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This isn't a prompt or headcanon but I just love when I see people talking about the squip squad doing things in NJ. I'm from NJ and it's so fun to hear people hc them going on the boardwalks and stuff. Do you have anymore headcanons for them doing things in NJ? ((This is a weird ask crap I'm sorry))

No no that’s so great I’m glad you can enjoy the headcanons! I’m personally not from NJ myself, Ima Mass girl, but I love visiting NJ, so I’ll have to base these on my experiences at wild woods and Atlantic City :0 !!

- The scariest things about their trips to these places is Michael because they always go when it’s sweltering hot but he’s still wearing that damn hoodie.

-One time at Atlantic City Jeremy and Michael walked into a casino by accident because they saw a free buffet sign, and then walked into a room full of slot machines with a giant sign saying “no one under 18 allowed”, got scared, and ran out

-When they told Rich about this he dragged Jake in saying “17 is close enough to 18”

-Christine and Jenna makes them all matching shirts when they go on these trips because they can’t lose anyone

-Jake wears shorts on these trips and anytime he sits on something he instantly gets up and yells “fuck!! Hot!!” He never learns his lesson

-one time Jeremy joked around about feeding this one sea gull that was staring at him to see if others would come, then rich said “do it. Trust me, they’ll come” not only did an entire flock come for that fry, Chloe claims she saw one kill another and one seagull followed them back to the car.

-Chloe and Brooke ever 10s of driving around: “that’s a nice house”

- so they like to stay the weekend in a motel for these trips. Once at about 11 at night Michael and Jeremy snuck out of the motel and tried to walks two miles to find a McDonald’s that they KNEW they saw. Then they walked down a suddenly ghetto street and saw someone throw a fire cracker while the others in the group huddled around the cracker. The boyfs instantly went back to the motel.

-ok so I think this was in Atlantic City but there’s this frEAKING coffin you can sit in? And it feels like rats and snakes are crawling over you? They dared Rich to do it, and have videos of him reacting on the camera feed. Rich didn’t come back the same man.

-they love going to Riply’s! It’s such a cool place, if only Rich would stop sticking his nose in every statues finger.

-Christine is the one to stop and read ever exhibit, but the others just look at the big cool stuff and keep walking. Let the girl read dang it.

-they have so many pictures of them with weird stuff in Riplys

-there’s this trippy tunnel at the end and Jake fell in the middle of it and got so dizzy he had to physically be dragged out

-Christine saw a cat under the boardwalk and started screaming and taking pictures while adoring said cat

-Christine also buys all the damn boat and shell nicknacks in the mall…Christine please…your money.

-they all have a big picture of them sitting in front of the giant wild woods sign but they were facing the sun so they’re all squinting

-they had to physically throw Jeremy into the ocean. It’s so cold. Why.

-michael sits in the sand and watches them all from afar, he doesn’t mind, at least they’re having fun.

-Brooke Christine and Jenna love writing and drawing in the wet sand

- Rich and Jake force chicken fights on everyone.

- watch the tram car please. Watch the tram car please. Watch the tram car please. WATCH THE TRAM CAR-

-they make this the biggest damn joke.



-Christine unironically bought this little toy of the tram car that does indeed come with the famous phrase.

-there’s this ONE damn ice cream store I can’t remember the name of, Mr freezy? Mr frosty? Mr tasty? Whatever it’s good and it has this little jingle that REELS you in every time I swear you hear that song and You’re entranced. The gang has wasted so much money just from hearing that song.

- whenever they go to Atlantic City they write down all the crap they can’t do because they aren’t old enough, they plan on doing them all as a bucket list type thing once they’re ready.

-at Atlantic City they have a ton of small arcades that have??? Coin operated vid games? I’m talking the old shit here guys , like one quarter per game. Jeremy and Michael get so happy when they see jump man and other retro games, they had to be left behind

- “SEAGULL!!” *everyone ducks over their food*

- they usually end it off by riding the ferris wheel at night when it’s lit up, and super pretty. Then they head on home all decked out and ready to sleep for a year.

- I FORGOT TO MENTION that the bathrooms have to be paid for usually. Like I think it was 50 cents to a dollar. So jake keeps asking why the don’t just carry a bottle around to save a buck

Her Instinct - Chapter 19


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This chapter was inspired by the song “Bom Bidi Bom” by Nick Jonas feat. Nicki Minaj. Feel free to listen as you read!

Chapter 19 - Magnets

Allegra finally conked out on her bed… I even tempted to poke her a few times to make sure she was fully asleep for sure.

I checked my phone and saw a text from Mr. Leto.

Bring your swimsuit.

I snagged my bikini from my suitcase and snuck out of the room effortlessly. As I stepped into the spacious living room area, I spotted a pair of bright almond eyes looked back at me in the dim light.

It was Nico.

“Can’t sleep Nico?”

“Uh – yeah,” he spoke hesitantly. I could see that he was holding something behind his back. The silver foil from what looked like a Hershey’s bar.

I grabbed it from behind him.

“Hey!” he started to yell, but quickly hushed himself so he wouldn’t wake anyone.

“Nico, Mom said to stay away from the candy. You’ll be sick!”

“It’s no fair Kerri. You get what you want, but I can’t eat candy.”

I paused dead in my tracks.

