Day: 123

Shirt: Bad Religion - Gray Race

Color: Gray (Obviously)

Brand: Giant

Source: I’m going to go ahead and say it.  I don’t think 1996 was the best year for Bad Religion, or its fans.  No Mr. Brett, Hardcore fans drifting, tension between bandmates, and you are on atlantic.  I remember this record coming out, and it being the first Bad Religion record i didn’t go ape shit for, i was just ambivalent. something was missing, and at the time i had no idea it was Mr. Brett, i just chalked it up to a major label taking something good and wrecking it.  I like the cars as much as the next guy, but Rick Ocasick producing this might not have been the best pairing up ever.  Sadly i never even go back to this record, and wouldn’t reach for another BR record until Brett came back, and they were back home on Epitaph, cause lets face it, that WAS home.

So here is it, the shirt form that era.  ill admit i had no idea what a Gray Race was back then, but now i do, and i think it was clever, but hey, Greg was always clever, right?  Who are these people on this shirt?  genius to print them all in B/W on a gray shirt.  i love the theme of it all in theory, just wished the musical companion was more for me.  

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about this record, i think it is fine, no one complains about the medico Radiohead records cause they have so many good ones, they just exist.  Bad Religion is much like that, they have given so much good music, no one is bitching, its just that can’t all be great epic records, cause then people would complain then too.


Mr. Brett


Greg, Brett, and company’s Circa 1980

Look what Brett got me! So apparently Steve (Who we got Dante from) had a few five lined skink holdbacks, and this one didn’t color up the way he wanted it to. So he texted Brett and asked if we wanted it, and he went and picked it up and brought it to me earlier today as a surprise!! He didn’t ask if it was male or female, but I will just default male since I have no plans on breeding him. Isn’t he adorable?? We’re picking up a ten gallon once Brett gets home, and we have plenty of extra heat pads and lights. Yaay new babs <3