Playlist - All The Crooked Saints

just some stuff I listened to while writing it.

1. “The Sound of Silence” - Simon & Garfunkel

2. “El Pescador” - Totó La Momposina

3. “Stay” - Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs

4. “Dream Lover” - Bobby Darin

5. “En Guantanomo” - Abelardo Barroso

6. “Perfidía” - Trío Los Panchos

7. “Can’t Help Falling in Love” - Elvis Presley

8. “Crazy” - Patsy Cline

9. “Cafe” - Los Utrera

10. “Never My Love” - The Association

11. “Runaway” - Del Shannon

12. “Esta Linda la Mar” - Marta Gomez

13. “Chan Chan” - Buena Vista Social Club

14. “Come Go With Me” - The Del-Vikings

15. “Fly” - Nick Drake

16. “Amanecer en Tenochtitlán” - MBM

17. “Mr. Fox in the Fields” - Alexandre Desplat

18. “La Iguana” - Lila Downs

19. “Divenire” - James Horner

20. “Comptine d'un autre été– L'après-midi” - Yann Tiersen

The 4th Episode: A Complete Johnlock Fix-It

The screen is black.  A woman’s voice cuts through.  It’s Molly’s voice.

“Forward? Or Backward?”

A blinding white light floods the darkness.  A pulsating heartbeat. 

“Backward,” sighs Sherlock.

White noise stings as scenes are replayed backward. Sherlock and John running backward.  John’s fist recoiling from Sherlock in the morgue.  The christening, backward. The birth, backward.  The plane glides into the air, tail first. Magnussen’s limp body jolts into standing position, Sherlock puts the gun back in John’s pocket. The flashdrive jumps from the fire, into John’s hand.  The gun drops, the coin falls back into Mary’s fingers. Sherlock raises from Magnussen’s floor, the blood-stained shirt turns freshly white. Mary stands across from Sherlock, gun drawn.

Roll Title Credits.

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A drabble masterpost:

Here’s a complied list of all drabbles I’ve written (I’ll update it every now and then), divided into sections. Most prompts within each section are flat-out Emison, but there’s a good amount of ideas involving the other girls and/or other issues.

The “random requests” section includes prompts that don’t really affect on-screen events (nor do on-screen events exactly affect these prompts), and the Emison drabbles are sorted into “established” and “non-established/in-between” categories in case you only want to read about them already being in a relationship or otherwise.

The “alternative on-screen events” section includes prompts that could have happened (if it weren’t for actual events); these alter what we’ve seen on the live show.

Note: If you don’t want to go through this list one by one, you can always find all of my drabbles (except for a select few) by scrolling through here: This link will stay updated with my newer drabbles while this post may/may not be always up-to-date.




