Making some transparent Ricks and… Uh… Well, leave no Rick not included I suppose. Although… This is just getting weird now. Justin and Dan really outdone themselves, huh? You ever think they’ll make an episode? Mr. Needful’s revenge, maybe (yes, I know he’s not a Rick, but you can’t make a nice looking picture set with seven pictures, it’s impossible!).


Feel free to use if you want to for whatever nefarious purposes you like.

[Set 01] [Set 02] [Set 03]

[Council of Ricks] [NPC Ricks] [Seven Ricked Sins]

Operation Valentine’s Day

I couldn’t possibly miss out on this golden opportunity of a holiday when this handsome synth has stolen my heart now could i? One could say it would be a crime if i did!

WELL, I posted it to twitter, so might as well post it here too….
This started out as me just trying to draw Dodomeki Choromatsu in my style….and then, well, it spiraled from there.

It was sort of an experiement in colour and mood lighting, as well as to see if I could still actually line art! At least, that’s my excuse……….

I’ll let you decide the context of the situation he’s in, hoho….*sweats quietly*