I’ve found a new ship to sail. 

Earlier, I remarked that as I rewatched James & the Giant Peach, I thought that Ms. Spider and Mr. Centipede would make a cute couple. And they do, I mean, just look at them:


But then I noticed this shot and had to post it as a photo. Earlier during one of the song sequences, when they did a song about what they enjoy in life, Ms. Spider said basically moonlit and mysterious, quiet nights. Mr. Centipede, on the other hand, said he liked sleeping all day, and dancing all night in big lights. 

The one thing they have in common (other than caring about James and being very brave) is their love of night-life, though different versions of it. And I found this very sweet, that when Ms. Spider finally opens her own night club (like Centipede suggested when they found out they were going to New York City), she makes it include dancing, something she previously didn’t like until she met Centipede.

So yeah, my ship for this has officially sailed. I love these two so much. ^_^


Grasshopper:  Although James and Miss Spider live in the Peach Pit in Central Park, I’m afraid the rest of us found such accommodations to be much too small to hold a family of our size and set off to find our own lodgings.  Mr. Centipede spent many of the first months in New York City living in each of our family members’ homes in turn.  He has told me that he was uncomfortable in each home after some time but I am not sure how much of that was due to scarcity of space and how much is due to Mr. Centipede’s company being something of an endurance test for longer durations.

In any event, by the time he reached my home, I was well-installed in a very handsome apartment and could afford to lodge him.  Although it initially appealed to me due to its marvelous acoustics, I found that it could also house visitors with more comfort than I had anticipated.  Mr. Centipede began to stay as a house guest and before either of us knew it, he had been living here for four months.  I admit myself as surprised as any–I honestly would’ve thought we would’ve come to blows before then, but we’ve lived in relatively consistent harmony all this while.

As far as I know, he has demonstrated no inclination to leave in the near future and I confess that I do not wish for him to do so.  It is pleasant to have a bit of noise in the house, and his company can be perfectly charming.  I’m not a very social chap in the general run of things, but it is a large house and prone to quite a lonely feeling, when one is by oneself.

It would be nice if he paid a bit of rent or bothered to purchase groceries, but all things considered, it’s a very comfortable situation.  I suppose it’s a bit like having a pet, really.


Centipede, hands down one of my favorite characters ever, is also one of my favorite things to color with markers. So, I did just that! I drew my favorite Brooklyn-raised arthropod lately and wanted to post em.

The first was suppose to be a header for something I wanted to do with my profile that was canned.

The second is a bonding pic between C and his and Miss Spider’s daughter, Cicely. I actually really like how she came out =)