  • Established

[ X ] – “Alison finds Emily’s secret tattoo.”
[ X ] – “Emison’s kid gets hurt and Emily takes care of them.”
[ X ] – “Alison tells Emily that she wants to name their kid ‘Wayne’ if it’s a boy.” 
[ X ] – “Jealous Alison, set before Paige left.”
[ X ] – “Emily gets jealous when Hanna takes Alison to a strip club for her bachelorette party.”
[ X ] – “An uncomfortable Alison snaps at her class while teaching; Emily calms her down.”
[ X ] – “It’s Christmastime and the girls put Emily in a big box to surprise Alison.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily share a bath after a long day at work.”
[ X ] – “Emison’s honeymoon; Alison surprises Emily with a private pool.”
[ X ] – “Proposal aftermath; Alison and Emily tell the girls that they’re engaged.”
[ X ] – “Emily finds herself in a compromising position, needing Alison’s assistance.”
[ X ] – “Alison drags a homophobe.”
[ X ] – “Hormonal/irritated Alison.”
[ X ] – “Emily helps soothe Alison’s insecurities once her pregnancy weight-gain becomes visible.”
[ X ] – “A ‘typical,’ domestic couple’s fight.”
[ X ] – “Emison; one of them wants to cuddle whereas the other doesn’t.”
[ X ] – “Emison planning their wedding; Alison is shocked at how involved Emily is with the planning.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily take their friends shopping for bridesmaid dresses.”
[ X ] – “Emison’s first dinner party doesn’t go as planned.”
[ X ] – “Emily tries to get Alison to swim after school.”
[ X ] – “Alison has morning sickness and tries to hide it from Emily.”
[ X ] – “Alison secretly knows how to play the guitar, surprising Emily.”
[ X ] – “A jealous Alison fires their wedding planner without telling Emily.”
[ X ] – “Emily wakes up from a nightmare about the dollhouse, only to be comforted by Alison.”
[ X ] – “After-school rendezvous in the locker room.”
[ X ] – “Emily needs stitches.”
[ X ] – “Emison falling asleep.”
[ X ] – “Alison asks Emily to fix something in the house, only to hear Emily (very lightly) injure herself in the process.”
[ X ] – “Alison trying to convince Emily to fool around in the teachers’ lounge.”
[ X ] – “Emison’s Paris honeymoon; Emily surprises Alison with a view of the Eiffel Tower.”
[ X ] – “Emily walks into the house to find their friends over, also seeing Alison wearing glasses; Hanna teases Emily for being flustered.”
[ X ] – “Alison leaves a very noticeable hickey on Emily as a result of jealousy.”
[ X ] – “Emily gets jealous when a guy stares at Alison for a little too long.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily play darts.”
[ X ] – “Emison sexting during school hours.”
[ X ] – “Emily catching Alison pouring some wine (during her pregnancy).”
[ X ] – “Emily explains to her mother why Alison’s child will look like her.”
[ X ] – “Jealous Emily resulting from Alison checking out another girl; Alison and Emily kiss in the rain.”
[ X ] – “Emison discussing their ‘numbers’ (how many people they’ve been with), followed by a small heart-to-heart.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily talk about what they did during those years apart; Emily remembers seeing Alison in New York with some girl.”
[ X ] – “Alison goes away for a teaching conference, only to deal with a needy Emily.”
[ X ] – “Pam gives Alison (and Emily) her blessing when it comes to their relationship.”
[ X ] – “The girls tease Emison about their relationship (and their fascination with Great Expectations).”
[ X ] – “Emison’s 7x16 kiss from Emily’s POV.”
[ X ] – “A cute pillow-talk between Alison and Emily, following the kiss in 7x16.”
[ X ] – “Emily steals Alison’s phone and sets a daily alarm so she takes her vitamins.”
[ X ] – “Sabrina approaches Emily while she’s with Alison (and their friends), asking her if she’d like to catch up; Hanna tries to get Emison to pick her as their kid’s godmother.”
[ X ] – “Hanna asks Emison if they decided on a name for their child.”
[ X ] – “Hanna and Emily have a tradition of watching American Idol together, leaving Alison to witness them making fools out of themselves; Alison records Emily singing in the shower for later blackmail usage.”
[ X ] – “Emily asks Alison about the scar on her thigh, resulting in a lot of fluff.”
[ X ] – “The aftermath of Alison telling her father that she’s dating Emily/she’s pregnant; Emily tells Alison about the conversation she once had with Mrs. DiLaurentis.”
[ X ] – “The girls go to a bar for Aria’s bachelorette party, and Emily keeps checking on Alison; Hanna pokes at Alison about her sex life with Emily.”
[ X ] – “Emily teases Alison about taking her last name, repeatedly calling her Mrs. Fields; Emily is scared of a large bug and Alison takes care of it.”
[ X ] – “Emison doing a Netflix-and-chill date; their first ultrasound’s aftermath.”
[ X ] – “Emily gets jealous of Alison’s newfound, close relationship with Hanna; Emily finds out that Lorenzo is back in town.”
[ X ] – “Emily surprises Alison with a puppy and Alison stresses that they already have so much on their plate.”
[ X ] – “What could’ve happened between Emily’s ‘Just because you had a bad night, doesn’t mean we can’t have a good morning’ line and Emison making their way into the bedroom in 7x18.”
[ X ] – “The infamous top vs. bottom debate, ft. Emison in bed.”

  • Non-established/In-between

[ X ] – “Taking place right before the kiss in 7x16, Alison and Emily discuss moving due to the break-in.”
[ X ] – “Emily has a bad breakdown and Alison comforts her.”
[ X ] – “Alison watches Emily coach swim practice, feeling impressed.”
[ X ] – “Alison fulfills one of (young) Emily’s fantasies by wearing her coaching jacket.”
[ X ] – “Emily visits Alison’s classroom; Alison’s students tease the two teachers about their budding relationship.”
[ X ] – “An angsty (and fluffy-ish) visit ensues once Alison stops by Emily’s house to find her drunk (again), following Wayne’s passing.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily meet each other for the first time at a Halloween party.”
[ X ] – “Drunk Emison playing Never Have I Ever, taking place during the 6A/6B time jump.”
[ X ] – “CeCe gets really close to Emily in an attempt to rile Alison, set during Alison’s disappearance.”
[ X ] – “Alison confesses to how hurt she was when Emily and the others threw her in jail for Mona’s murder.”
[ X ] – “Emison’s night in 5x05 being Alison’s first time.”
[ X ] – “Fetus Emison; Emily is upset due to Alison’s excessive talking about kissing someone at midnight on New Year’s, only to be surprised when she finds herself having someone to kiss, as well.”
[ X ] – “An idea of how Alison and Emily first met.”
[ X ] – “Emily has a panic attack post-dollhouse, being comforted by Alison.”
[ X ] – “Fetus Emison; the girls each describe their dream guy, and Emily realizes that Alison is describing her.”
[ X ] – “Fetus Emison; Alison sneaks out to meet Ian as their friends are gathered at Spencer’s barn, only to return in an upset state when everyone (except for Emily) is asleep.”
[ X ] – “Fetus Emison; Emily and Alison cuddle during a sleepover with their friends, and Alison realizes that she loves Emily, leaving her to confess even though Emily doesn’t hear it.”
[ X ] – “Fetus Emison; some random party-girl gets in Emily’s face for ‘flirting’ with her boyfriend and Alison takes care of it.” 


