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“There’s always been a god-shaped hole in man’s head. Trees were the first to fill it. Mr. Wood was the trees. Mr. Wood was the forest. Well, he was a very old god who saw something very new - he saw a god-fearing society turn towards complete industrialization. So what did he do? He sacrificed his trees. He sacrificed his forest. And he became something else.”


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I can't be the only one that needs to see some Jamie in 1968 with Claire and Bree! When Bree was walking in the college to the music, I could only imagine if Jamie was with her, maybe something with all three of them, not sure what something a family would go out to do then so whatever you think of!

Coo Coo Ca Choo Mrs. Randall ! 

(FMM!Jamie will take Bree on college visits eventually, but in the meantime, here is some giffy Crack )

1968, The Graduate AU 

Frank Randall (God rest him) died a few years ago, leaving behind Dr. Claire Randall, M.D. and no children. 

She managed pretty well and is loving life pretty unapologetically. Needing a break from hospitals, she now teaches *Anatomy* at a top university. 

Today, she’ll take a tea break from grading exams, during which point she *hopes* to encounter Dr. Fraser, the younger and freshly-graduated-from-his-PhD junior professor of *Chemistry.*

They’ve met quite a few times since the start of term. 

Sparks have flown between them. 

*Many* sparks

I mean, Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ, may as well rename the sciences wing ‘Spark City,’ but no fires, yet. 

Dr. Randall thinks it’s high time to pull out the lighter fluid. 

Jamie (*in tweed*)

*enters the faculty lounge*

*His eyes meet Claire’s*




*avert their eyes and go about their business*

*but Claire is grinning into her mug*  

Claire: “Busy week, Dr. Fraser?” 


*Jumps about a mile and runs into the counter* 

 *Clears throat*  

“Aye, a bit…Not too much….. Pretty quiet actually….No, not really.” 


 *Grins to herself at his awkwardness.* 


*fiddles with the contents of snack drawer.*

Dr. Jones from New York must be in town, he thinks, fingering a Ding-Dong

Claire: “Jamie?” 


*Releases the Ding-Dong* 

*Then nearly faints hearing his first name from her mouth* 


*can’t stop looking at her mouth* 

*I mean LOOK AT IT* 

*remembers that he hasn’t replied* 

“Huh? I mean yes, Dr Randall?” 

ClaireDo be a dear and bring me some honey from above the sink? For my tea?”

Jamie: “Oh aye, glad to.” 

*Fumbles for the honey* 

*holds it out for her, trying to get their fingers to touch like they do in the movies* 

Claire: “Ah, yes. Thank you.” 

*Stirs in the honey* 

*takes sip* 

*Looks sidelong at Jamie, who has gone to fetch his coffee*

“And what do you like to do with honey, Jamie?” 



Claire: “Do you put it in your tea or do you prefer to drizzle it on…”

*looks at him over the rim of her teacup*



*is discombobulated by her tone* 

“Och, erm, aye? Aye. Yes, drizzling is—” 


*like a purring cat* 

“Or do you prefer to…lick it?” 


*sips his coffee*

“Well, that—that doesna seem verra santi—” 

Claire: “…right out of the….honeypot?” 




*partially recovers* 

*FULLY gets her meaning*

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*shit, too soon?*


*NOT too soon* 

*is down* 

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*is amused*

*is likewise most exceptionally down* 


*sets down his coffee* 

*tries to play it cool….coy…..*

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*mistakes this for reticence* 

*downs the whiskey that is 79% of what’s in her teacup*




*demonstrates how ready he is*

*for any and all lessons*  

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*looks longer* 

*begins making very rapid, very detailed plans for that honey* 

*speculates they might need another bottle* 

Jamie: “Dr. Randall, you’re trying to seduce me, are ye no’?”


*regains a modicum of composure* 

*raises an eyebrow*

Seduce you, eh? Pray tell, who’s the one naked in the faculty lounge, lad?” 

Jamie: “Weel, if you’ll take a wee look southward… I think you’ll find that it’s the two of us, now.”