J2 giving me life in #EWPopfest
  • A rainbow appeared in the sky right above the stage before J2 took the stage.
  • Jared and Jensen sat on chairs so apart and didn’t do the scooting chair and sneakily putting the chair together thing because it was spn convention. But Jared still came and stood by Jensen, leaned into him to tell a story.
  • Jensen had that ‘I’m Grumpy and Growly’ thing going so damn hard. He was talking in Dean’s voice so many times. Probably still had not gotten out of character considering the plane and no sleep. xD
  • Jensen fucking ran, ran off the stage and came back from the other side because Jared literally attacked him with a hug. At one point Jared was humping Jensen’s empty chair.
  • That happened because Jensen said that he knew they had the right chemistry since the 1st time they read together - basically the moment they met, how it was instant and he thought he woudn’t mind working with Jared till however long.
  • I’ll never stop dropping the mic, Mr.Ackles - Jared Padalecki
  • They argued and bickered like 6 year olds and an old married couple throughout that thing. It was hilarious. Their chemistry comes so easy and naturally.
  • Jensen told Jared to take his shirt off. Jensen was so hot in that Jacket. Jared’s hair was glorious.
  • The host commented how Jensen is ‘broody’ - Jared: Hey, back off.
  • Jared got loads of cookies. Jensen knows Jared’s favorite cookies.

Person: “Jensen’s annoying I’m so sick of Jensen.”


Weeks-end Chance

Request:Anonymous; I was wondering if you would do something where the reader wins a contest to go on the set of SPN and Jensen is attracted to her and the reader is very flustered and nervous about it since she’s attracted to him too? You can make it either single Jensen, him being divorced wish th Danneel, or still married to her for angst, I don’t mind :) Thank you so much, hon! (And yes i’m the anon from earlier ;) )

Word count: 1,680
Warning: None (yet)
Summery: Could Jensen like you, I mean not to be childish or anything but…like like you? But he’s married to Daneel, he shouldnt have these feeling should he?!

A/n: So I’m planning on making this a mini series based on this request. Also, I hope you enjoy it, I’m sorry it took so long but it’s been a long holiday week. Smiles will be out a bit later then expected. Sorry again. But yeah enjoy. :)

You looked at the paper, excitement in your eyes. Your cheeks going a bright red. You couldn’t believe it. You made it, you won a day on set. A scream escaped your mouth, as it did your friend y/f/n came shuffling in “What’s wrong, are you hurt” she asked seriously. You stuttered briefly.

“I’m going” you quickly exclaimed. Her eyebrows furried as her head tilted as she was flummoxed . “I won the day on set” you shuffled over to the corner of the wall where she leaned against. You put the paper in her hands as she skimmed the words. Her lips curling into a joyful curve.

“I’m so happy for you” she hugged you tightly. She knew how much you liked Supernatural and how you wished to go to one of the cons yet you never had the money for it.

When the producers opened up a day for a fan to come for free to Vancouver, you firstly assumed that you weren’t going to get it though y/f/n convinced you to at least fill in the form and take your chances.

You had imagined meeting them a thousand times or more. Being short compared to Jared, Jensen, and Misha, literally looking up to them. You’d imagine laughing along side boys, or pranking Misha with Jared and Jensen. You giggled at that, but mostly you were excited to meet Jensen. Seeing if those beautiful forest green eyes were all so pretty up close, his smile, but mostly listening to his voice.

You had walked past y/f/n to your room to pack for next mornings plane ride. You had packed warm since it was the beginning of fall. You sighed heavenly at the happiness in your heart which seemingly never went away after reading the letter. Or would never go away.

The day went on as usual for you other than packing the rest of your stuff, and trying to get wholesum rest.


You woke up happily seeing the time was 10 o'clock, approximately 4 hours before your flight. You giddily got up from bed, and walked to the kitchen grabbing some breakfast. After that you made sure you had everything including your ticket, obviously.

Soon enough you were on your way to the airport. Your breathing was heavy, your nerves were becoming more aware with each mile, step, and we’re sort of settling once you sat in your seat. You smiled at the People though internally screaming loudly in your head. You were going to meet the boys who had changed your life, who made it better.

You stared out the plane window, viewing the clouds and the stray blue sky. It was beautiful, a view for a perfect day. Perfect feeling. It reminded you of when Sam and Dean went to heaven and Dean saw the fireworks as his heaven. It made you smile every time. Though you knew Jensen or Jared and defiantly Misha weren’t alike their characters.

You soon drifted off only to be awoken by a flight attendant saying the plane had landed. Your heart glowed with happiness. Your feet couldn’t carry you faster, then seeing your name on a board made it glow brighter inside. “Y/n?” The man asked. You nodded and he smiled brightly. He guided you to the car out front. “So, I heard I’m taking you to meet the boys” he chuckled.

“Oh yes I am” you laughed with the happy ol’ man.