[ X ] – “Alison comes out to Spencer and uses the word ‘bisexual,’ causing some self-questioning to spark within Spencer.”
[ X ] – “Aria and Spencer start dating, post season two.”
[ X ] – “Hanna freaks out about Alison being in labor.”
[ X ] – “During the rush to get the girls out of the dollhouse, Alison and Caleb get into an argument regarding Alison’s intentions, thus revealing her feelings for Emily.”
[ X ] – “Ezra tells the girls that they wouldn’t understand anything about the Nicole situation, causing Emily to finally speak up about Alison’s ‘death.’”



[ X ] – “Alison walks into the teachers’ lounge as Paige walks out, set in 7x15.”
[ X ] – “Emily officially asks Alison to be the child’s second mother; Alison has a breakdown regarding whether or not she’ll be a good mother.”
[ X ] – “Emily confides in Hanna about her budding relationship with Alison.”
[ X ] – “Alison confesses to Emily that Paige stopped by before she left town.”
[ X ] – “Alison comes out to Emily.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily tell the girls that they’ve decided to keep the baby.”
[ X ] – “Emily and Spencer put the baby’s crib together; Spencer questions Emily’s relationship with Alison.”
[ X ] – “The girls play Never Have I Ever, revealing Emily’s recent hook-up with Paige.”
[ X ] – “Based on the line, ‘I’m sorry I tossed and turned all night’; Alison asks Emily to move in.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily tell the girls they’re together.”
[ X ] – “Spencer and Emily argue about Alison’s intentions.”
[ X ] – “Alison dances with Emily in 5x21 instead of Talia.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily go to the grocery store when Alison’s cravings kick in, only to run into Spencer who doesn’t know about the pregnancy.”
[ X ] – “Emily nearly chooses Paige, but Alison is desperate to prove her love for Emily before that happens.”
[ X ] – “Alison confides in Hanna about her budding relationship with Emily.”
[ X ] – “Alison comes out to Aria.”
[ X ] – “Things That Should (and Must) Happen, Moving Forward; a five-part drabble series following Emison discovering that the baby is Emily’s (right after Emily kisses Paige).”
[ X ] – “A protective Emily doesn’t want Alison to take her turn at the game, fighting against an angry Hanna.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily learn that they’re having a boy; Emily worries that Alison is unhappy with the gender, considering everything.”
[ X ] – “Alison and Emily introduce their son to the girls.”
[ X ] –  “Pam meets Alison and Emily’s son, and learns that his name is Wayne.”


[ X ] – “Based on the 7B promo: Spencer, Aria, and Hanna have a sleepover.”
[ X ] – “Set in 7x17, the aftermath of Emily and Mona pretending to be in a relationship.”
[ X ] – “Addison approaches Alison with evidence regarding Emily/Paige.”
[ X ] – “Emily explains to Paige why she kissed her but why they can’t be together.”
[ X ] – “A.D. threatens Alison’s (unborn) son, making her realize that she truly cares for him, considering how he came about.”

Part 2- Hal Carter 

Read part 1 here

Pairing: Hal Carter x Reader
Part: 2/?
Warnings: Smut - slight angst 
Summary: Hal takes you for a ride in his pickup truck
A/N: This is the second part in a series based on this post. I’ve been writing this for a while and I’m honestly so proud of it. Thank you for @writemarvelousthings for encouraging me. Please come let me know what you think! This is the song I listened to while writing - You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford
Word count : 4,157

Originally posted by lancetucker

The creak and slam of Hal’s red pickup truck door is unmistakable as he pulls up to your house and got out. Checking your lipstick one last time, you kiss your mother on the cheek and tell her not to wait up. She fixes you with the stare that you knew all too well. You skip out of the house, the screen door shutting behind you with a screech. Looking up you see Hal, he’s leaning against his truck a playful smirk spreading on his lips when he spots you. 

“Well don’t you look like sugar and spice and everything nice” he drawls, a cheeky chuckle following his words as he rids himself of the straw he was chewing. He takes you in his strong arms planting a sweet kiss on your cheek. “Your momma isn’t watching out of the window again is she?” he mumbles. 

You laugh and shake your head placating his fear, “she’s fixing dinner”. 

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assorted moodboards (4/?) -  jane tobias, cassandra parbringer, and mrs field (the ladies of grace adieu)

Poor man, you cannot even reconcile what you believe in your heart to be true and what you are obliged to write in the quarterly reviews. Can you go back to London and tell this odd tale? For I think you will find that it is full of all kinds of nonsense that Mr Norrell will not like – Raven Kings and the magic of wild creatures and the magic of women. You are no match for us, for we three are quite united, while you, sir, for all your cleverness, are at war, even with yourself. If ever a time comes, when your heart and your head declare a truce, then I suggest you come back to Grace Adieu and then you may tell us what magic we may or may not do.  

