Till Death Do Us Together: SteveTony (A Mr.& Mrs. Smith AU)

Tony Stark and Steve Rogers-Stark are the definition of the suburban perfect couple. Their neighbours are equally in awe and envy of them for their perfect lifestyle, perfect romance, and perfect marriage. It’s the ideal life. Except for the part where they’re both numb with boredom about their lives, go through their marriage by rote, and have awkward silences when they’re together. It probably doesn’t help that neither of them is who they say they are. Tony is the genius hacker and chief specialist of the Legion, an elite private task-force, and goes by the name Iron Man on the field. Steve is the mastermind strategist and retrieval specialist of STRIKE, the rival task-force to Legion, and is called The Captain on the field. Where Tony and Steve are together, Iron Man and The Captain are the ultimate enemies. Things get complicated when their professional lives bleed into their personal life, and both of them get a mission that will test everything. Will Mr. & Mr. Stark lie their way to each other’s death or will Iron Man and The Captain finally rediscover what their love meant? 


She was the first girl that I knew that I liked in a way that was different. And I thought that she liked me, too. And so on Valentine’s Day, I put a card in her locker declaring my feelings, and asking her to the dance. Well…She gave that card to her parents. And then they called my parents.
And that’s how I was outed.