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I made a playlist for Edward Hyde from The Glass Scientists! I complied a bunch of songs that were a much more upbeat and catchy kind of evil, instead of a dark and scary evil, to fit the character better (in my own opinion of course)


Roustabout-Beats Antique• Shadowman- Lee Press On and The Nails• Demon Kitty Rag- Katzenjammer• Jokes Jokes Jokes- Austin Wintory• You’ll Be Back- Jonathan Groff• Back In Town- Matt Dusk• My Evil Plan To Save The World- Five Iron Frenzy• Bad Bad Things- Andrew Jackson Jihad• Crazy=Genius- Panic! At The Disco• Fear and Delight-The Correspondents•

Cover art was done by @arythusa (also creator of the character, might I add)

sketch page full o’ OCs


New peggy suave

Take It In, Feel It All and Hold It

So, as a few of you know, it was my birthday yesterday! So I wanted to write some lafluff for me from me!! :D 

And of course, I wanted to share bc who am I to not share Lafluff. 

It’s like 3k so read under the cut :) 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

There’s humming.

The young mother hums gently late at night, soft singing leaving her mouth and whispering comfort words in between to the small bundle in her arms.

Her son hiccups, his initial crying fading away and leaving behind only quiet sniffles and the occasional whimper. The brunette smiles to herself, patting herself in the back for avoiding a late night crisis with her youngest child.

“There we go, sunshine,” she whispers under her breath, dropping a quick kiss on her son’s head as the baby nuzzles his face closer to the crook of her neck, “Thunder scared you, huh?”

The baby just whimpers, hiding himself further down in his mama’s protection. Mrs. McClain could still hear the rain raging outside the living room’s window and she hopes it doesn’t wake up the rest of the household.

It takes her about ten minutes to realize that her son is not going back to sleep anytime soon, and while she knows the decision she’s about to make will probably come back to bite her in the butt next morning, she shrugs and bounces the baby in her arms to catch his attention.

“Alright, buddy, seems like a long night for us,” she declares tiredly but her blue eyes are bright and playful, her smile only growing when her son’s eyes, so familiar to her own, look up at her with innocent curiosity, “How about we dance?”

Her son blinks, a small hiccup making him jump in surprise and getting his mama to giggle warmly as she wipes away the tear tracks on his chubby tanned cheeks.

“Taking that as a yes.” She shrugs, readjusting her baby in her arms one more time before she starts moving around the room, her dancing falling into gentle steps as she starts over her humming.

It doesn’t take much before her son is giggling and squealing in delight, a big toothy smile on his face as he looks down and sees her feet moving around gracefully.

Mrs. McClain smiles fondly when her son beams at her and pushes her cheeks together, babbling something that is still incoherent in her ears but she still nods approvingly for his sake.

“Yeah, that’s right, Lance! This is called dancing,” she praises gently, kissing her son’s cheek lovingly, “Do you enjoy dancing?”

A giggle followed by a soft excited pat in her nose answers her.

“Taking that as a yes.”

Blue eyes stare in awe as the form of his mama and older brother move around the living room.

The furniture had been pushed away earlier, giving the pair more space to practice, and that’s where Lance sits right now, on the top of the couch on the corner, eyes shining with excitement as he follows their moves.

His mama is currently laughing, her head shaking in disbelief at the tactics of her oldest son as the fifteen years old tries to dip her back dramatically. Mrs. McClain just slaps him playfully in the arm before tugging him back to the proper posture.

Strong arms suddenly grab him by the armpits, lifting him up in the air. “Dirty feet off the couch, champ.”

Lance tips his head back to see his papa’s amused face and Mr. McClain arches an eyebrow at him. “Grandma will go nuts if she sees even a dirty spot on her ancient couch, you know.”

The five years old smiles sheepishly, hands covering his mouth as soon as his papa drops him back to the ground carefully. “Sorry, papa.”

“It’s okay, bud, at least you had socks on.” He reassurances, ruffling his light brown hair roughly and offering a smile before he nods to the pair in the middle of the living room, “So, what’s happening here?”

“Mama and Tony are dancing!” Lance announces excitedly, raising his arm to point at the pair as he tugs at his papa’s jeans, “Mama is so pretty, papa! Look how she moves; she’s like a princess, or a fairy or -”

“A queen?”

Lance beams. “Yeah! Yeah, like a queen!” He exclaims happily before turning back to the scene in front of them, smile wide and giddly.

Mr. McClain hums to himself, grinning knowingly as he sees the way his son stares at the still dancing pair.

“Do you wanna try it out, Lance?”