happy birthday, @gulltown

Wait why was Ezra kidnapped though???? And why did Twincer work with Mona when she’s the one who killed Charlotte? And why wasn’t Twincer more vengeful towards Mary because she’s the one who gave her away for money??? And how did Twincer build an entire military grade dungeon under a house that Toby built??? And how did Mona not know who AD was if AD came to visit her in the asylum and she said “I never thought it would be you”??? And how did we go 7 years with no one being able to solve any mysteries but Jenna solved it by smelling someones perfume?? And why is the last scene with the Liars Hannah talking about duck on a plane??? And how did Spencer pick a lock on a door that was secured by technology and a number code? And why was Charlottes hair brown in the flashbacks??? And what was the point of Archer Dunhill? And was that ever really Melissa who came back??? And was there ever a point to the character Bethany Young???? And why was Ali’s English Lit class studying Ezra’s book like it’s a piece of classic American writing??? And where do these people find masks that are completely lifelike??  AND WHERE IS JASON FOR FUCKS SAKE??? And what ever happened to Ezra’s son??? And didn’t Aria have a brother once??? And why was Mrs. Fields talking like she was dying??? And why would I ever want to watch a new show with the exact same storyline but worse actors??? And why-

A-Z Book Recommendation

I heard @macrolit​ started a trend of A-Z Book Recommendations? I may be late to this party but it looked like fun, so here are mine!

(Much to my chagrin I had to cheat on Q and Z; and V is also a bit of a cheat since I haven’t actually finished reading the book yet. On the other hand I did manage to get through it without repeating an author. Enjoy.)

  • The Archer’s Tale by Bernard Cornwell (also published as Harlequin). An adventurous historical fiction novel diving into the life of an English longbow archer in 14th c Europe
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. One of my favorite books of all time; I sob like a baby every single time I read it. By turns heartwarming and heartwrenching, it tells the story of a young girl growing up in Nazi Germany, stealing books and finding escape and solace in reading. It is beautiful and unusual in its style, narrated by Death and painted in vivid imagery.
  • The Chimes by Anna Smaill. A moving and strange dystopia novel about a world where memories have been destroyed and people communicate using music.
  • Dune by Frank Herbert. A powerhouse science fiction novel, Dune is at once a space opera, a political thriller, and a study in religion and survivalism.
  • L’étudiant étranger by Philippe Labro. An autobiographical novel about the sometimes comedic, sometimes serious experience of Labro’s life as an exchange student at a US university.
  • The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien. I’m sure this one needs no introduction - the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy remains, in my opinion, one of the best books ever published, and debatably the best fantasy epic of all time.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. A very dark but smart and exciting crime novel.
  • A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers. It’s more accurate to say that I experienced this work than that I read it. Part autobiographical, part stretching the factual truth to tell an emotional one, part wild invention, this is the story of Dave and his little brother, Christopher, making their way in the world after the death of both their parents. It is stylized and designed to pull the rug out from under you, toss you out of your comfort zone, and it’s either insane pretentiousness or exactly what it claims: staggering genius.
  • Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. A futuristic fantasy novel about a living prison, the society that built itself inside, and those on the outside living a lie. A fascinating world to dive into.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. A massive brick of a book but well worth the time for the subtle and detailed world building. It takes place in a slightly different England, where magic was once a fact of life but has long been relegated to a purely theoretical field, until Mr. Norrell teaches himself how to be a practical magician.
  • Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson. A thrilling adventure story, following the journey of a young boy who ends up caught in the power struggles of 18th c Scotland.
  • The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I don’t care how old I get or how many books he publishes, Rick Riordan will always make me laugh, and I was raised on Greek and Egyptian mythology, so I always adore seeing Riordan play with sticking the gods in the modern day world.
  • The Martian by Andy Weir. Even if you’ve seen the film, the book is still well worth a read. Weir’s story about a man stuck on Mars is both dramatic and funny.
  • The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter by Malcolm Mackay. The choppy style of this book can get on my nerves, but it’s a fantastic and smart crime novel that somehow gets you rooting for a professional hitman.
  • One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey. A tragic but moving and at times inspiring dive into the oppressive and cruel world of psychiatric care in the 1960s.
  • Pnin by Vladimir Nabokov. A series of vignettes about an exiled Russian professor told through the eyes of an unreliable narrator.
  • The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran. Although she takes great liberties in the realm of historical accuracy, Moran’s Ancient Egypt is nevertheless a compelling and exciting world.
  • Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett. I could’ve listed any Discworld book on here because I have yet to read one I dislike, but I did particularly enjoy Raising Steam’s dip into steampunk and the Industrial Revolution, and its relationship with the fantasy life of Discworld
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. A story about a Shakespeare troupe in a post-apocalyptic world, so I was basically destined to love this. It follows the story of several different characters before, during, and after a near-extinction level plague, tying together the different narratives.
  • The Tragedy of Arthur by Arthur Phillips. Written as if it were an autobiography, this is the story of a man whose father, imprisoned as a con man, leaves him what seems to be a lost Shakespeare play when he dies.
  • Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. I read this as a young teenager and I still love it; it’s a good combination of an adventurous YA sci-fi novel and a reflection on the societal fixation on beauty
  • The View from the Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman. A collection of speeches, essays, introductions, and more.
  • The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. The sequel to The Name of the Wind, Wise Man’s Fear keeps me just as captivated and invested in its main character as the first one did.
  • Xenocide by Orson Scott Card. In all honesty it’s been years since I read any of the Ender’s Game books and this was just one of very, very few books I could come up with that had an X in the title, but I remember it being really good sci-fi and social commentary.
  • The Year of Lear: Shakespeare in 1606 by James Shapiro. An incredible book on the social and political context of Macbeth, Anthony and Cleopatra, and King Lear.
  • The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet by David Mitchell. An amazing book set on Dejima at the turn of the 19th century, about the clash and exchange of culture between the West (primarily the Dutch) and the Japanese.

