Favorite Couple – Brett Talbot Imagine

Requested by Anon: Could you write a Brett imagine where him and the reader have a relation like maya and lucas of gmw,like her is always calling him names and making fun of him, and he likes her but he doesn’t knowshe likes him too and he thinks she doesn’t like him back because all that stuff, so the packdecide set them up together in a date and they confess their feelings? just a lots of fluff.

Word Count: 1,650

Author’s Note: Okay, I really struggled coming up with an idea for this. I changed things about and decided to have the cast of GMW be the pack since we don’t know Brett’s pack at Devenford Prep. I hope you like it.

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we got a new VERY purry boy today. his name at the shelter was mr. brett (which is dumb) and we’re considering edward (our other cat is bella) or oliver/ollie. any other suggestions?

kixboxer replied to your post “If I met you - which is geographically way more likely than a lot of…”

“would you like ranch with that” his server asks, not sure whether or not they have just orgasmed in a blast of confusion and sports bar-encrusted lust. yuuri looks at them like they have personally insulted his ancestors.

kixboxer replied to your post “If I met you - which is geographically way more likely than a lot of…”

“would you like ranch with that” his server asks, not sure whether or not they have just orgasmed in a blast of confusion and sports bar-encrusted lust. yuuri looks at them like they have personally insulted his ancestors.

kixboxer replied to your post “If I met you - which is geographically way more likely than a lot of…”

brett the manager walks over briskly to take yuuri’s server aside. they keep yuuri’s jars of half ranch half mayo on its own shelf in the kitchen, prepackaged for him. “i’m so sorry for that, mr katsuki,” brett says, thirsty.

yuuri is a BWW legend for eating the over 72 hot wings in an hour.  brett uses the record as an excuse to have a framed picture of him put up in the restaurant, and he overspices anyone who tries to beat the record, so he’ll never have a reason to take it down.  

(the first time yuuri meets victor, victor recognizes him.  maybe he saw my weird amateur figure skating porn, yuuri wonders.  victor is gushing that it’s actually him, actually yuuri katsuki.

“i’ve seen your photo in the buffalo wild wings!” he says.  “i almost didn’t recognize you without sauce all over your face!”

victor is alarmed and upset that yuuri, already handsome when his face is caked in roughly five pounds of hot sauce, is actually devastating after he’s had a few wet wipes to the chin and a shower.)


“Mrs Hudson, the landlady of Sherlock Holmes, was a long-suffering woman. Not only was her first-floor flat invaded at all hours by throngs of singular and often undesirable characters but her remarkable lodger showed an eccentricity and irregularity in his life which must have sorely tried her patience. His incredible untidiness, his addiction to music at strange hours, his occasional revolver practice within doors, his weird and often malodorous scientific experiments, and the atmosphere of violence and danger which hung around him made him the very worst tenant in London. On the other hand, his payments were princely. I have no doubt that the house might have been purchased at the price which Holmes paid for his rooms during the years that I was with him.

The landlady stood in the deepest awe of him and never dared to interfere with him, however outrageous his proceedings might seem. She was fond of him, too, for he had a remarkable gentleness and courtesy in his dealings with women.”

Arthur Conan Doyle - The Adventure of the Dying Detective

Don't Sell Me Short
Bad Religion
Don't Sell Me Short

We don’t need any more fables,
because the writers have passed and left us lesson-less,
and we must find our own way.
We don’t need any more privilege,
there is vivid desperation that is powerless,
that no surplus can repay.

Like the fix of rapture in a trance.
Oh, fates are sealed by circumstance.
So you’ve got to take a chance..

Don’t sell me short!

Short Stack

{Prompt requested by anon: “Can you please do a Briam fic where Liam goes to kiss Brett he’s too short and a member of the pack is always there”

Pairing: Brett/Liam (Briam)

Warning; swearing}


Someone was always around when Liam embarrassed himself trying to kiss his tall as hell boyfriend, Brett. First it was Stiles.

Liam, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Brett, Parrish, Malia and Kira were jamming out to Domino by Jesse J in Derek’s loft while Derek was away on business. ‘Business’ he called it, but really he was on vacation with Braeden, making little Derek’s probably. Liam sauntered up to Brett, the rest of the pack with their partners: Kira with Scott, Lydia with Parrish and Malia just sat on the couch while Stiles danced. Malia was not a dancer, not in the slightest; so she just stuck her nose in her phone trying to read up on the latest gossip.