“What in the world am I getting?” I asked. Uncertainty tried to creep in, but I wasn’t having it. He’s too young to know what he’s talking about, unless-

“You get to be with Mr. Leto” He squinted his eyes at me.

My heart sank as I nearly choked on my breath.

My little brother. My little, sneaky, blameless – so I thought – little brother was smarter than I ever gave him credit for in his almost 9 years of life here.

“Nico, Mr. Leto and I already went over this with you. We were just-“

“I don’t believe you.” He frowned up his face, partly in confusion, partly upset. “I’ve seen the way he looks at you. And he look at you a lot, Kerri. And when you look at him, your eyes do the same thing. It’s like they talk to each other or something.”

He knows, Kerri. It’s either flight or fight.

I busted into forced bent-over, side-splitting laughter.

Nico looked stunned.

“What an imagination you have!” I tried to catch my breath dramatically. “Now I see why mom said to put you in drama camp.”

He put his hands on his hips. “Nuh-uh. It’s the truth. At least I think it is.”

I saw an open door and I walked through it. “Are you kidding? Mr. Leto? Ew, Nico! He’s an adult.”

I could see reason coming over Nico’s face. He was taking the bait.


“He’s like dad to both of us. You know that, right?” I stopped and caught myself.

Omg, I’ve turned into Mr. Leto. I sounded just like him when he spoke to Renee.

I shook myself back into the present and looked at Nico who was scratching his head as his little brain went to work on the lies I fed him.

Finally, he rubbed his eyes and said, “I guess you’re right,” he conceded.

Good. I just needed one last detail or sentence or anything to seal this deal.

“And besides, I already have a boyfriend, so it’d be so wrong.”

“Derek?” He asked as his little eyes lit up.

I nodded convincingly.

“Wow. Well that makes sense.”

“See? You got all caught up in a guess.”

I knew exactly what I was getting myself into by telling big-mouthed Nico this, but desperate times call for desperate measures- even if it means Mr. Leto will have a fit.

“Now do I have to tell mom about your candy eating habits?

“No!” he begged.

“Then go to bed and stop making up ridiculous stories!”

“Fine.” He huffed dramatically and ran to his room.

I stayed in the living room until he was out of sight and closed his door.

I looked over across the room to Mr. Leto’s half of the suite. Now it was my turn to be up during the night, but I was going for more than a midnight snack.

I crept through the dark 3 –room luxury suite on my way to Mr. Leto’s area.

I pulled back the slide door that separated his master room from all of ours. I stepped in quickly, sliding the shade shut ever so quietly.

I turned and almost jumped out of my skin as I saw Mr. Leto staring at me from the couch. He just laid there, eyeing me; his face as effervescent as a photograph.

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Mr. Tasty Toes is busy checking his Facebook page! I’m checking his sexy feet…do you think he would notice if I sucked on those sweet dawgs?

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Request: Katherine teases Klaus about Caroline, maybe because of his old fashion courting skills! :) Thank you! Xx

Klaroline and Katherine Pierce is always a recipe for success, enjoy this one written by guest writer @makemeamilkshake.

A/N: So I made this next one into a high school AU with background Kalijah. (This story is largely told from Katherine’s perspective)

Silly Love Songs

People had often asked Caroline why exactly she had decided to become friends with one Katherine Pierce.

Katherine could be… somewhat tempestuous. Caroline’s earliest memory of her and Kat dated back to elementary school. It was back in Miss Fields’ class in kindergarten. It was recess time, but they were inside because it was raining.

Caroline had been dutifully coloring at her desk like the teacher had asked. She remembers Katherine bounding up to her, wearing green and black striped tights (which she denies ever owning – though Caroline had managed to salvage one of the images that proved so from going in a fire), throwing herself down in the chair beside her and declaring Caroline her new best friend.

Caroline’s teachers had all been in favor of this arrangement. Caroline was one of the best students in her class, she did all her assignments, all her stationery was always arranged neatly on her desk, and she raised her hand politely to speak in class. Katherine was the complete opposite.

Caroline guessed some of her teachers were hoping some of her good behavior would rub off on Katherine while praying that things didn’t go the other way.

Neither happened – both girls remained relatively the same throughout their lives. Caroline: focused, determined and organized. Katherine: lazy and relatively unmotivated to do anything unless it directly benefited her.

But despite all Katherine’s less than desirable traits, she was Caroline’s best and closest friend and she knew deep down she’d do anything for her.

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A Party for Adrien

It’s impossible to persuade Mr. Agreste to let Adrien have a birthday party, or so everyone thinks.

Maybe it’s just in the approach.

(AO3) (

It was fast approaching Adrien’s birthday again, and although none of his friends had dared broach the subject with the boy himself, they definitely had talked about it more than once.

“Mr. Agreste wouldn’t even hear me out,” Nino complained, slouching on his bench as they waited for Adrien to finish his fitting session for an upcoming photoshoot so he could join their study session. “The man doesn’t listen to reason! I mean yeah, I accidentally called him dude a few times, but I always corrected myself right after! I was totally polite!”

“Maybe you just didn’t approach the subject very well,” Alya suggested. “Or maybe Mr. Agreste just formed a bad opinion of you as soon as you called him ‘dude’ for the first time.” A grin spread across Alya’s face, and she turned on Marinette. “Mr. Agreste does like you, Marinette! You could go ask him!”

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