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Jeeves Gets Dragged To a Jazz Club - Chapter 1 - clearinghouse - Jeeves - P. G. Wodehouse [Archive of Our Own]
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Summary: An avid reader of Mr Wooster’s nonfictional works calls at Mr Wooster’s New York residence, and eagerly invites both Mr Wooster and Jeeves out for the night. This reader turns out to be none other than the famous biographer Dr John Watson, retired; and Jeeves isn’t especially pleased to discover that a particular friend of the doctor will be tagging along. (Rating: General Audiences)

Another early fic contribution for the @jeevesandwoosterexchange—and this one’s a gift for @bwoosters who requested anything to do with jealousy, pining, and/or elements of a crossover. I tried to include all three of those in the fic. I hope you enjoy the gift, bwoosters!

Btw, it’s just the first part of two for now, though the second part will get put up well before the deadline :)


Fido Tv Interview w/ Mr. Wooster

How about the Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries/Jeeves & Wooster crossover starring the epic adventures of Jeeves and Mr Butler? Maybe they met and developed their skills when they fought in the war together. Maybe there’s a secret guild of household servants who are basically trained to be spies. Who knows? But I’m convinced they know each other in some capacity.