Many Faces, All of them Yours
An identity porn soap opera

This is Steve Rogers’ first secret. He sits at the back of the press conference, watching Mr. Stark field questions from reporters, telling them about the Avengers’ latest mission and how brave the team was. Steve sighs and props his chin up on his fist, thinking how lucky they are to have such a swell guy as Tony Stark looking out for them. He’s kind and he’s generous - he put the team up in his home, and he makes sure they have everything they need. And he’s handsome as well. So handsome. Dreamy, really.

Steve wishes Iron Man were here too, so he could see how well Mr. Stark is doing. He knows that it can’t be easy for Iron Man, working as Mr. Stark’s bodyguard, but Steve privately thinks that Iron Man is a bit harsh on his employer sometimes. But Iron Man had to leave right before the speech - urgent maintenance on the suit, he had said - so now it’s just Steve and the rest of the team, and Tony.

Steve is idly wondering what Tony likes to do in his free time - he probably doesn’t get much free time, in between running a successful company and coming up with incredible new designs and looking after the Avengers and all their gear. But he must eat some time, right? Maybe if Steve found the right way to ask, he might eat dinner with him one day? That sure would be nice.

Jan elbows him in the ribs, harder than strictly necessary. “Ask him out!” she whispers.

Steve goes red. “I… Uhh… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Jan rolls her eyes. “I can practically see the hearts in your eyes when you look at him. I’ve known Tony a long time, and he’s a good guy. He’s dated both men and women, if that’s what you’re worried about. You should ask him out.”

“He has?” Steve feels a flutter of hope. “I mean. Uhh. I’ll think about it. Thanks, Jan.”

This is Steve Rogers’ second secret. He swings down from the roof, drop kicking one guy immediately. The guy goes down, and his partner whips his head round in panic. The partner is holding a large bag marked SWAG which he clutches protectively to his chest.

“Drop the bag!” Steve orders, and the guy visibly pales. “Those jewels belong in a museum, for everyone to enjoy. Not to be stolen and sold off by some villain!”

The guy looks around the alley, sees no backup and no way out. He drops the bag and holds his hands up. “Okay,” he pants. “Take the jewels. Just please don’t hurt me… NOMAD.”

Steve smiles triumphantly beneath his mask.

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★ countdown to 7b ★
       ≈ “exes and omgs” (7x08)

Grenfell Tower's fireproof cladding was ‘downgraded to save £293,000’, show leaked documents

Pressure to keep costs down during the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower appears to have driven the decision to use cheaper cladding on the block, an investigation has revealed.

Leaked documents including an “urgent nudge email” from housing bosses suggest aluminium panels with a flammable core were selected for the west London tower in the place of a fireproof zinc material to save nearly £300,000 – with reportedly little discussion of possible implications for residents’ safety.

An estimated 80 people died in the devastating fire on 14 June that detectives believe was started by a fridge-freezer unit before spreading to the 24-storey building’s “combustible” cladding, which subsequently failed safety tests.

The email from Kensington and Chelsea tenant management organisation (TMO) urged construction consultants Artelia UK, who were managing the £8.6m project, to assure the Tory councillor in charge of the refurbishment that prices would be kept low, reported The Times.

“We need good costs for Cllr Feilding-Mellen and the planner tomorrow at 8.45am!“ the email, sent on 16 July 2014, is alleged to have said.

A cost summary analysis from the same month also obtained by the newspaper appears to identify a saving of £293,368 by using “aluminium cladding in lieu of zinc cladding”.

Rock Feilding-Mellen, who is deputy leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council, has been forced to relocate his family after reportedly receiving threats from angry residents outside his luxury £1.2million home.

The 38-year-old was said to be concerned for his safety after abusive posters and vandalism were seen outside his three-storey townhouse in north Kensington last weekend.

The Conservative council had a budget surplus of £274m, according to a draft account statement for this year describing the funds as “usable reserves”, and is said to have offered £100 rebates to the borough’s residents paying the top rate of council tax in 2014.

When the refurbishment project began in 2012 with the aim of improving the 1970s building’s insulation and making it more attractive, the use of fireproof zinc panels was proposed in a planning application submitted by architects Studio E, according to The Times.

But following a series of cost-cutting decisions, a revised planning application submitted two years later is said to require the aluminium cladding, which has a flammable plyethylene core, instead.

Minutes from an emergency residents’ meeting held on 17 March 2015 show that more than 100 people living in the block produced a long list of issues about the refurbishment.

The minutes detail anxieties about the way the firm Rydon was doing the work and mention the “concern that TMO/Rydon are using cheap materials” and “cutting corners” on workmanship. Other problems included “grave concerns at standard of works inside a number of residents’ properties”.

