31 Days of Holiday Music, Day 21: HAPPY WINTER SOLSTICE!

[Jen]When I worked in childcare, we celebrated whichever winter holidays the children in my class celebrated with their families. So every year, we’d do Christmas, Hanukkah, usually Kwanzaa, and the Feast of Eid. The head teacher in my classroom was Pagan, so we also celebrated the Solstice by drumming and using flashlights in the classroom while telling stories about the winter while the lights were off. Finally, she would play the guitar, and we’d all sing “Mr. Golden Sun” to let the Sun know it was time to come out again after the longest night of the year.

It was always wonderful to be part of an educational environment that celebrated such diversity among the families and participated in everyone’s traditions.
Recording session: DuckTales – Treasure of the Golden Suns part 5 – Too Much of a Gold Thing – Disney Television Animation Central

One of my commenters on YouTube gave me the link to this!!! =D