Okay so I just have to take a moment and say how important this was for me. To see Aaron immediately jump in there and change the subject away from Robert’s dad without any hesitation. He just saw Robert’s face and knew he needed to do something. 

Then outside, Robert thanking him. This was everything I want, Aaron being protective of Robert. We see it so often the other way around, with Robert protecting Aaron, but to see this was just so heartwarming and emotional. 

Please give me more protective Aaron!!


FMA Villains Week ‘17 - Theme H: Weakness

Behold the woman who surpassed the Ultimate Eye. Behold the woman who slapped Wrath upon their first meeting.

Either Mrs. Bradley has some latent super powers OR a young Bradley allowed a puny human he had only just met slap him. Both scenarios are too awesome to imagine.

Anyway! How would FMA have ended if instead of hiding Mrs Bradley, they unleashed her and were like: HEY WE FOUND YOUR HUSBAND LET US TAKE U TO HIM!! And Mrs. Bradley proceeds to lay the smackdown on Wrath (and Pride) and demand they explain themselves this instant!