A spokesperson for Kensington council said Mr Fielding-Mellen had in fact increased the budget of the refurbishment project from £6.9m to £10.3m.

”Cllr Feilding-Mellen and the cabinet were willing to approve significant and repeated increases in the overall budget based on the advice received from KCTMO, which was responsible not only for specifying and delivering the project but also for ensuring the building met the necessary and current building regulations,” they said.

“Any requests by Cllr Feilding-Mellen and the housing department to justify the TMO’s requests for increases to the budget would have been made in the spirit of ensuring that public funds were being well managed and could be justified. Safety would not have been compromised.“

Last night council officials adjourned a cabinet meeting after press were allowed to attend, claiming it would ”prejudice“ the forthcoming public inquiry.

The High Court earlier ruled that the council must let journalists attend the meeting – the first to be held by the local authority since the disaster – after reporters were initially told they were barred.

The decision by council leader Nicholas Paget-Brown, to postpone the meeting triggered an angry response including from opposition councillor Robert Atkinson, who demanded the cabinet’s resignation.

Together Final Chapter

*Continuation of 7x20 takes place after the proposal scene.

“Wow if I knew the sex was gonna be THAT good, I Would have proposed months ago.” Alison laughs heartily as she pulls her lips away from her fiancé.

Emily doesn’t let Alison get too far away before she pulls her back in for another kiss, “Just wait till the honeymoon sex.”

Alison quietly hums, “Does this mean I’m finally gonna get to see you on the Eiffel tower?” She brushes a strand of hair behind Emily’s ear, gently caressing the brunettes face.

“How long are we going away for?” Emily’s smile mimics the playful energy of two old friends reminiscing on a fond memory.

Alison bites her lip, “You know what I want to say, but I don’t know how long we can stay away from the twins.”

“Between my mom and the girls, I’m sure they will be in good hands.” Emily assures, knowing full well that Spencer, Hannah, and Aria will be gifting over who gets to keep the girls when Pam has to work.

Alison laughs again, the sound like music to Emily’s ears, “No I know, I meant US being away from THEM. Sometimes just going to work for the day is too much.”

Emily agrees. The girls were only a few months old, and while Alison stayed home during the early days, Emily’s more flexible teaching schedule allows her to stay home with the girls for a majority of the day before she must go in for practice. Even just the 4 hours or so she’s away from the girls is too long, not to compete with the 8 hours Alison is gone. “I’m sure by the time we actually have to leave, we will be fine.”

“You’re right, by then they’ll probably be super fussy, and we’ll be begging for a break.” Alison imagines dropping the girls off at grandma Pam’s and running off into the sunset for some much-needed alone time with her girl. Her wife.

A short moment later, soft sounds of a baby crying filled the room. “Speaking of fussy.” Emily rolls over to grab the video baby monitor sitting on her bedside table, noticing Lilly has woken up, crying in her crib. It’s not long before her sister wakes and joins in on the noise making. Emily leans over to give Alison a quick kiss, gently pushing the blonde back down on the bed, “I’ll get them.”

Alison admires her fiancé’s naked body as the brunette gets up from their bed searching for her robe. After Emily exits the room, Alison takes the opportunity to venture to their on suite to clean up. She reluctantly put her pajamas back on because she knows if she doesn’t they’ll be up all night, and they do have to be up early for Aria’s wedding. They’ll just have to resume their activities tomorrow night.

Emily finally reenters their room about 15 minutes later, successful in getting the girls back to sleep. She was proud at how quick she got them down tonight, a large smirk on her face, one that faded when she saw Alison was snuggled up in bed wearing that silly pug sweatshirt. “So we’re done with our fun?”  

“You know we have to be up in a few hours.” Alison notices the slight frown on Emily’s face, and adds, “I promise, I’ll make the wait worth your while.” She throws in a flirtatious wink for good measure. Emily perks up at this notion.

Once Emily put her own pajamas back on and joined her fiancé in bed, the two quickly became entangled in each other, Emily holding Alison in her arms, the blonde’s head on Emily’s chest and arm tucked under her chin.

"Sorry I ruined your plan.” Emily mutters, gently raking her fingers through Alison’s hair.

“It’s ok, nothing was set in stone yet so it’s not like I have to cancel any reservations.” Alison reassures.

“I can’t believe you got my mom involved.” She laughs, feeling silly for thinking her and Alison were secretly conspiring against her for some reason. She makes a note to thank her mom at the reception tomorrow.

Alison joins in on the laughter, “Isn’t it customary to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage?” She props herself up on her elbow to look Emily in the face.

A huge grin breaks out across Emily’s face, “I bet she was very happy you considered her.”

“She was, she cried, like a lot.” Alison resumed her previous position, head on Emily’s chest and snaked her arm over her waist. “But I think it had more to do with Wayne not being here for this.”

It was quiet for a moment, Alison internally chastised herself for bringing up Emily’s late father, before Emily spoke up, “Oh yea, I guess I didn’t think about that. I mean I did when he first passed, but it hadn’t really hit me yet.” Alison could feel Emily’s arms tense around her.

