mr. winky

“This is a one time offer! Mistress has every intention of putting her chasity device on you! See that phallic shape device? That’s her chasity device! After today, there will never be another opportunity to play with Mr. Winky! Hurry up! Your on the clock bitch!”


Hopping on the ceaseless, ever-popular disney fanart train here.  Who remembers this guy?  Mr. Winkie, the all-too-forgotten antagonist from “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” - and MY personal favorite Disney villain.  When he’s not serving alcohol to weasels, he’s lying under oath in the court of law.  Nothing says bad-man like legally fucking over Mr. Toad to steal his mansion- a pimp move if ever there was one- but it certainly doesn’t make him less of an asshole.  Oh, Mr. Winkie, you magnificent bastard.

The second pic commemorates The Mr. Toad ride at Disney Land.  As I remember it, you really do go to hell at the end for some reason.  Don’t believe me?  Ride it for yourself!- haha.  I was listening to"Oh My Darling Don’t Cry"  by Run the Jewels when I drew it- Making the picture stupidly hilarious to me.  You’ll see what I mean in the next post.


Histology look-a-like #52

Skin of labia minora v Traffic congestion in Saginaw, MI

Wait, that’s not traffic congestion she just drew a huge…

Dipstick! How did she not realize she was drawing a gigantic…

Bone up on your histology instead of childishly comparing it with…

Mr. Winky, my old science teacher, would be turning in his grave at the size of that…

Love muscle. Love connective tissue. Love histology.

And on that bombshell…I bid thee all goodnight.

i-heart-histo x

Cute story.

When I was much younger, my mom and I went to a thrift store and bought a large, blue-and-green-striped caterpillar stuffed animal. I named him Mr. Winky, and he became my favorite stuffed animal. I slept with him every night, played games with him, and I’m pretty sure I married him at some point too.

Eventually though, I donated him back to the thrift store from which he came. I had grown up quite a bit, and felt it was time to let Mr. Winky find a new home.

Fast forward about 10 years in my life, when I walked into my boyfriend’s bedroom for the first time. He had endless sorts of knick-knacks and trinkets all over the room, and on top of a furniture piece was a whole bunch of stuffed animals.

Staring straight at me was a smaller, less beat-up Mr. Winky. My boyfriend said he won him at a fair, and that he really wasn’t sure why he kept him for so many years. Mr. Winky is now my cuddle-buddy while my boyfriend is at college.

Now THAT’S a sign you’re in the right relationship. :) <3