[Jumin with D6] requested by @princess-ghoulette​ ! ….I hope you don’t mind but i used… different glasses =v=

We’ll always save the day!

Love the colours and designs in Steven Universe so I’ve been meaning to do a piece for it for ages. Got a whole lot of characters/fusions/poses in this one so whee!

Note: I am available for commission for illustrations like these for other series too!

Possible alternate Jekyll and Hyde titles:

Honey, I Split My Personality
God Damn It, I Broke My Murder Stick
I’m Not The Asshole, HE Is
How To Get Away With Murder
A Metaphor For Heroine Addiction
The Tiny Man Inside
Why Is My Client Blackmailing Himself
Put That Man Back Where He Came From Or So Help Me
Secret Jerk

add more if you’d like