mr. tanaka

Stating Reasons

There will come a day when you’ll have to explain yourself. You’ll have to give reason for why you think the way you do. Lets learn how to do that.

Here’s the formula: AしBしY。→A,B and so Y.  

*A and B express the reasons for Y

1.) このセーターは軽いし、暖かいし、とてもいいです。(kono seetaa wa karuishi, atatakaishi, totemo ii desu) -> This sweater is light, and warm so it’s very good.

2.) 私の生活は忙しくなるし、時間がないし、勉強しませんでした。(watashi no seikatsu wa isogashiku narushi, jikan ga naishi, benkyoushimasen deshita) ->My life became busy, and I did not have time so I did not study.

3.)私のアパートは古いし、駅から遠いし、あまりよくありません。(watashi no apaato wa furuishi, eki kara tooishi, amari yoku arimasen) -> My apartment in old, and far from the station so it’s not so good.

4.)田中さんは親切だし、真面目だし、とてもいい人です。(tanaka san wa shinsetsu da shi, majime da shi, totemo ii hito desu) ->Mr./Ms. Tanaka is kind,and earnest, so he/she is a good person.

5.)  あの公園はきれいだし、静かだし、いいですよ。(ano kouen wa kirei dashi, shizuka dashi, ii desu yo) -> That park is clean and quiet so it’s good.

6.) そのレストランはおいしいし、あまり高くないし、また行きたいです。(sono resutoran wa oishiishi, amari takaku naishi, mata ikitai desu) -> That restaurant is delicious, and not very expensive,, so I want to go again.


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In the moonlight, I could clearly see a tall dark figure standing in front of the glass window, staring right in. He knew I was looking at him, and I knew he was looking at me, but we didn’t see each other. I thought of the person I used to know and how different he was from the man I just saw. I didn’t know what he was thinking about, but he stood there for a while and then he turned around and left.

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Alright guys. You know that I´m a totally sebaciel shipper (although I like CielxLizzy) but I got to say, that in lease in this part, actually have sense. 

But C´mon. Could be the two you know. I mean, he is still a demon, but well. I like to think that he likes Ciel (someday he actually gonna eat his soul) but that yes, he do likes how Ciel is. C´mon, why so sad, is only your food and you are not capable of eating it yet. In some point you gonna eat it.

Well, this picture made my day. Bacause I like seeing another points of view. XD And you know, I will keep my theory of the 25 page. Suck you. :P Hahaha, but this was really funny. I found it on Facebook.

Every Wednesday Mr. Tanaka brings his naked slave-girl Eiko to work.  “We here at Yamato Corporation understand that our high-ranking executives sometimes need a release from the pressures of decision-making”, explains Mr. Tanaka.  “Eiko understands.  In fact, she loves it–loves the degradation.”  He smiles:  “Not that she has a choice.” 

You know what?

I’ve not seen even a SINGLE even good argument out of any fan within Chris Thorndike’s well deserved miniscule fandom (Though I’m not saying he deserves fans that said. Just if any, very few). And have seen precisely zero brilliant arguments.

Poor little boy? NOPE. Chris leads an extremely privileged life; No realistic chance of ever experiencing hardship due to both parents being in extremely well-paid professions, company in the form of his grandfather, uncle, Ella, Mr Tanaka, his friends (Which he conveniently treated as second class when the cooler friend in the form of Sonic arrived on the scene) and his parents and receives plenty of love from them when the latter two are there.

Lonely? Hence serving as a decent reason for his kidnap of Sonic? NOPE. Two worlds were in jeopardy with millions of lives at risk and Sonic had other friends than just him that, guess what, he had known for far longer. He’s just a selfish little prick. Loneliness is nothing more than a Freudian excuse and an extremely poor justification.

Sympathetic? NOPE. When Lindsey (His mother) was very upset over having to abandon party plans in order to give her child the best, he badmouthed her like the ungrateful little shit that he is, even compelling fucking Cream of all people to rebuke him. Who BTW didn’t even get to see her mother after she was torn from her own dimension nor has the option to do so much as ring her on the phone. Need I mention how he stated that he HATES dear old dad for abadoning his work to see him in episode 43?

I cannot sympathise with a whiny little turdshit who talks to and about his parents like they’re objects of loathing. Helen’s father works himself to the bone and him and Helen’s mother (Who is understandably protective of her daughter) make do, with a disabled child no less, without being as privileged as this little fuckwad. You don’t see their daughter badmouthing them for mom’s overprotectiveness and dad’s working overtime for her behalf and them being unable to take her to the island.

Christopher Thorndike is despised for usually very good reasons. He squarely deserves his hatedom because he’s so easy to dislike with the way he acts.

Hell yes you’re entitled to like him. It’s a free world.

But don’t act for a second that he’s some saintly character undeserving of vitriol and that the dislike he receives is baseless.

  • Komaeda: Nice to meet you again, Mr. Tanaka! We met briefly in the classroom before appearing on this island.
  • Tanaka: Oh yeah, right. How are you?
  • Komaeda: I normally don't answer that question, but since I respect your talent, I will tell you. I am fine.
  • Pekoyama: Hi, I'm Peko Pekoyama. I stole your wallet.
  • Tanaka: ... *grabs wallet*
  • Pekoyama: *grips it hard*
  • Tanaka: *yanks it out of her hands*
  • Tanaka: You guys are weird...
  • Pekoyama: Thank you.