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anonymous asked:

Are there any spoilers of the new chapter?

Well, it’s spotty at best. Looks like the chapter won’t be available from Yen Press until the 20th. There has been lots of discussion/speculation over the chapter summary posted by Yen Press. The few things we do know are that 

  • The earl and Sebastian continue to search for Blavat
  • Soma and Agni return to Phantomhive Manor… and get into some sort of argument that puts a major strain on their master/servant relationship…
  • because they encounter someone/something (at the manor) that really shakes things up….

Several of us have been brainstorming (coming up with various, even crack, theories) as to what could cause Soma and Agni to argue. I suggest reading these discussion posts (1) (2) (3). They are basically my reblogs of the same thread… but with added content from myself and others….

UPDATE! We now have this… Agni finding the torn up photo (the one the earl grabbed away from Mr. Pitt). The earl intended to burn the photo bits in the fireplace, but enough of the photo survived for Agni to piece bits together. We aren’t seeing what all he sees (in the spoiler, anyway), but this seems to be heading towards confirming twin theory….