Fast review/favorite scenes out of Mr. & Mrs. X #3

Alright, folks, MMX3 is out today, and it’s time for me to show it some love. Because I did, I loved this issue! The plot is moving along swiftly, it has our couple’s sense of humor, it properly introduced an interesting character given last issue, and it neatly exited another beloved character that needed to go. And it gave me a beautifully serious and necessary Romy moment, followed up with an equally necessary Romy moment of their trademark sexy/funny banter to show off how well they work together and play off one another.

Having said all that, the issue did have it’s misses for me, but that’s going to be true for near any comic, and honestly, the end totally redeems the more ‘meh’ moments for me, so I’m an extremely happy reader today! 

So, that entire page. What’s not love about it? It’s complete pandemonium, with Xandra, the cute little offspring of Xavier and Lilandra, evading Gambit and Deadpool in the background, and Rogue is absolutely blasting Kitty (and rightfully so, I might add!) for holding back some pretty important information! And I don’t know about y’all, but the hilarity of this young girl successfully dodging Remy and Wade, two men well known for being pretty damn difficult to dodge and swerve, absolutely killed me.

Also, Kitty is totally a voyeur, as often as she pops in to see a naked Rogue and/or Gambit (or, in this case, a naked kid who looked like Rogue). No way her timing is just that bad (or good?).

These fight scenes are stunning. Say whatever the hell you will about Bazaldua’s faces, but the man can do action. Both Wade and Remy are fluid, graceful, fast, and badass in motion here. Lean bodies, powerful impacts, and long lines in the panels keep the eyes moving and the heroes kicking ass, and they’re totally working well together. My only complaint is the dialogue. Remy comes off sounding like the old Scott Summers here; I honestly cannot see him lecturing Wade on not killing people. But, eh, I guess he could be doing it to stay in Rogue’s good graces, because she’d totally care. 

Also, I’m absolutely thrilled to see Remy not bothering with Wade’s attempt to stir things up over that kiss. Because it ain’t a thing!

Speaking of Wade not being a thing… lmao. As much as I love Wade Wilson and enjoyed seeing him in this story, I’m sitting on Remy’s bench! Love how Rogue just like welp! and shoves Wade’s obnoxious ass into the transporter. She is just done with this mess, she’s ready for this mission to be over, she’s ready to go home with her brand new husband, and she’s not willing to let  Wade’s brand of bullshit get in her way. Git ‘r done, Roguey.

This page was absolutely necessary. And it’s a call-back to Rogue & Gambit, where we’d learned in a flashback just how much it’d stung Remy when Rogue had thrown him under the bus to the Avengers by calling his morality and trustworthiness into question. You can tell by Remy’s posture and expression in the upper right panel that he was still feeling a smidge of that insecurity. And Rogue put that shit to rest right then and there, not only with words, but body languages and gestures of affection. Collar on for a minutes and everything.

(Will be thrilled with the collar is gone, though. I want Rogue to learn control of her power, and dot it on her own. Remy’s fine, he knew what he was getting into when he married a woman he can’t touch.)

And last, but certainly not least, the last page of the issue! Here, we’ve got Remy’s humor and wit back, and there’s that wonderful Romy banter I need in my life! I love this for three reasons. One, I love the call-back to the ending of Rogue & Gambit #1, where a similar set-up happened–they were going in to kick ass, and then we’re cut off to them strapped down/chained up on the next page. Two, I really did miss Remy’s wit, sexiness, and ability to not take shit so serious last issue (though I understand why, and if you don’t, please check out my commentary here!). Three, since comics are historically unkind to superhero marriages, we really really really need to see these two actively kicking ass as a team and working well together while doing it, and we need it fresh out of the gates. Which is why I love Kittiot for interrupting their honeymoon–we need them to still be superheroes on top of being a happily married couple. Else we lose interest, and Marvel loses money, and…well. You get the gist. So yes, we need this couple working as a sexy team even when it looks bad for them!

And that wraps it up for me today, folks! This issue is my favorite so far in the series, and I absolutely cannot wait for Mr. & Mrs. X #4 to come out! All the kisses to Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, and Frank D’Armata for yet another beautiful issue!

  • Tony: [while being pursued by hit men in three black BMW'S] I never told you, but I was married before.
  • Bucky: [slams on the brakes]
  • Tony: What's wrong with you?
  • Bucky: You're what's wrong with me Tony.
  • Tony: It was just a drunken Vegas thing.
  • Bucky: Oh, that's better. That's *much* better.
  • [pause]
  • Bucky: What's his name and social security number?
  • Tony: No, you're not gonna kill him.