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  • noah - the raven cycle
  • patroclus - the song of achilles
  • hermione - harry potter
  • dante - aristotle & dante
  • lexa (tbh i love them all, except for jasper) - the 100
  • laurel or connor, idk - htgawm
  • kieren - in the flesh
  • moriarty - sherlock
  • newt - the maze runner
  • elliot - mr robot

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villain-lover asked:

Hannibal and mr. robot for the ask game!

thank you!!!


  • Favorite character: i can’t choose between my two babies but i think i like hannibal more overall?
  • Second favorite character: will graham
  • Least favorite character: chiyoh? poorly written imho
  • The character I’m most like: maybe alana.
  • Favorite pairing: hannigram!!!!
  • Least favorite pairing: will/alana is so ???????
  • Favorite moment: the ending was perfect… seriously, the hannibal finale was… amazing. beautiful. everything i wanted.
  • Rating out of 10: 9/10


  • Favorite character: elliot!!!!
  • Second favorite character: tyrell
  • Least favorite character: angela’s boyfriend? jfc i can’t even remember his name.
  • The character I’m most like: oh god i don’t know.
  • Favorite pairing: tyrelliot!!!
  • Least favorite pairing: angela/his boring ass boyfriend
  • Favorite moment: that w t f scene in front of his father’s grave. don’t want to spoil it because maybe someone still want to watch the show!
  • Rating out of 10: 8.5/10

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list ten favorite characters from 10 different fandoms, then tag 10 people

  • harley quinn (dc comics)
  • michaela pratt (how to get away with murder)
  • arya stark (asoiaf)
  • hermione granger (harry potter)
  • elliot alderson (mr robot)
  • maggie greene (the walking dead)
  • niska (humans)
  • lagertha (vikings)
  • sarah manning (orphan black)
  • fiona gallagher (shameless)

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