A Prank Too Far - Part 2 (Requested)

Note: @arlynna very kindly requested a follow on from ‘A Prank Too Far’ where Killian finally manages to get the reader. I decided to take a dramatic approach to this one so I hope you enjoy it <3
I apologise at how long it is!

Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 1929

Warnings: Some fluff and it gets a little hot too…not too much but just the right amount I think :) 

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He was a pirate…..he wasn’t supposed to work this hard to get someone. Usually he couldn’t move for the women who wanted to be with him. So why was it that when it came to you it was so damn difficult? It was a couple of hours after your encounter up on the deck, he could still feel the cold metal of the handcuffs against his wrist despite them having been off for a while now, and as for the tingling sensation that was left on his lips from them having been so close to landing a kiss on yours…well…that was doing far more than getting him a little excited.

He now needed you more than he had ever done so before which meant his determination was at a whole new level.

Sitting in his private quarters as his crew fought through their drunken states to keep the ship steady on the ocean waves he was unaware of any kind of incident occurring up on deck. Not until Smee came crashing through the door almost taking it clean off its hinges.

“CAP’N! The waves….they’ve taken [y/n]!”

The short pot-bellied man was completely drenched from head to toe and looked more like a drowned rat than he did a pirate and the look on his face was one of sheer panic. Killian had known the man long enough now though to be aware that he could be a little over dramatic at times and instead of his response being on the more urgent side he simply rolled his eyes and casually turned to face the man.

“What is it Smee? Oh and be quick. I am not in the mood for your foolishness.”

“[y/n] she was…she was having an argument with Squibbers an-and we hit a wave an-an-“


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Captain James Hook: Hear me, men. For reasons of good form, I have decided that the so-called “Pan” will return in three days to commit the arbitrament of the sword. Smee, translate. 

Mr. Smee: In three days, we’re gonna have a war! A battle between good and evil–to the death!


There Is No Escape - Part 4

Note: I couldn’t stop typing when it came to this part as I was enjoying it so much! Of course it had to stop somewhere….always need to leave you all hanging :D I am thinking of starting a permanent tag list on this story so if you would like to be added to it just let me know. 

Killian Jones/Peter Pan x Reader

Warnings: Some violence involved in this chapter.

Words: 1736

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You have no idea where you are going but you simply don’t care. All you want is to find Captain Hook’s ship and get yourself back on board. You feel so much safer with a bunch of pirates that you do here with a group of wild looking boys. The forest around you seems to grow more and more dense as you continue on your way- although you have no sense of direction whatsoever on this island that’s exactly what it was….an island….which meant that it was surrounded by the sea and it wouldn’t take all that long to reach a part of its shore. Then, hopefully, it wouldn’t take you long at all to locate the ship. Unless…..

No! Don’t….Don’t even start thinking stuff like that! He wouldn’t.

No matter how much your mind was trying to stop you from listening to your own paranoid thoughts you know full well that you barely know the man. Just because he’d had that kind look in his eyes it didn’t mean that he would put you before him and his men.

Your heart sinks a little, at the very thought of being met with an empty ocean, but you continue on through the ever increasing vegetation anyway. Anything is better than being anywhere near those boys.

The snapping of a twig close by causes you to swiftly turn round on the balls of your heels only for your eyes to meet with nothing but the part of the forest you had just walked through. This didn’t help with the already growing sense of anxiety filling you. Swallowing down hard you continue to look around, making sure no one was hiding from your sight, but even after a quick look behind the foliage there was no sign of anything or anyone being near you.

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There Is No Escape - Part 5

Note: Another chapter for all my lovely followers! I am so glad that you are enjoying this. I am having so much fun writing it that I am not planning on ending it anytime soon. With all the muse I have for it at the moment too it won’t be long before another part is up for you to read! <3
Also if anyone would like to be added to my tag list for this story then message me and your wish will be my command! There’s plenty of room :D

Peter Pan/Killian Jones x Reader

Words: 2072

As the hilt of the blade touches the palm of your hand you decide there and then that this boy really must have lost his mind…either that or he had some serious belief that you wouldn’t do such a thing to him. It hadn’t been your initial intention, the weapon was only there for protection should you need it, but now that he had put the idea into your mind it was certainly becoming a rather enticing thought. At least then you might have some chance of getting back to the ship.

“Why on earth would you allow me to kill you? Don’t demons have a knack for self-preservation?”

A dark look enveloped his eyes at your words. It wasn’t like he hadn’t been called a demon before, in fact he knew all too well who had used that specific description of him with you, but to hear it coming from someone like you only stirred up the simmering anger inside of him.

“Don’t call me that [y/n]. That scumbag of a pirate can for all I care but not you.”

He stalked closer to you and out of instinct your grip on the knife tightens in preparation.

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