Turn That Frown Upside Down

Young Argus Filch was not a “smiler”

He didn’t smile for presents.

He didn’t smile for a night on the town.

He didn’t even smile for babies…

He almost smiled at funerals.

No, Young Argus Filch never smiled…

Until the day he met her…

That fateful day… Argus Filch finally found a reason to smile.

And he called that reason… Mrs. Norris. 

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The worst montage in the history of BBC Sherlock

This post is about one of the most bold Johnlock moments and will make you hate Tessa the nurse and deliberately bad montage. These will be your enemies from now on. Forget everything about knee gropes and shit. Here’s the good stuff destroyed by the worst montage you’ve ever seen.

So, as you know, there is this speculation that if the stag night wasn’t interrupted by Mrs Hudson and Tessa, perhaps John would make another attempt to get more intimate with Sherlock. 

But, no, you don’t understand. This is not speculation depending on John’s intoxication and the desperation of his feelings. This is not wishful thinking or estimation. This is canonical. This was not something expected to happen. This happened.

The last thing before Mrs Hudson intruded along with Tessa was Sherlock trying to find the rizzla name on his forehead after having failed the first time. He then concluded that it must have been John. But the person John chose for the game was actually Sherlock himself, so at that very moment John realised Sherlock thinks as highly of him as John does for Sherlock. That made John crazy with affection

and he actually made a spontaneous move towards Sherlock but was stopped by Tessa’s intrusion. So as we can see here, when both men turned to look at Tessa and Mrs H, John fell back leisurely in his armchair. He did make a peculiar move towards Sherlock, Mrs H called, John fell back in his chair and turned to look at the direction of the two women while lying completely casually. Yet in the very next second (and it is the very next second)

John looks like he’s properly sitting in his armchair, he’s closer to Sherlock and his arms don’t really support his body. YET IN THE VERY NEXT SECOND


why is Sherlock again lying passively in his armchair and WHY does John suddenly look like he was caught half-emerging from his seat, half-kneeling? (And let’s say these are the only things that drew my attention but that’s not the truth.)

The question is: did Tessa’s introduction really make John (after the first 2 laid back seconds) suddenly jump from his armchair and stop in a weird uncomfortable position while trying to justify why the hell he stopped midair, off his chair and vaguely hovering close to Sherlock’s legs? 

Or perhaps we have an example of a deliberately bad montage and here’s what happened. 

John melt when Sherlock thought the person chosen for the game was John himself, so he impulsively tried to fall all over Sherlock. 

When Mrs H and Tessa stormed in they caught him literally in.the.act (*Lestrade exasperated voiceover*)

But then both Sherlock and John sat more appropriately to accept the client.

And this angle, which is the angle that appears second, is also the angle used when John whistled and pointed at Sherlock’s forehead, which is the last shot of this scene (the fourth). So this means that this whole scene was shot most probably in three different ways:

  1. John lies back leisurely in his armchair as soon as Tessa arrives
  2. John attacks Sherlock and he’s caught midair
  3. John and Sherlock sit closer to each other but more appropriately and accept Tessa more decently. This time the scene is filmed in a different angle, focusing on the ladies. 

And then the final scene is a messed combination of these three angles. The problem is that when amongst the three alternatives we have one such as the second one, then it’s very possible that this montage was more deliberate than simply terrible. I actually think they wanted to keep a short moment hinting that something more was happening the moment Tessa walked in. But its purpose was only to hint, because if they have kept the entire scene showing John trying to fall on the top of Sherlock, then the canon - fanon discourse would be long gone since 2014 and would make the whole plot of TSOT and HLV pretty pointless. 

Of course, I expect many people to call this overanalyzing and wishful thinking, but I think you will agree with me that the shot of this particular position of John is completely unnecessary otherwise and completely inexplicable if it was caused by Tessa’s introduction several seconds after Tessa was actually introduced. I mean, if this was the case, then John stopped this small move he did towards Sherlock (which is also canon anyway) when he heard Mrs Hudson calling, he fell back in his armchair, he turned to look at Tessa and Mrs H from this very informal lying position and then after some seconds he suddenly tried to jump off his seat and for some reason stopped while half-kneeling between the two armchairs and trying to support his weight with his elbow on the armrest. And stayed like this, twisting his neck to look at Tessa. Does this make sense to you? 

In other words, stop speculating, John was actually going for it when Mrs H knocked the door. See, already canon. Okay, that was it, bye.


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