Liam swayed his hips, biting his lip trying to be seductively. He failed miserably. He started laughing along with Brett, as Brett twirled him and dipped him down, falling to the floor. They laughed until their sides hurt. Brett pulled Liam off the floor and suddenly it was like that movies.

Everyone in the room faded away, the music turned soft and Liam’s only focus was Brett. Liam gave a smile that spoke a thousand words. Brett’s eyes lit up as he cupped Liam’s strong structured cheek. Liam stood on his tippy toes, trying to reach Brett’s mouth. Everything crashed into laughter. The pair ended up on the floor again, Brett having leaned down too far and he fell into Liam. the only one cackling and paying attention was Stiles.

Brett flipped him off and kissed Liam.

Two weeks later, it was Kira who witnessed the fumble and mortifying moment. It’s been a few days and Kira still hasn’t let it go.

They were at the mall, and Liam really wanted something from the top shelf but couldn’t reach it. It was Brett, Kira and Liam. They were searching for gifts for the pack. It was some events that Liam could care less about. He wanted to make Scott happy though. Therefor he obliged and trudged along, pouty as always.

“Brett, will you get that for me?” Liam huffed the question, feeling like a child.

“Sure, if you can kiss me without using your tippy toes.” Brett smirked, knowing Liam couldn’t do it. He was too short. So, he grabbed a box that had been under the shelf, stood on it and went to kiss Brett. Brett being the funny man he thought he was, he stepped back causing Liam to flail forward, falling off the box, into the clothing rack that was behind where Brett was standing previously and knocked it over. Brett was laughing so hard he fell to the ground and Kira had tears coming out of her eyes while Liam probably had steam coming from his ears.

Liam left Kira and Brett in the mall and went home. They had to call Stiles to go get them.

Third time is never a charm. No matter what people say. At least, not for Liam. The couple were with Scott, just hanging out.

Liam had been staying at Scott’s for the past month. Scott had been like an overbearing parent to Liam and Liam found it the funniest thing ever. Liam acted like a rebellious child in return.

Brett was staying the night with Liam that day. They were cuddled up on the couch, watching Man of Steel. Brett thought it was funny because young Clark Kent looked a hell of a lot like younger Liam. Brett started to tease Liam about it.

“You were a cute kid, Liam. Could be your doppelganger.” Liam grumbled, a pout on his face.

“Shut the hell up, Brett.”

Scott heard that.

“Watch your mouth, son!” Liam snickered.

“Shut up, dad!”

It was almost time to get to bed, about 12:30AM and Liam was super tired. He climbed out from the mess of limbs that was Brett. He yanked Brett’s arm and Brett stood up, slinging Liam over his shoulder and carried him up the stairs.

“Brett, put me down!” Liam hollered, swatting at his boyfriend’s back. Brett set the shorter wolf down, leaning down to give him a quick kiss when Scott interrupted. He cleared his throat, liking a scolding down catching his child making out on the porch.

“Son, no kissing your boyfriend. Brett, sleep on the couch.” Scott’s face held this stupid smirk, he was enjoying this way too much.

“Ugh! Scott, shut up. Go to bed. Brett, you’re sleeping with me. Don’t you dare go down the stairs.” Scott flickered the lights, making Liam drag Brett into the guest room.

“Goodnight, Mr. McCall!” Brett shouted.

Liam was going to injure him.

First of Many (Brett Talbot One-Shot)

Request: Can you write an cute fluffy imagine/one shot with Brett Talbot? He’s my favorite and I’m in need of cuddles and kisses

Word Count: 1069


I quickly looked over my dress as the butterflies in my stomach were fluttering at an all time high. I sat on my bed taking deep breaths as I said to my self, everything will go fine, you’re just going out with the guy you’ve had a crush on since 6th grade. I rolled my eyes at my subconscious as I strapped on my heels then headed downstairs. My parents are standing around the kitchen island laughing with one another, my mom is the first to notice me as she peers around my fathers body and lets out a small gasp, “Aww Y/N you look so beautiful, come here let me take a picture.”

