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I'm not sure if you're taking requests, but if you are - could you do one where Jamie and Claire take baby Faith on a trip to Castle Leoch to meet her extended family, and Laoghaire is very jealous (bonus if baby Faith is not a fan of hers)? Love your fics!

“I’m a free man now, Sassenach. I mean to walk in wi’ my wife and child and my head held high,” Jamie said as they approached Leoch. Murtagh had gone ahead.

Claire bit her tongue but held Faith a little closer.

Mrs. Fitz was in the courtyard before they could dismount.

“Ah, Murtagh said ye’d a bairn,” she squealed excitedly taking Faith from Claire. “Look at ye, wee one. Well, let’s fetch ye someat to eat. Dinna skulk about lass,” Mrs. Fitz scolded Laoghaire who wore a flushed and startled expression. Faith began fussing. “Be of use or be gone.”

Watching the little prince (2015)
  • Me:Alright! movie looks beautiful
  • Old guy:*blows up his plane*
  • Me:._. the hell is with this guy
  • Little Prince:There's nothing sad about an old shell.
  • Me:That's bull
  • Little Prince:*kills self*
  • Me:... He killed himself? ._.
  • Little Girl:*starts plane*
  • Me:wth is happening ._.
  • Mr Prince:*saves the little girl*
  • Me:Didn't... didn't he just murder that guy ._.
  • Mr. Prince:I'm scared.
  • Me:Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry
  • Little Girl:"I will grow up, but I'll never be a grown up like you!"
  • Me:*Ugly sobs*
  • Credits:*roll*
  • Me:*ugly sobbing*

the boys + first lines

Mary killed Jessica

So we all know Alison told that little boy about the twins and we know they were fighting over a doll. One twin killed the other. What if Grunwald was the one who told Alison the story because she had a vision about the twins. The vision was going to become true. If I’m right then Mary killed Jessica because (as the story said) they were fighting OVER a doll. Mary and Jessica were fighting over CHARLOTTE because Mary always wanted to have her but Jessica took her away.

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 10


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List Of Episode Season 7:
Pretty Little Liars Episode 1 : Tick-Tock, Bitches 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 2 : Bedlam 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 3 : The Talented Mr. Rollins 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 4 : Hit and Run, Run, Run 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 5 : Along Comes Mary 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 6 : Wanted: Dead or Alive 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 7 : Original G'A'ngsters 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 8 : Exes and OMGs 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 9 : The Wrath of Kahn 
Pretty Little Liars Episode 10 : The DArkest Knight