mr. tanaka

So after Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive murderer, and during that month when Ciel disappeared, Madame Red and Lizzy were totally desperate, they were shown with expressionless or crying faces, but what about Mr Tanaka?

He probably saw Vincent and Rachel corpses, or at least knew what was happening to them when the manor get attacked.

He knew that and couldn’t protect them.

He couldn’t protect Vincent, the master he knew since he was a child, probably since his birth.

He knew what was happening in the manor, and tried to save Ciel.

He knew Ciel was in danger, he wanted him to escape.

He warned Ciel to escape, but Mr. Tanaka get attacked in the back, and couldn’t save him.

He couldn’t save his young master, and was the last to see him alive during that month.

Can you think how desperate he was, ho he probably saw himself as a failure because he couldn’t save his masters, how he felt so sorry about them, and blamed himself during that month for being alive?

That old man seriously needs a lot of hugs and love.


Cielizzy Week Day Three: Happiness

The Phantomhives and the Midfords have gone out to the opera, leaving their children in the care of Mr. Tanaka for the night. He’s not as young as he used to be, so wrangling the two young cousins will be quite a challenge!

“CIEEEEEL!!” the small child’s blue eyes widened as he witnessed his cousin Elizabeth speeding towards him like a blonde and pink missile. She collided with him with a thud that knocked him off his feet and onto the checkered floor of the foyer. “Elizabeth!” he cried, wriggling free of the excited girl’s grip. “I didn’t know you were coming over today!” Elizabeth beamed and nodded her head, her twin pigtails bouncing. “I kept it a secret because I wanted to surprise you! Are you surprised? Are you?” “Yeah! I thought today was going to be dreadfully boring, but now that you’re here we can have fun! Say, why are you here?” At that moment, Rachel Phantomhive and Francis Midford poked their heads into the room.
“Ciel, we’re heading out! Be good for Tanaka, and be in bed by nine o'clock, understand?” “Yes mama! Where are you going?” Rachel smiled. “We’re all going to see a show tonight.” Lizzy squealed. “A show? I love going to the theater! Can we come with you? Pretty please?” Rachel laughed daintily as Francis said, “No, Elizabeth. Last time we took you to a show you yelled to the lead actress that her costume was pretty, and then started crying when she didn’t react.” Lizzy frowned. “Well it was awfully rude of her not to say ‘thank you.’” Ciel giggled, and even Francis cracked a smile. “Anyway, be on your best behavior, Elizabeth. We won’t be back till late, so you can spend the night here if you get tired before we return.” Elizabeth gasped dramatically. “Really mother?” she turned to Ciel. “That means I have to go to bed right now so I can sleep over!” “But Lizzy, if you’re asleep, we can’t play!” “Oh yeah. I hadn’t thought of that.” The two mothers in the doorway smiled fondly at their young children, then departed with a final wave.
“Lizzy, we have to hide from Tanaka. If he finds us, he’ll probably make us do some chores.” Ciel said, scanning the room for a hiding place. Lizzy stuck out her tongue. “Gross! What about behind the curtains?” she pointed at the thick velvet curtains hanging over a window. Ciel nodded in approval and the children dashed off to hide. A few seconds later, Tanaka came into the room. Ciel and Lizzy giggled. “Now, where can those children be?” Tanaka asked playfully, pretending not to see one of Lizzy’s pigtails from around the curtain.
There was a tap-tap-tap of claws on tile as Sebastian, the Phantomhive’s dog, pranced into the room. Tanaka patted the dog on its head. “Sebastian, do you know where the children are?” The dog barked and ran over to where Ciel and Lizzy were hiding. “Aw, Sebastian, why’d you have to do that?” Ciel whined as Lizzy emerged, giggling and petting the dog. Tanaka approached the children and knelt down, grimacing at the creaking of his bones.
“Tanaka, are you going to make us do something boring?” Elizabeth asked, looking up at the old man with her innocent green eyes. Tanaka laughed. “No, I’m just here to keep you put of trouble. You’re free to do whatever you want to, as long as you’re in bed by nine.” Ciel smiled. “Great! So you won’t mind if we eat all the chocolate in the pantry?” Elizabeth clapped her hands excitedly. “No, that would be considered trouble.” The old man laughed. “How about we go to the library, and you two can read a book? Or maybe do a nice puzzle?” “Oh no, Mr Tanaka. That’s much too boring! We want to play hide-and-seek!” Lizzy exclaimed. “Or tag!” “Oh, or tag!” Tanaka sighed, already tired at the thought. “Fine. But let’s do that outside so neither of you break anything like last time.”