I let out a small chuckle as I roll my eyes and got into a pose for a picture, after a few goofy ones my mom said I was all set. I went to get a cup of water to drink to calm my nervous some. As I took a few sips I heard the doorbell ring and my nervous pecked to an all time high.

“I’ll get the door.” My mother said as she walked out of the kitchen, my father put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a reassuring smile as he said, “Don’t be nervous baby I’m sure you two will have a great time, not too great though.” He said as he peered over his glasses. I giggle and nodded my head and gave him a hug. As I pulled back my mother walked into the kitchen with her arm looped with my charming dates’. His blue eyes lit up, as he looked me over causing me to blush slightly. “Y/N you look extraordinary.” Said Brett Talbot as he walked over to me and gave me a wonderful hug.

From behind me I heard father clear his throat and both Brett and I split apart as our attention was drawn to my father, he had on a stone cold face while his arms were crossed across his chest. For a moment he just stared at Brett, I swear from the side of me I heard him gulp loudly. Seconds later my father broke out laughing. Brett and I looked at each other then turned back to my father as he extended his hand. “Nice to meet you Brett Talbot, I’m Y/N father, obviously. You can call me Mr. Y/L/N” Brett let out a nervous laugh as he stuck his hand into my fathers’.

My father brings him into a hug and whispers something in his ear causing him to pull back wide eyed. “Honey what did you say to the nice boy?” my mother said sternly, my father threw up his hands defensively as he said, “Nothing, Alright you two kid get out of here, have her back by 11:00pm Mr. Talbot.” He nodded vigorously and takes my hand as he leads us out the door and to his car.

He opens up the door for me and I slide into the passenger seat and quickly tried to give myself a quick pep talk.

One of the hardest parts is over, now to not screw up the rest of— “-few minutes” “huh?” I didn’t even hear Brett talking to me, “We’ll be there in a few minutes.” He said looking over at me, “Oh this is for you by the way.” He hands me a single white rose from the back seat as we come to a stop at a red light. I look down at it and can’t help the smile that spreads across my face, “Thank you it’s beautiful.” “Good, so you it matches you.” I looked at him and let out nervous giggle as we pulled up to the movie theater.

           Before I could even get my seatbelt off he was at my car door opening it for me as he waited with an outstretched hand to help me out. After taking off my seatbelt I placed my hand in his and couldn’t ignore the electricity I felt pulse through us. Even after he helped me out of the car we held hands as walked into the theater and choose a movie.

           “Is Deadpool okay with you?” he asked as he looked down at me. My eyes grew as I practically squealed and said, “Okay? It’s great! I’ve been meaning to see it all week!” he stared at me for a while, and I realized just how loud and overly excited I must have been. My cheeks go red as I look down at the ground saying, “Sorry I just really love comics you probably think I’m so weird.” I say as I laugh nervously, he lifts my chin up forcing our eyes to meet as he lets out a low chuckle and says, “I don’t think you’re weird at all its nice seeing you excited because you smile more and you just look breath taking when you smile.” Before I can try and respond were called up next to get our tickets.

           After we find our seats the trailers begin to roll and we watch them in silence until I see one about the new batman vs. superman movie and nearly faint from excitement. When it’s done he leans in so I can hear him, “Maybe we can go see that together too, but hopefully I’ll be seeing you before then.” I blush as I look at him with a cheeky smile and nod my head. He sits back in his seat and stretches. When he’s done his arm is resting causally on the back of my seat and I realize he that on purpose.

“Wow. You really just went old school and faked having to stretch to get your arm behind me.” I said as I leaned forward a bit and laughed, he gave me an innocent look and said, “I have no idea what you could possibly be talking about.” I rolled my eyes as I leaned back, into his arm and rested my head chest where I could smell his heavenly scented cologne. He placed his hand down onto my shoulder and began tracing small circles onto the exposed skin of my arm. As the movie started I looked up at him with a smile and he looked down at me with a smile and even though it was unspoken we both knew this would only be the first of many dates.

A/N: I honestly have no clue why this took me 5 thousand year to get done but I did it! Sorry the ending was so rushed and that it didn’t follow the exact lines of the request but I wanted to get this posted, I hope you still enjoyed it love muffin.

- Ross

Jeremy January, Day 8: Jeremy on playing Holmes

“As a person I’m hooked, but as an actor I’m confused by playing a man who lives by his brain. I keep asking the lighting man on the [Sherlock Holmes] set to light my forehead to see if there’s anything inside!" 

