• Mr mxyzptlk: Kara, will you marry-
  • Lena: *ahem* Hi, good day. I'm Lena Luthor
  • Mr mxyzptlk: Good day, Miss Luthor. I was asking Kara to ma-...
  • *Lena stands next to Kara and smiles at her*
  • Lena: Hi, Kara :)
  • Kara: Hi :)
  • Mr mxyzptlk: I...oh...oh... OOOOOOOOOH, EXCUSE ME! this was an awful misunderstanding, I have to go back to my planet, I'm so sorry, Miss Luthor *disappears*

Supergirl | Inside Supergirl: Mr. & Mrs Mxyzptlk | The CW


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