“Well I drive Jensen everyday, he’s a real killjoy ya know” he smirked into the rearview for a sec “I’m kidding but he’s a real good guy” he finished.

“Oh well, we’ll see then I guess” your smile now visibly growing cheek to cheek. He had nodded. The car ride was quiet from then on. The car was only stuffy from the anticipation.

Pulling up to the set, gates opened allowing the car drive through. Your heart was beating faster then before. This was it. This was the chance to meet them. ‘Not a time to screw it up’ you thought to yourself.

The driver man opened the door for you, letting you know he’d have your bags for now until he brought you to the hotel that night. You nodded at him, and thanking him as well.

You began to walk following the map, you saw that they were filming in 28C and hurried as well.

Finally getting there, turning the knob slowly. As you swallowed the thick lump in your throat, then sighing once again harshly. It was nerve wracking. After a lot of self motivation, you opened the door quickly and walked in. You saw Jensen and Jared with Misha in Bobby’s set. It was so weird to see it not together like a house, and alarming that everyone stopped staring at you. Especially Jensen, his eyes matched up on yours. He was just as perfect as you imagined. Even his bow legs were showing, you giggled at yourself for that one.

“Is this her” Misha said with a smile, the man at the side of the director smiled “It is, HOLD THE SHOT” he yelled as he began to run towards you. You began to feel your eyes water as his arms wrapped around you in a huge hug. You returned it. It was a tight hug at first which softened at the end. He pulled back and took ahold of your arm dragging you closer to the others in the room. “Meet our friend for the week…” He looked at you basically asking for a name.

“It um Y/n” you gently smirked.

“Hiya Y/n” Jared said giving you a hug alike Misha.

Jensen just stared at you like he couldn’t move. He was stuck on you, but it had ended when Jared had waved a hand in front of him waking him from his staring. “Oh um, hi” he gave you a smirk. Your heart began to have that glowing feeling again.

“So I think I’ll show her around set if you don’t mind” Misha put his arm around yours though Jensen had other plans.

“Um excuse me” Jensen slithered around your other arm “I think I’ll take from here” Misha was refusing at first but let you go soon after some bickering.

“So where you from” Jensen asked after you two had walked out of set.

“I’m from y/ht” you let out a slight laugh. It was amazing. He had you wrapped around his finger instantaneously. All day they held that shot for your arrival. You and Jensen had spent most of the day together taking about the silliest things. He was a real big sweetheart, and a damb teddy bear. You heart beated faster when there was nothing to say so he’d just stare at you, observing your features. Yet the day was coming to a close, so the man would have to drive you a separate way from Jensen.

When it came time Jensen got into his car home, Misha and Jared as well as you. You felt a slight sore in your stomach even though you’d see him the next day or even if decided to text you, like he said he wails when you two estates numbers that night.

You had gotten to your hotel room, and heated up a microwave dinner you had bought from the lunch shack that afternoon. For the rest of the night you didn’t hear a peep from your phone till you were about to go to bed.

‘Sorry, I got busy at home. Lines and all that’
Jensen sent 10:34pm

‘That’s alright, I can relate. Haha’
Y/N sent 10:35pm

For the rest of the night you got to know eachother better and better till about 1 in the morning. You had learned he loves dogs, and his favorite color was blue, also that one day he’d want to settle down and have a family. You had smiled at his whole heart. He was beautiful creature.

For 3 more days Jensen was busy with directing which was okay. You understood it was probably a time consuming job.

“Boo” Jensen yelped when he scared you jumping out behind the trailer. You had put a hand over your chest.

“Jeez, ya scared me” you let out a harsh breath.

“Isn’t that what in here for” he let out a chuckle while bending back a bit.

“Well, we’ll see-” you were interrupted by one of the assistants around set.

“Mr.Ackles, sir your need on set” Jensen’s face dropped, the corners of his eyes smoothed out as his lips turned into a frown. He mouth an apology for him having to leave. Your heart felt like it was stabbed in the heart even though you only knew the real Jensen behind the camera for four days. He had started to walk away with the assistant scratching the back of his neck for second as he did so.

~Jensen’s POV~
‘I knew I only have known her for a day, but it was some sort of connection. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t look too far into it. She’s a fan, what would people say. I only had about two more day right, might as well ask her to hang out…see where it goes. I-I don’t think I have the guts for this but I’m gonna do it.’ I thought to my self. I began to walk behind the trailers, eyeing. I saw her began to walk this way. I jumped out in front of her, y/n jumped a bit making me smile brightly.

“Jeez ya scared me” she had said putting a hand over chest catching her breath. I felt bad about it now. God, I’m idiot. So much for that idea.

“Well isn’t that what I’m here for” i began to laugh a bit, a sting of awkward in my voice.

“Well, we’ll see–” she was interrupted by Carl, who need my assistance. I had mouthed “I’m sorry” to her quickly before waking off to set. I felt internally horrible.

Part 2