mr. stinky

anonymous asked:

Dearest Mittens, where does the name Mittens come from?

Hello dearest Anon! Way back in January of 2010, when I first signed up for Twitter (about a year before I signed up for tumblr), I needed to come up with a handle. As per usual for early January, I’d just finished rereading my way through Tolkien (which I used to do every December before Supernatural ate my brain capacity for it… I’m much more erratic on my rereads in the last few years).

My cat is called Morgan, and I’d taken to jokingly referring to him as Minas Morgan, like Minas Morgul (I think he prefers that nickname to his other most common nickname– Mr. Stinky). Morgan’s polydactyl. He’s got mitten feet:

And Minas Morgan sounded like a stupid twitter handle, so while staring at the cat, MittensMorgul just sorta… came to me. And it stuck.

Incidentally, when I signed up for AO3, I was still in the “TEE HEE OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M READING FANFIC OH NO OH NO” mentality, so I signed up as MittenWraith as a sort of ~secret identity~. When I published my first fic, I debated whether or not to change my name to match, and I still regret not doing it. At this point, having published 26 stories, it seems like too much bother. :D

And that’s how I became Mittens.