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Alright guys. You know that I´m a totally sebaciel shipper (although I like CielxLizzy) but I got to say, that in lease in this part, actually have sense. 

But C´mon. Could be the two you know. I mean, he is still a demon, but well. I like to think that he likes Ciel (someday he actually gonna eat his soul) but that yes, he do likes how Ciel is. C´mon, why so sad, is only your food and you are not capable of eating it yet. In some point you gonna eat it.

Well, this picture made my day. Bacause I like seeing another points of view. XD And you know, I will keep my theory of the 25 page. Suck you. :P Hahaha, but this was really funny. I found it on Facebook.

Yana needs to make an OVA of Sebastian taking care of baby Ciel and baby servants but Tanaka is on vacation or something.

So the babies start crying and he has no idea what to do so he uses his demon eyes to calm them down but it scares them and they cry even louder.


So Sebastian is flipping out trying to figure out what to do when Tanaka walks in like “Wtf are you doing?” He tells Sebastian to clean and he takes care of the babies then everything is good again.

Sebastian is like “I DIDNT SIGN UP FOR THIS SHIT”

Mr. Tanaka appreciation post.

It’s not totally clear if Mr. Tanaka immigrated from Japan to England in the 1800s, nor is it clear how long he has been in service as a butler to the Phantomhive family. Still, though – immigration of Japanese citizens from Japan to England began sometime in the late 19th century (the exact year the first Japanese who moved to England is, of course, not known, but this could have begun as early as 1868 or 1869 after the Meiji Reform due to the huge interest in Western society, particularly in the United States). In 1884, only 264 Japanese were living in England.

Also, Tanaka practices a form of martial art called Bartitsu (see chapter 43), which was introduced in England by a Mr. Edward William Barton-Wright who had spent 3 years in Japan before returning to his home country; the name is a portmanteau of his own name, Barton, and jujitsu. However, bartitsu wasn’t developed until 1898, which is 9 years after the Murder Arc and the current canonical Kuroshitsuji timeline. Arthur Wordsmith mishears or mispronounces, calling it “Baritsu,” after Lau observes that it’s bartitsu that Tanaka used to take down Woodley when he tried to attack Ciel. This is one of many pokes at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, where, in The Adventure of the Empty House, Holmes refers to it as “baritsu.” This further implies that Arthur Wordsmith is supposed to be Arthur Conan Doyle, if the little panel showing A Study In Scarlet, the first Sherlock Holmes story which was published in 1887, then again 1888 and 1889, when Ciel says he “read [Wordsmith’s] work in Beeton’s Christmas magazine,” wasn’t blatant enough, haha.

Tanaka knows martial arts that aren’t even in existence yet for the sake of Sherlock Holmes jokes. Right on, man.

For other, better reasons, like his kindness and work-ethic (when he’s working as Ciel’s butler in Sebastian absence, for one), etc, Tanaka kicks ass. Ra ra ree, kick ‘em in the knee!

Under The Waves

In the first few years, Mrs. Graves often felt out of her element. It was Mr. Tanaka who found a book about directing in the school’s library and brought it to her. She was acutely embarrassed to admit her lack of experience, but also so relieved to finally talk to someone about feeling, as she put it, “a bit too far under the waves.”

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So, we know how you feel about Chris, Topaz, and Helen, but what are your thoughts on the other Sonic X humans such as Chuck Throndyke, Mr. Tanaka, Ella, Sam Speed, Danny and Francis, and Chris' parents?

Chuck garnered my respect hands down when he confronted Chris’ parents in episode 51 and fed them a few home truths. I also like the way he interacted with Tails.

Mr Tanaka is sort of annoying-funny.

Ella I like. Especially her badass display in episode 20 after Bokkun blew her up after deceiving her. I love her motherly interactions with Amy and Cream. The bit in episode 50 when her and Amy start weeping and hugging each other after the former gives the latter a book of apple pie recipes was pretty powerful. And how she temporarily took Vanilla’s place as a mother figure to Cream :)

Sam is hilarious. Dude always tries to one-up Sonic yet fails miserably every single time.

Danny and Francis are boring.

Chris’ parents are obnoxious. Much like their son.

Ken: You stole my quarterback
William: Okay, look. Finn got a great voice. He just wants to express himself
Ken: You’re screwing up my life
William: Okay, Ken, you hate football. What’s this really about?
—  Gleequote: Ken Tanaka and William Schuester - 01x01 Pilot