherlock?

Mr.Baker is Sherlock, and Master Bun is John. This is a conversation about how they aren’t complete without each other.

Karim saying ‘How many more times?’ is directly referencing all of the times they’ve been separated. How many more times before they get it right and figure out they are a pair and need to stay together?