Lance blinks at him, eyes narrowed in confusion and making the adult to chuckle.

“Dancing, son. Do you wanna dance with me?”

“I dunno how, papa.” Lance bites his lower lip unsure, looking up at his dad nervously but the adult just smiles softly at his son and holds out both of his hands towards the child.

“It’s okay, son,” he comforts gently, “Just take my hands, I got you.”

And just like that, Lance’s face breaks into a bright smile.

Small feet cover his own two feet, his dark socks making a fun contrast with his son’s neon blue ones and Mr. McClain starts swinging them gently, his big hands wrapped tightly around his son’s to keep him up.

The comparison between his hands and his son’s small ones is comforting and yet scary. It reminds him how small his son is, how precious he is and how much he wants to protect him from everything that could harm him.

But he can’t. There’s a world out there behind their door and Mr. McClain knows his son will have to face it sooner or later. He just hopes he’s able to teach him everything he may need to know, everything that will make his journey easier.

A loud laugh shakes him out of his thoughts and he looks down, catching his son’s bright blue eyes looking up at him with a blinding smile. Mr. McClain allows himself to drop his shoulders, tension leaving him as he smiles back.

There will be time to teach Lance all he may need to know.

“Okay, now, you are going to lead, ready -? Woah, hold up - Ow- Careful with your heel, son -”

For now, he teaches his son how to dance.

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Cling - Chapter 2

My teeth are rotting oh my god. More clingy baby Peter with good dad Tony featuring Papa Steve! I tagged everyone it would let me, sorry if I missed anybody! (Ps. I’ve seen this happen to parents and it’s hilarious.)

Chapter 1

Steve was standing at the sink rinsing the dishes from breakfast, Peter happily humming away in his high chair eating chopped up bananas and strawberries.

He was just putting the last of the plates onto the drying rack when he heard someone walk into the kitchen.

“Hi, Daddy!” Peter’s cheery voice rang out.

Steve turned around in time to see Tony smile and wander over to Peter in his high chair.

“Hi, Petey-Pie!”

Steve and Peter hadn’t gotten to see Tony yet today as he had to get up earlier for a morning meeting with the board. He had apparently gotten back awhile ago and had taken the time to change out of his usual three-piece Tom Ford and into an old pair of jeans and a faded t-shirt.

Peter smiled up at Tony from his chair, waving around a handful of mashed fruit.

“Daddy, look! Nanna!”

“You got a banana with your breakfast?” Tony sat down in the chair next to Peter’s, smiling his thanks at Steve when he set a cup of coffee down next to him. “Looks like you got some strawberries too.”

Peter nodded, squeezing the fruit in his hands and mashing it even more. He moved to put it in his mouth before he stopped, glanced at Tony - who was watching him with a small smile - and offered his hand to him.

“Wanna nanna?”

“No baby, you eat your banana,” Tony said, leaning forward to brush Peter’s hair back from his forehead. Peter leaned into the touch before going back to eating the mess in his hands.

(mobile, watch the cut)

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Boyfriend Material

All I can think about anymore is Peter Parker haha
Tom Holland is just such a cutie!!!
Also, Luke Mitchell from AoS liked one of my tweets today :-)

Title: Boyfriend Material
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Fighting against Peter in Civil War and walking away with more than just a few bruises
Word Count: 1,114
Warnings: CA:CW spoilers (a little bit), fighting, mild violence

Your name: submit What is this?

               "Y/N, take care of that damn spider,“ grumbled Sam through the coms. 

           "On it,” you replied with a nod.

           You teleport over to the young hero, catching him by surprise. You’re only a few feet away from him, arms raised and ready, but he doesn’t attack. He just stares for a few moments, looking at you.

           "Mr. Stark, I know you said to web them up, but do I have to?“ Peter whined, causing you to raise an eyebrow. "They’re hot.”

           You laugh at Peter’s compliment. “You haven’t done this superhero thing for very long, have you?”

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Mr. Bungle

Track: Egg
Artist: Mr. Bungle
Album: Mr. Bungle
Year: 1991
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock, Ska, Jazz, Experimental, Avant Garde, Swing, Funk

Mr. Bungle
I first heard of them when I saw the album cover posted on /b/, and I can honestly say that I had no idea what to expect. I’m glad I checked them out though, because Mr. Bungle is one of the most “out-there” groups I have ever listened to. The energy these guys put out is incredible. They switch genres in the middle of songs, and its pretty interesting. The tracks on this release are funky and make me want to spin in circles. 

Apparently this song is about childbirth, or a vagina, or about an egg.
I’m not sure, but I love it.