–"The More Than Elementary Mr. Jeremy Brett.” Woman and Home interview by Marianne Gray, June 1984. (via internet)


Jeremy Brett and Mr. Binks by Bonnie Burton

Devenford Prep part 22

Parts 1-21 here

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve updated. I’m busy and my birthday is coming up and I thought I’d go ahead and post what I have since I might not be able to in the next few days. Also as long as I haven’t said I am no longer updating, I’ll be updating as much as I can. I’m hoping once it gets closer to the season airing my inspiration and motivation to write more Brett fics will pick up again.

“Come on it!” The older woman places a hand on your shoulder and ushers you right in. “I know it’s a late meal, but who likes to go to bed with an empty stomach. I know Brett has to be hungry after his game even though he didn’t finish it!”
“Mom!” Brett groaned almost.
The house smelled amazing with some sort of sauce being made and bread. The living room and kitchen had been lit with lamps and over head lights making the space look different too. It looked warm and inviting compared to the last time you had been in there. Brett trails in behind you exposing himself to the bright light. He was wearing a white t-shirt with sweat pants and shoes that looked like house shoes, but loafers. He shakes his head and scratches at his back awkwardly staring at you standing in his kitchen.
“Didn’t expect my mom to be this inviting did you?” He whispers leaning in toward you a bit as he walks past you to get plates out of a cabinet. “They are this inviting to everyone, don’t think it’s special or anything.”
“I heard that son!” The woman comments.
“I figured that,” You say looking away feeling a bit down. “I mean packs exist for something right?”
“You’re right, (y/n). This is very much a pack thing having you over, but it was Brett’s idea even if he’s trying to brush it off.”
“Mom, come on.” He says.
“Set the table!” Mr. Talbot orders. 

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A Part of Me - A Brett Talbot Fanfiction - Part II

You sigh and flick off the bedside lamp, turning uneasily onto your side. It didn’t feel right. After what felt like a few hours restlessly tossing and turning, you reach for your phone on the table. Checking Facebook, you immediately see ‘Brett’s’ post, already with over 70 likes and 50 comments and still increasing. 

The comments ranged from:

“Holy shit, Dude!” from heavily impressed and entertained guys to “OMG Brett! Marry me!” to “You’re going to be in so much trouble Brett Talbot!” from a family member. 

In the morning, you were awoken by the shuffling of Marissa, accidently kicking you in the scramble to stop her quiet alarm from increasing in volume.

“Embarrassing song” She replied, pressing the top button of her alarm.

You lazily feel the cabinet beside you for your phone and squint your eyes as it lights up. It was 9am and you’d been getting numerous texts and calls since 6. 
“I know you had something to do with posting those pictures on my facebook. Tell Marissa to answer her fucking phone!” An unknown number texted. It must’ve been Brett. Abusive texts followed about the invasion of privacy by girls who probably had Brett’s body as their screensaver. 

“Marissa, do you remember being on Brett’s facebook last night?” You asked, slipping on a fresh pair of underwear and sliding your jeans on. You threw a jersey over your bra and crossed your arms.

“Not really… did we frape him?" 

"Yes and no. I fraped him, you posted nude pictures of him" 

"No! Oh my God!” She pretended to be shocked, but you could see right through it. A smile was tickling the corners of her lips.

“It’s not funny!” You grit your teeth, knowing there would be repercussions.

“Fine, fine! It’s not funny! Brett will have deleted it by now anyway!” She tried to keep her face straight and failed “It doesn’t really matter”

Furious banging began sounding downstairs. You didn’t have to guess who it was. A few moments later, Marissa’s bedroom door was thrown open and Brett was panting angrily from the hallway. 

“How dare you?!” He stormed towards her, backing her into the corner. Her complexion had turned ghostly.

You ran to her defence and shielded her from Brett. Placing your arms against his hard chest to keep a slight distance. 

“This is trespassing. Get out before we call the police!” You yell at the boy towering over you.

“This barely concerns you. Let me talk to Marissa” He batted your hands away.

“Well too bad… because… I posted them…” you lie. 

“What?” He clenched his jaw in anger.

“Yeah, I did. Maybe you should push me down this time” you screw up your face in disgust at his previous actions towards your best friend.