Two hours of chasing Ciel and Lizzy through the manor’s maze-like gardens later, Tanaka finally collapsed into a chair. “Come on, Mr Tanaka! We still have an hour until bedtime! Can’t you just play with us until then?” Elizabeth asked, stifling a yawn. Tanaka nodded slowly. “Yes, Lady Elizabeth. I’ll be right with you. Just let me rest for…a minute…” He barely finished his sentence before his snores broke the sleepy silence of the room. Lizzy frowned. “Can you believe that, Ciel? He fell asleep! Huh?” she had turned to see her cousin rubbing his blue eyes sleepily. “How…boring!” he yawned. Lizzy cocked her head to the side and smiled. “Maybe he’s on to something…”

A little past midnight, the Phantomhives and the Midfords returned to the Phantomhive Manor. Rachel and Alexis were discussing the finer points of the opera when Vincent opened the door to see Tanaka, snoring in an armchair. “Well, would you look at this.” he said, drawing his wife’s attention. “Where do you supposed the children are?” Rachel asked, tentatively scanning the room for any signs of Ciel or Lizzy. “Who knows. It’s awfully quiet…” Vincent noted. Francis began ascending the staircase, saying, “Do you think it’s possible that they’ve gone to sleep?” Vincent laughed. “It’s possible, but highly unlikely.”
Rachel pushed the door to Ciel’s bedroom open and smiled. “You were saying?” she crooned, beckoning her family over to see into the room.
Two small children were curled up together in Ciel’s bed, with a dog asleep at their feet. Lizzy had both of Ciel’s hands clasped in hers, and his forehead was pressed to hers. They were both sound asleep. Alexis chuckled. “I guess Mr Tanaka tired them out somehow. It takes Francis and I an hour and a half to put Elizabeth down.” Vincent turned away, his face darkened. “Yes. Our Mister Tanaka sure is…talented.” Rachel crept silently to her son’s bedside and kissed Ciel and Elizabeth lightly on their heads. The beam of light from the hallway vanished as the door was closed, and the children slept on.


So guys: from this screen shot that I took we notice that:

There is a building with the name The Dice. In the show there is a character call Dice that Zoro is going to fight in the Movie.

Zoro is captured by Tesoro. In this scene you see in the background only:


You see that luffy lose the first small fight against Tesoro in Gear 2. After that Mr Tanaka uses his devil power and open a big circle in the ground where Franky&Luffy fall down. In the last picture there are 8 straw.hat + Carina. Note Zoro is missing!

source: youtube

Mr. Tanaka lives in the countryside and most of his land are rice paddies

Kanji: 田

Meaning:  rice field

Reading: た、い、デン  (ta, i, den) 

About the kanji:  One of the most fundamental and basic kanjis out there. The kanji comes from the pictograph of a rice field and it’s sections. Just imagine some rice plants growing in each square and it will be easier for you to remember this kanji. 

Words using this kanji:

田舎 : rural area

田園  : rural districts

田んぼ : paddy field

油田 : oil field

塩田 : Salt evaporation pond

水田 : (water-filled) paddy field

Example sentence:


kono atari wa mukashi tanbo dattan dayo

There used to be rice fields around here.

fanndomm  asked:

What about Sebastian makes him so useless? XD

Have you SEEN him


for startes he wants to eat his master

do you see mr. tanaka walking around wanting to eat ciel? no?

that’s because tanaka is a GREAT butler while sebastian SUCKS