Bunny lessons with Ruu! If you see that your rabbit is hunching and streching (weirdly) and just staying in one place - your buddy probably has tummy ache or tummy gas. If you’re not able to take your bunny to the vet - go to the nearest store and buy your buddy a pineapple! Squeeze the juice out (you only need a little piece for now) and mix it 50/50 with water. Take the mixture with a syringe (needle off, of course) and give 4ml to your rabbit! Do it in the morning and evening. If that doesn’t help take your rabbit to the vet!!!!


Lol 😂 Key….your face ~ Tasty Road episode 38 151107


after work mindless doodles 

i should be sleeping now but god my work is increasing af ugh someone should sing me a lullaby