mr. steiner

Imagine you and Chibs are friends with benefits.

¤Warning: Smut¤

The bell that hung on the door to my shop dinged as a customer entered. I stepped out from the back room and was pleasantly surprised to see none other than Filip Telford, President of the Sons of Anarchy.

We’ve been best friends since I’d moved to Charming, but only recently began to sleep together. We weren’t looking for a romantic relationship of any kind, just someone that we could go to that we trusted to let out some much needed tension without it being awkward afterwards.

“Hey Filip!” I greeted him with a warm hug.

“Heya Y/N. How’re you doin’?”

I pulled back, putting my hands on my hips and blowing out a puff of air. I gazed around the shop, taking in my handy work.

“Good, we’ve been pretty busy lately.”

“Aye, that’s wonderful Lass.”

I’d noticed a empty jewelry display and cursed, having to go back into the small warehouse for more items. I patted Filip’s chest,

“C'mon big boy. I need some help carrying a box out.”

He smiled and shook his head. “Why is it that when I come ‘round you put me to work?”

We walked through the double doors, “Why would I ask anyone else to help when I’ve got a sturdy Scotsman at my beck and call?” I flirted shamelessly.

Filip grabbed my waist and pulled me back against him roughly, his nose running the length of my neck.

“Beck and call eh?” His lips connected with my pulse as he gently nipped at me.

“Still workin’ here Filip.” I moaned.

“Aye, so am I, Love.” His hands roamed my torso, making my skin break out in goosebumps.

“And just what is it you’re working on?” My voice, light and breathy.

I felt his chuckle reverberate throughout my now highly sensitive body. The hairs from his goatee tickled my ear,

“Makin’ ya scream my name.” He kissed my ear, pulling the lobe in between his lips with a light suck.

“Oh shit.” I whispered, my body going limp in his arms.

He turned me around and sat me down on the edge of the nearest table. I leaned back on my hands, watching as he unbuttoned my plaid shirt slowly.

I tried to clench my thighs together, but only proceeded to pull Chibs’ body closer to me. Biting my lip, I sat back up as he pulled my shirt off.

I pulled him to me by his cut, our faces centimeters apart. We smiled at one another and tilted our heads to the side. Chibs had other ideas. Instead of giving me the whiskey flavored kiss that I was craving, he nipped and licked at my lips.

I growled, causing him to snicker at my impatience. Just as our lips were about to connect, a customer entered the shop.

“Goddamnit!” We both cursed.

“Miss Y/L/N?” The voice belonged to one of the worst gossip whores in all of Charming, Mrs. Steiner.

She was a middle aged woman, had nothing better to do than to be a nosey ass bitch and I forgot I had an appointment with her.

She smacked her hand against the service bell by the register obnoxiously,

“Miss Y/L/N!” She raised her voice.

All it did was raise my blood pressure.

“Be right there Mrs. Steiner!”

I pouted, though Chibs was smiling. I leaned forward, wrapping one arm around his shoulder while I ran the other down his chest to his Reaper belt buckle.

“Hold that thought?” I cupped the bulge over his pants and gave a slight squeeze.

He hissed then bit down on the nook of my neck.

“Bettah make it quick Love, customers be damned.” His accent grew thicker as did his length.

He backed away, handing me my shirt, watching me as I quickly buttoned it and made myself presentable.

He devoured me with his eyes, making me all the more impatient to kick Mrs. Steiner out. With a swift smack to my ass, he laughed again, giving me a boyish smile.

I flipped him off and rubbed my stinging cheek.

“Oh aye, Darlin’.”
Mrs. Steiner tapped her long manicured nails against the glass display case. She looked ready to spit nails.

“This way Mrs. Steiner, please.” I said, surprisingly pleasant considering what she had interupted.

I lead her up a stair case to an open space that I had that was basically my office. I sat in a chair, pen and pad of paper ready to get this meeting over with.

Her demenor had changed and it was going quickly until Chibs causing a ruckus downstairs had Mrs. Steiner asking questions.

“What’s going on?”

“Ya fucka!” I heard Chibs yell.

“Oh it’s nothing. Just-”

“Cunt bollocks!”

It took all I had not to bust out laughing.

“Well I never!” Mrs. Steiner exclaimed.

“Sorry! New employee. Let me just check on him.” I held up my pointer finger as I jumped from my seat.

I jogged down the steps in search for Chibs but it was all quiet now. I didn’t want to call out his name because well, it was no ones business but my own who I had in my shop.

As I passed the dressing room, an arm grabbed me, pulling me into it. I squeeked when my feet left the floor.

“The fuck Filip!?” I hissed.

“Ain’t waitin’ any longer Darlin’.”

He had my pants unbuttoned and pulled down along with my underwear in no time flat.

“Uh hu, no way! Mrs. Steiner’s still here!”

“So?” He raised an eyebrow and unbuttoned my shirt, pulling it off of me.

“I don’t want that nosy gash telling everyone that I was fucked silly during open hours!”

“Fucked silly, eh?” His dimples became more prominent with his impish smile.

I was buck ass naked from the waist down, my bra being the only thing covering me.

I scoffed, “Stop it Filip!”

He slowly ran his hands over my stomach and around to my backside. His rings were cold against my flushed skin.

“Or what, huh?”

Fuck it I thought.

I reached for his buckle, quickly undoing it. His pants pooled at his ankles after I unzipped them. He took off his cut, putting it on the bench and I helped him take his shirt off.

Chibs backed me up against the wall, grabbing my waist and hoisting me up. I wrapped my legs around him, feeling him at my entrance.

He held me there, not fully entering me and it was pure, delicious torture. Slowly, he lowered me onto his thick member, filling me completely.

He waited, so we could compose ourselves. Gently he began to rock his hips, his pelvis rubbing against mine.

“C'mon Filip.” I moaned, needing him to move.

“Aye, Love.”

He pulled out half way just to push himself into me with a grunt. My eyes rolled back into my head at the full feeling.

Soon his thrusts became shorter and quicker. His grunts and our moans could be heard by Mrs. Steiner,  but I didn’t give a damn.

Chibs held me to him tightly, kissing me deeply, taking us over the edge. He groaned, thrusting slowly, making sure that I got my much needed release one more time before holding me up against the wall, still buried in me to the hilt.

Our breaths labored, Chibs laughed at Mrs. Steiner’s indignant behavior. She ranted and raved as she descended the stairs, demanding that I show myself.

“Well, so much for the afterglow.” I said, begrudgingly.

I dressed once again before leaving the dressing room.

“Do you have no decency!? I mean, I nev-” She stopped midrant, staring behind me, mouth agape.

Filip had come out adjusting his belt buckle then his vest. He came over to me and patted me on the back.

“Thanks for the company Love.”

I gaped at him myself, torn between laughing at Mrs. Steiner’s face or ripping Chibs a new one for outing us. Instead, I frickin’ blushed like some horny teenage that just got busted by her parents.

He winked at us as he left, lighting up a cigarette once he was outside.

I was so gonna kick Filip’s ass!