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NEVER, NEVER NEV, NERVER. NERRRRVER. Jeff do you think that there is a ratio of great comedy to shit comedy show should abide by? I feel like Mr Show has more misses than Kids in The Hall, but KITH tends to have longer sketches. In the UK we had a sketch show that was just hard and fast, but in retrospect it's got some real bad shit.

I would put Mr. Show over Kids in the Hall, but it’s hard to line them up because there’s so much more Kids in the Hall. There are whole episodes of KITH that don’t hit for me. I can’t say that about Mr. Show, though I also might say that portions of Mr. Show are a little more “of their time” than others, so it might not hold up quite as well if you were seeing it all for the first time right now.


a set of some of my all-time, personal favorite ~*heroes and villains*~ from 1986 media for LGAL’s summer zine exhibit, STACKS.

Dio & Captain Eo’s spread demonstrates the actual layout of the page in the printed version!

One down one to go! 🎉🎉🎉 if you guys have been following for a bit then you know I’ve been hunting down Little Women and Sense and Sensibility from the Mr Boddington Collection designed Exclusively for @anthropologie for almost a year now 😓 Luck struck last week when I found a new copy of Little Women in a used bookstore in Georgia and the smile on my face last night when I opened the package was unparalleled! 😃 … the hunt continues for S&S I still have hope

Pines parents appreciation post since everyone somehow seems to take it for granted that they’re neglectful at best and borderline abusive at worst:

  • Are said to have sent Mabel and Dipper to Gravity Falls after deciding they “could use some fresh air" 
  • Seemingly packed the twins’ bags for them, which means they sent Mabel with all her beloved stuffed animals and supplied Dipper with plenty of reading material
  • Still put sunscreen on their almost-thirteen-year-old kids themselves
  • Dad made sure Dipper didn’t forget his then-signature hat when he left
  • Fostered an environment in which Mabel’s eccentric spirit was permitted to thrive, to the point where her personal confidence is nearly unshakable (note that Pacifica, a character developed precisely as a foil for Mabel, was depicted as stifled by a set of parents who wanted her to conform to their desires)
  • Were less than satisfied by Stan’s explanation that he’d put their children up in a four-star hotel after the events of “Dreamscaperers,” insisting on knowing whether they had enough to eat and (judging by his responses) apparently pressuring him to send them home since things were so clearly getting out of hand
  • Offspring express surprise and a sense of injustice when confronted with abusive parents (the Northwests) or neglectful ones (Soos’ father), implying that this is not what they have been taught to expect
  • Offspring serve as foils for a similar pair of twins–their great-uncles–whose father’s emotional distance and prioritizing of one twin over the other led to a lifetime of discord between them; by contrast, Mabel and Dipper have a healthier relationship which withstands a markedly similar upheaval with no harm done
  • Are sufficiently trustworthy, and have established strong enough communication, that their children happily write to them, unprompted, about even bizarre events such as those of "Not What He Seems.” (It’s not just Mabel: in this promotional postcard, Dipper references the events of the “Creature in the Closet” short and asks them to “send help and/or weapons.”) 
  • Allowed their daughter to take her pet pig home from Oregon and raise him in the semi-suburban city of Piedmont, California

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