Round two, crazy meets crazy

Mariku of course never listened to any one nor did he ever take any hints seriously, then again a gun shot really wasn’t a hint it was more like a warning a deadly warning, the last time Mariku had been around the bar, Toxic he had met up and fought with its owner, the bronze male ran his hand at the newly healed flesh, for some reason those bullets made the shadows regenerating hard and took for ever,  He watched as a few of the waiters and waitresses left for either their break or going home.

Pushing the door open Mariku smirked  “Honey I;m home!” He sang out followed by a laugh as he walked in “Told you I’d be back”

banditborn asked:

Mr.B: "Knock knock ~ Anybody hooome?" The madman opened the door, peering into the secret chamber and looking at the girl being chained to the wall. "Looks like Bandit left me a present." He chuckled and stepped in, his fangs dripping with saliva. "I've got a surprise for you ~ "

(Flinches, curling up further into the corner with a shudder. She hadn’t even considered B when she resolved to stay down here. Gulping she wrapped her arms around herself and stared at her knees.) “…Are you letting me go?” (She wished she didn’t sound as hopefully desperate as she thought.)