“You don’t know anything about me” he snarled “my parents and the school are going to hear about this”

“I’m not scared of you, Brett” You could feel your fingers tremble so you quickly held them together behind your back.

“You should be” he growled at you, he was inches from your ear at this point. You were too caught up in him invading your personal space to realise he literally growled at you. 

He stomped angrily away and Marissa slid to the floor in tears. You kneel beside her.

“You shouldn’t have done that, (Y/N). I can’t believe I ever dated that guy!” She wept on your shoulder “Next time, I promise I’ll protect you from whatever goes on in your life" 

"Thanks. I’ll be fine. I know what he’s done to you and I’d protect you from him everytime” you smiled as she collapsed on you in a hug.

On Monday at school, you were asked to step into the principles office as soon as you hit your seat in English. Brett wasn’t in his usual seat at that point, so you knew what it was about. Heavily sighing, you fling your bag over your shoulder and strut away, giving Marissa a strong smile before leaving.

Stood outside the principles office was your mom with a look of disappointment on her face. 

“This isn’t like you, (Y/N). I’ve never been called from work to see the principle about your behaviour and especially so early on!" 

"I’m sorry, mom” you drop your head, feeling guilty for regretting your decision to take the blame. But there was no going back.

You knocked and creaked open the door. Taking the seat beside Brett confidently, you couldn’t show weakness about this.

“Miss (Y/L/N), thank you for joining us. It seems there have been some seriously allegations towards you regarding pornographic photos of Mr Talbot. What’s your side to the story?”

“Marissa and I were getting drunk and she showed me the pictures and after everything he did to her when they were in a relationship, I decided to post the pictures as revenge…”

“Oh honey, please don’t cover for Marissa again. I know she’s your friend but…” your mom chimed in

“I’m not covering for her… I posted the pictures…”

“What were you getting revenge on Mr Talbot for?” the principle asked, holding up his index finger to Brett’s parents who were ready to interrupt.

“He would hurt Marissa when they were in a relationship. He would push her and yell at her, she had been stood up by him nearly every date and she was left waiting for hours at night alone…” you could feel yourself getting emotional. 

“I assure you, Brett would never do anything like that” his mom interrupted.

“Please, Mrs Talbot. Brett… is this true?” The principle turned to him.

“Not quite, but I wasn’t the best person to be around at that point…” he went quiet and dropped his head.

“My opinion on this situation is that you’re both in the wrong. I don’t think the police need to be involved or you’d probably both be charged. Didn’t you two used to be friends anyway?”

“We had friends in common…” you mutter.

“I don’t want to see any more trouble from either of you…consider this a warning” He replied “Mr Talbot, you know this on top of your English scores is heading down the route of being unable to play for the lacrosse team… you need to pull your grades up and tread very lightly”

“Well…” your mom began speaking “(Y/N) is doing incredibly well in English and she does usually tutor kids for money… maybe she could tutor Brett for free as an apology…" 

You wanted to smack yourself in the face. This was definitely the last thing you needed. 

"I don’t… I’m not so sure…” you begin, but couldn’t finish.

“I think that’s a brilliant idea! Is there any times that Brett is free for tutoring?”

Brett’s parents sighed, you knew they couldn’t argue any longer now Brett admitted that his actions were horrible. 

“Brett usually has Tuesday after school free to visit friends, but now that he’s grounded, I think it would be good to work for two hours on school work that he’s failing” his mom spat bitterly. 

“This is gonna suck so much” you murmered under your breath, it was practically silent, but Brett turned his head slightly to you.

“You’re dismissed, you can go back to class. I’m glad we could all come to an arrangement” the principle grinned proudly. 

Rest in peace Jeremy Brett, who died on this day September 12th, 1995. I was fifteen years old, and–while I was introduced to Sherlock Holmes when my dad handed me the canon–we watched the Granada series religiously as a family. Or at least it was religiously for me, because now I am a Baker Street Babe, Adventuress of Sherlock Holmes, and Baker Street Irregular, I can look back and thank Mr. Brett for giving me the first version of Sherlock Holmes who wasn’t solely in my imagination, the first solid human Holmes I ever loved, and when people ask me my religious affiliation, my answer is “Sherlockian.” 

Thank you for all you did for Holmes fans everywhere. – lyndsayfaye