Once again Alison propped herself up to make eye contact, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad.” There were unshed tears beginning to pool in Emily’s eyes.

“No, no, you’re fine. I just miss him you know.” Alison bent down to lightly kiss Emily. She caressed her cheek, ready to catch any tears that threatened to fall.

“Of course. Even I miss my mom who was horrible, I can’t imagine how much more you must be feeling.” Alison paused for a moment, unsure of if she should mention it, but decided to anyway, “If it makes you feel any better, I asked him too.”

Emily’s brow furrowed, “What?”

Another pause, before Alison cleared her throat to clarify, “Your dad, I visited the cemetery the other day. Asked him for his blessing. At first, I felt silly talking to a rock, but I don’t know.”

She brushed it off rather nonchalantly, but Emily was very interested. “I didn’t think you believed in that kind of stuff.”

“I don’t, not really, but I just kinda felt I had to, especially after seeing your mom.” Alison hung her head, clearly a bit uncomfortable. She was never really a religious person, she went to church when she was younger sure, but growing up in a small town like Rosewood you kind of had to; especially if you wanted to keep appearances like Alison’s mother did. After everything she had been through, Alison found it hard to believe in the divine. She found certain aspects comforting, but she was still far from a believer. Emily on the other hand, had been forced into religion since birth. Growing up in a religious family left little room for debate. Granted her devotion has been challenged plenty over the years, particularly in the early days before she came out, secretly struggling with being gay and being devout. Her relationship with religion has been ever changing, but she still believed in something, even if she wasn’t sure what that something was anymore.

“So did he approve?” Emily asked, curious to what her fiancé would say.

“I hope so.” Alison bit her cheek, unsure of her next words, “I didn’t get a ‘sign’ or anything, but I like to think he does.” She searches Emily’s eyes for some kind of assurance.

“You’re probably right. He always liked you.”

Alison smiles brightly, “Now that I find hard to believe.” She was always such a brat back then, she couldn’t imagine Mr. Fields approved of her antics in the slightest, but she appreciated the sentiment.

Emily chuckles softly, “No I swear, he once told me you were like a second daughter to him.”

“Ok now you’re just bullshitting me.” Alison lightly hits her fiancé with a pillow, sparking a short impromptu “pillow fight.”

After a moment of struggle, Emily was able to straddle Alison, pinning her arms above her head, “I swear on my life. He loved you.” Emily sat back, still straddling Alison’s waist, but brought her hands to rest in her lap. “I think he may have known about my feelings for you before he knew I was gay. Like knew there was something special there, but wasn’t exactly sure what that meant.” Alison took Emily’s hands in her own trying to gently prod Emily to look at her. When they finally lock eyes, Alison nodded slightly in understanding before pulling Emily down for a kiss. They get lost in each other for a few minutes, Emily moving to lay on top of Alison for a moment before rolling them over. Alison stops them before they progress any further, still standing by the fact they have to get up at 6am.

“I wonder what my mom would think.” Alison reflects.

Emily shifts her position so she can comfortably look at her fiancé, “I think I can answer that actually.”

This time Alison’s brow furrows, “What?”

“I came to visit her once, after you were announced dead, she knew how I felt about you.” Emily recalled the memory of the day she first talked to Mrs. Dilaurentis after Alison’s funeral.

Alison was very curious to hear about this event, her eyes wide in anticipation. “What did she say?”

“That she wished you could’ve returned those feelings. And that she couldn’t have asked for a better person to love her daughter.” Emily bowed her head at this unable to look Alison in the eyes almost as if in fear of rejection.

“She’s not wrong.” Alison chimed in causing Emily to look at her again, relieved. “I can’t believe you’ve never told me this.” The genuine tone to Alison’s voice made Emily emotional.

“For the longest time, I didn’t think it was something you’d want to know.” The tears began to pool again, she really fought them this time. She felt silly for getting so insecure about her feelings, especially now that they are engaged. What more conformation could she possibly need? But that didn’t stop her from going back to that place of self-doubt she lived in as a kid from time to time. In a lot of ways this whole thing still felt like a dream for Emily. She has to constantly remind herself that this is reality, she is dating Alison Dilaurentis, they have two beautiful baby girls, they live together as a happy family, and Alison is soon to be her wife. So much has changed since they were 14, Emily never would have believed they’d end up here.

Alison breaks Emily’s train of thought placing a tender hand on her arm, “I’m glad you told me.”

The two snuggle close to one another again, thinking it’s finally time to try that sleep thing Alison is so adamant they get. They succeed in being quiet for a few minutes before Emily has to break the silence once again, “We’re engaged.”

Alison laughs, “Yes we are.”

“We’re getting married.”

“Yep.” Alison pops the P in the affirmative.

Emily cranes her neck to look Alison in the eyes, “You sure this isn’t a dream?”

Again, Alison lightly laughs, amused by her fiancé’s disbelief. “Em, I love you so much, I want to be your wife so badly. This is happening,” she playfully nudges her girl, “whether you like it or not.”

