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Honestly, the only thing that bugs me about the Potter universe is the bad rap that cats and dragons get. It started so hopeful with McGonagall as a cat–however stiffly she sits on a wall, but devolved into Mrs. Figg’s stinky cats and Umbridge’s hideous cuteness patrol. The only positive reading of dragons comes from Hagrid, who calls them vastly misunderstood–not exactly a ringing endorsement, coming from someone who assigns cannibal books.

Season 3 Episode 15b - The Flood

I’m wondering how many billions of dollars of damage Hillwood and its residents suffered during this flood. We had massive flooding one night here in Maryland a few months ago that did heavy damage to buildings, cars, and roadways. I can’t imagine just how many of those things were destroyed, and how many people were injured or killed, with rushing flood waters that rose up at least 10 or so feet to cover the first floor of PS 118. Yikes.

I’ve made a decision to cut back new posts to three days a week. Since I’ve stepped up the artwork, it’s taking longer to make new pieces. So there’ll be new episode art up every M-W-F.

Also, Rhonda made a headdress out of paint brushes:

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Grell;Tea or Coffe?-Same question goes to Will!( Anyway,Is it okay to call him Will? Or does he like William?*I can't even ask Willy or Willu at this point* x"D)

Grell definitely prefers coffee. With milk/cream or as iced coffee. She doesn’t like tea.

Will likes both, but he has a favourite brand of black tea. And he is an occasional smoker.

William is a timeless name of power, protection, leadership, and royalty. Grell mostly calls him by his first name or “Will” or “Darling” all the time so he doesn’t care anymore when she’s giving him silly nicknames, but people like Ronald would never dare to address him like that, haha. “Mr. Spears” it is or “Sir” or “Boss” for him out of respect.

Don’t call him by any nickname if you aren’t Grell. William is serious about it.

Grell’s endearing names for William are Will, Willy, Darling, Prince, Honeybunny, Bae, Cutiepie, Sweetheart, Beautiful, Lovebug, my man/precious/beloved, Moomin, Nerd, Jerkface, Fuzzy Bunny, Stinky Rabbit, Mr. Grumpypants… she tends to be creative in their privacy.

(but don’t ever call him with any of these!)

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: Takes place after Man Cubs

Summary: Jensen finds a pregnancy test.

Word Count: 3868

Special Thanks: as always to my beautiful rock star cupcake @ariallane for being an awesome beta!Xo

Dedicated: To @theycallmebecca @alievans007 and @ariallane sorry teasing you with all the Quinsen Twin manips! xo

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“Just Like You”

Quinn drove like a maniac to get there. It felt a little like old times actually. Before she had kids she was known to tear it up a bit and use speed limits as suggestions. She did her best to ignore how exhilarating it felt.

This was not a joy ride.

Annie, Jensen’s sister called her up early that afternoon in a panic. She could barely understand what she was trying to tell her through her sobs.

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Our crew profile series continues with prop designer, Jared Morgan! 

  When did you become interested in animation and why?

 I’ve always been interested in animation and cartooning—I taught myself to draw by pausing recorded cartoons on VHS and copying poses and stuff on the screen. And then I started drawing comics because you don’t have to have a team of 100 people to make those.   

•  What was your first job in animation?

The Loud House is my first official animation job! For whatever reason, show creator Chris Savino and Art Director Amanda Rynda have been gracious enough to give riff raff like me a chance.  Don’t tell anybody, but it’s the best job I’ve ever had.

 •  If you could befriend one animated character, who would it be and why?

Going deep cut on this one. I want a private concert by Stinky Wizzleteats from Ren and Stimpy. A singer/songwriter that was ahead of his time.  Or Mr. Horse.  He seems like he’s a good listener.

•  What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Start something and finish it.  A drawing, a comic, a song, that final season of that television show that’s been on your Netflix Que for 8 months whatever it is just finish it. The first time I took that advice, I was really shocked about how much you learn and grow as an artist once you actually see a project through to completion. 

•  If you had to eat one kind of food every day for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Can I put 7 foods I like in a blender and eat that every day?  Why are you making that face?  …are we done?

I know I poked fun at his lack of facial expressions before, but I still never understood the argument about Sebastian having absolutely no personality or emotion.  I mean, look at the shitstorm he’s been thrown into.  It’s not like he’s got time to stop and shoot the shit about what his favorite music is.  And if he seems lax in reacting to his surroundings, it’s probably because he keeps finding himself in the same ones over and over again, and he’s damn sick of it.  Not only that, but the man already lost both his daughter and wife to the same bullshit that he’s currently wading through.  This one case has taken damn near everything he had in life.  If I had to carry that kind of an emotional burden, I wouldn’t be very chatty, either.

If anyone bothered to notice, there are plenty of little hints at what kind of a person he is. 

Wife gave him a coat.  Loves his wife, loves his coat so much that he’s hesitant to part with it long enough to even wash it.  He doesn’t care if he’s Mr. Stinky Coat–he treasures that fuckin’ thing.

Let’s see…stubborn, impatient, and bullheaded.  Went through partners like tissues, because no one else could seem to get a leash on him until Joseph came around, because Joseph apparently has the patience of a goddamn saint.  Sebastian is basically like a properly-trained human pit bull: Strong-willed, loyal, and courageous, but very “rough and tumble”, with little concern for his own safety, and a refusal to show weakness.

I’m not going to blame Sebastian one ounce for being emotionally reserved, because at a certain point, he’s just annoyed non-stop, because all he really wants is answers, and Ruvik isn’t giving him any.  He’s been chasing this same trail for years.  You think he’s going to stop now that he’s so close to finding the truth, and–at the very least–getting back a shred of his peace of mind?  Really, the only things that ever stop him are caring about the well-being of others (which, if you’ll notice, he takes very seriously).  Hell, he doesn’t even know Leslie, yet he remains protective of him, even after learning that doing so would allow Ruvik to break free.

He has to be strong and focused.

If anything, it’s that iron will that got him out of Ruvik’s brain, period.  Ruvik allowed his pain, anguish, and emotion to consume him, while Sebastian did not.

Physically and mentally, the man is a brick shithouse, and he’s earned his right to be as dry and salty as a cracker if he wants to be.