mr. timberlake


Two of the people above were demonized by the media as “disrespectful thugs” for taking pictures with their middle fingers up, somehow these photos were used against the two to discredit their character and insinuate they deserved to be shot dead in the street by racist men. Can you guess which of the following two I speak of?

Trayvon Martin,
Michael Brown,
Former President George W. Bush,
Jennifer Lawrence,
Lady Gaga,
Joan Rivers,
Justin Timberlake,
Johnny Cash,
Mr. Rogers.


What could have been if Ben Solo [Kylo Ren] never turned to the dark side

They would’ve been through it all…


Beyoncé: “Self–Titled” Part 5 – Honesty

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You Say It Best...

Their friendship starts with a simple ‘hey’ from Kurt, who is so shy he can barely believe someone as popular as Blaine would like to know him. But Blaine does, and so the friendship blooms to something beautiful.

Filling a prompt.

It starts simply enough.

The cafeteria is crowded and Blaine, being new, doesn’t have a group of friends to sit with. So he stands there with the tray in his hands, looking a little lost, until he spots a table in the far corner that’s empty safe for one boy.

Relieved, Blaine makes his way through the mass of students and interrupts the boy’s reading by asking: “Excuse me? Can I sit here?”

The boy looks up with a blink, and a blush pinks his cheeks. He opens his mouth but settles on nodding ever so slightly before sliding as close to the wall as possible, as if wanting to disappear.

Blaine sits down with a frown. He observes the boy while forking his lunch, immediately noticing that he was absolutely stunning. His eyes are firmly fixed on his book again and Blaine decides he’s not going to force a conversation. He could ask the boy’s name later - maybe they even had classes together. So he eats his lunch in silence, and leaves with a cheerful ‘bye’ once he’s done.

All he gets as a reply is another blink.

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a mix for “this homework has to be done in 6 hours and i’m just starting it” type situations


summertime sadness (cover) -rizzle kicks// fantasy - alina baraz & galimatias// 1996-the wombats// bust your kneecaps - pomplamoose// sex (acoustic) - the 1975// learn me right - birdy & mumford and sons // the big bang - rock mafia// paper sails - stu larsen// soak up the sun - sheryl crow// moonshine - bruno mars// island in the sun - weezer// latch (acoustic) - sam smith// beautiful goodbye -maroon 5// put your records on - corinne bailey rae// curtain call - aiden grimshaw// tightrope - walk the moon// be with me - foy vance// take a walk - passionpit// chocolate - the 1975// the xx - the xx// disconnected - 5 seconds of summer// come on get higher - matt nathanson // high for this - ellie gouldling// lay me down - sam smith// gold rush - ed sheeran// i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys// that girl - justin timberlake// mr. brightside - the killers// white noise - mnek x disclosure// this love - maroon 5// sweater weather (acoustic) - the neighbourhood// i see fire - ed sheeran// staring at the stars (acoustic) - passenger// rhythm of love - plain white t’s// tongue tied - grouplove// everything - michael bublé// heartbreak warfare - john mayer// neon cathedral - macklemore and ryan lewis// cooler than me - mike posner// human - the killers//