Emily laughs as well, “I love you.” She leans in meeting Alison’s lips halfway. Once again, they began to get lost in the moment, but this time Emily pulled away, causing a small frown to appear on Alison’s face.

“When are we going to tell the girls?” Emily eagerly asks, her excitement clearly visible. Alison on the other hand shies away, guilt ridden. Emily notices this and deflates, “They already know, don’t they?”

“Not all of them! Spencer doesn’t know yet.” Alison perks up, trying to get Emily excited again.

“Seriously babe?” Her tone is playful, but there is a small hint of disappointment behind the words.

“I’m sorry,” Alison didn’t realize Emily would be so upset at not being able to surprise her friends with an announcement, “I let it slip to Aria when I was helping her finalize wedding stuff, and Hanna drug it out of me at dinner the other night. She has gotten scary good at knowing when I’m not telling the truth.”

Emily grins, “Since does Alison Dilaurentis suck at lying?”

“Since I promised you I would stop.” Relieved at Emily’s happier demeanor, Alison pokes Emily’s chest in playful accusation. “They only knew I was going to propose, they don’t know you said yes.” Emily shoots Alison a glare that practically screams seriously, ‘like they think I’d say anything else’ They’ve known how in love Emily has been with Alison since they were 14, of course she was going to say yes.

Alison heartily laughs, “I mean they don’t know it happened yet, they still think I’m in the planning phase.”

Emily perks up at this, “Ok, so when should we tell them it’s official?”

“I guess tomorrow, cause that ring will give it away eventually.” Alison reaches across Emily to grab her hand, she admires the ring. “Your grandfather had good taste.”

Emily begins playing with the ring, nervously spinning it around her finger, unable to keep her hands still. “For a minute there, I never thought I’d get it. It’s weird seeing it on my finger.” She alludes to the time after she just came out, before gay marriage was legal. Marriage seemed like an impossible fantasy back then. It amazed her how things have changed. Granted, there was still a long way to go, but its heading in the right direction.

“Your mom wanted you to have it, when I mentioned I was going to go shopping she instantly shut me down.” There was also a time where Emily thought she’d never get the ring because she was afraid her mother would disown her for being gay. Alison being privy to Emily’s feelings on this added, “She’s come a long way.” Alison took Emily’s hand in her own, entwining their fingers. “So have you.”

“We both have.” Emily left it at that. She chose to push past this conversation, one they’ve already had multiple times before, which always ends with both of them a crying mess. “God I love you.”

The biggest love drunk smile graces Alison’s features, an accompanying blush across her face, “I love you.”

“Thank you, for having my child-childern.” Emily corrects.

“Thank you for giving me a family.” Alison responds. All her life all she’s wanted was a family, a support system that truly loved her. She couldn’t have asked for a better person to have that family with. Her mom was right, Emily was the best person for her.

A comfortable silence passes between them. Once again, they tangle themselves together, ready for sleep. After a moment Emily quietly states, “We’re gonna be alright.”

“Together.” Alison affirms.

A/N: Sorry it took so long for me to update this, I have been working a full time and a part time job and have had zero free time. This is the last chapter for this series, as it was meant to follow the tv show and since that’s done so is this. I do plan to write more stuff for Emison in the future so if you liked this story, follow me here and on (jimalim320) for new stuff. No idea when anything new will be out due to my super busy schedule though. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this story. Please leave a comment to let me know what your favorite part was. Hope you all enjoyed these mini extended scenes, I enjoyed writing them for you. Thanks again for all the support!
Icelanders Seek to Keep Their Language Alive and Out of ‘the Latin Bin’
The Icelandic language, seen by many as a source of identity and pride, is being undermined by the widespread use of English.
By The Associated Press

Iceland is being colonized by English: the language, not the people.

The people of Iceland, a rugged North Atlantic island settled by Norsemen about 1,100 years ago, have a unique dialect of Old Norse that has adapted to life at the edge of the Arctic.

Hundslappadrifa, for example, means “heavy snowfall with large flakes occurring in calm wind.”

But the revered Icelandic language, seen by many as a source of identity and pride, is being undermined by the widespread use of English, both in the tourism industry and in the voice-controlled artificial intelligence devices coming into vogue.

Linguistics experts, studying the future of a language spoken by fewer than 400,000 people in an increasingly globalized world, wonder if this is the beginning of the end for the Icelandic tongue.

Former President Vigdis Finnbogadottir said Iceland must take steps to protect its language. Ms. Finnbogadottir is particularly eager for programs to be developed so the language can be easily used in digital technology.

“Otherwise, Icelandic will end in the Latin bin,” she said.


Asgeir Jonsson, an economics professor at the University of Iceland, said that without a unique language, Iceland could experience a brain drain, particularly among professions in science and the arts.

The problem is compounded because many new computer devices are designed to recognize English but not Icelandic.

“Not being able to speak Icelandic to voice-activated fridges, interactive robots and similar devices would be yet another lost field,” Mr. Jonsson said.

As much as the romanticism of a language enclave might appeal, Icelandic is doomed. My bet is that it will be spoken only by older people or in isolated villages in 100 years. 

Blame the talking fridges if you are looking for a scapegoat.