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“Mr. Jones.. Fancy seeing you back here..” 

The Spine would chuckle, as he walked towards the teen, a crooked smile on his black lips. He still remembered very well how he had struggled to convince him that he was indeed a robot. Casey Jones was not very easy to convince, when it came to that. But he had succeeded in the end. At least he thought so. 


Grandma is hospitable to all

Feast your eyes upon the only list that has ever mattered.

Television: MTV Fandom Award voting mixed things up.

The 100 earns a perfect score at No. 1.
Mr. Robot’s second season premiere gets the show back to No. 12
☆ Proving Gleeks will never forget him, the anniversary of Corey Monteith’s death lifted Glee to No. 14.

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Movies: Turns out women can be funny, in case you didn’t hear. How novel.

Ghostbusters and its perfect cast is No. 1.
⬇︎ Zootopia might have left the big screen, but it’s still holding strong at No. 3.
Rogue One reappears at No. 5 after the cast revealed some no-longer-secrets about the film.

Music: Breaking news break-ups.

Rihanna worksworksworksworksworks up five spots to No. 5.
Britney Spears makes a comeback at No. 10 with a single from her ninth album.
Calvin Harris says hello to No. 15 after saying goodbye to Taylor Swift.

Celebrities: It’s all about the women this week.

⬆ Tumblr favorite Alycia Debnam-Carey jumps fourteen to No. 2.
Kate McKinnon makes a well-deserved debut at No. 3.
Leslie Jones is also killing it at No. 8.

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Games: New dudes in old franchises.

Pokémon Sun and Moon climbs to No. 3 after introducing us to our new favorite Pokemon, Mimikkyu.
☆ Still playing Neko Atsume? They’ve introduce new cats. Meow it’s back at No. 17.

Web stuff:  All the WWW news you could possibly handle.

AmazingPhil is back at No. 2, restoring all normalcy to the list.
Filthy Frank makes a clean return to No. 14.
⬇︎ Bo Burnham topples eight spots, but is still holding strong at No. 19. Stay safe, Bo.