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Elias loses his virginity in the back of a car that smells like pencil shavings and fresh rain to a boy with chocolate curls and a cherry blossom mouth.

Elias meets Adam for the first time at the library, and immediately puts his foot in his mouth.

“I’m only waiting for my brother, I’ve read most of the books in here already,” Elias insists to the boy, the strange teenager dressed in a pale pink sweater with a pretty white bow on the collar. Elias thinks he’s doing the boy a favor at first, because no one must speak to the boy very often. He dresses very strange and looks more like a girl than a boy. Elias is doing the boy a favor, yes.

But the boy just blinks up at him with long, curling lashes that flutter without him even trying, and Elias thinks he must have a lot of friends, he’s so pretty. “Are you Gabriel’s older brother?” His voice is high and sweet, like liquorice candy and melted caramel. “The one who fought Sven Irlin in the courtyard last week?”

Elias’s chest puffs out, ready to set the record straight. “He hit me first, he’s a horrible boy. I won easily, even though he had three friends. No, it was five. No, ten! I beat them all!”

“Well, Gabriel certainly is lucky,” says the boy. “He must be very proud to have a strong brother like you.” Those lashes swoop down, shy and sweet, and Elias would’ve been flattered had he not seen the boy’s smile.

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pls give me more newt wearing glasses and kissing percival graves or better yet, newt finding out graves wears glasses too so now he's giddy that they both are half-blind nerds!

OHMYGOD. This is just so cute and pure?

(Anon refers to this post of mine, I suppose.)

Newt gasps. He put the glasses on the edge of his table, so where they disappeared again? The niffler couldn’t escape this time, Newt used a new spell, the little thief couldn’t slip away from the case! B-but if it wasn’t Niffly, then who on earth would need to steal his glasses? He’s practically half-blind without them.

He gets up from the chair and roams his hands all over the table’s surface, his vision blurry. Pencils, quill, parchment - he frowns - ink bottle! He grasps it in time before it spills over his notes, because until he doesn’t find his glasses, it’s dangerous even to use such a simple spell as Scourgify. He can’t find the familiar metallic frame on his table, so he kneels down, under the table, because no one can actually exclude the fact that they fell under it, right?

He squints and frowns at the floor as if it offended him somehow. Hands search frantically, and when they don’t find anything, Newt huffs in frustration. And how he was supposed to finish his manuscript now? He just began to scribble down about the mating of erumpents, when his eyes itched and he just had to take off the glasses to rub at them. And now, they disappeared. Okay, maybe he did fall asleep for a little while, but that didn’t change the actual fact that his glasses had to be where he left them.

The door to his room opens and Newt jumps, banging his head on the table. He winces and tries to rub at his head. Just why when it rains, it freaking pours?

He hears hurried footsteps as he tries to stand up. Someone scoops him up by elbow, someone who has a very familiar smell, of aftershave, cologne and coffee.

“M-Mr. Graves?” Newt squawks and he is squinting again, uselessly, as everything he can see is a blur of black, gray and creamy.

He hears a sigh and then something is pushed up his nose and he can see again. The blurry image clears and he sees Percival Graves, with amusement in those dark brown, tender eyes, and a small smile quirking up those thin lips. Newt blinks at him, brings his hands to the glasses Graves gave him and oh. Those aren’t his glasses. The frame isn’t metallic, and it’s thicker than of the ones he wears. Graves notices his confused frown and chuckles, a pleasant sound for Newt’s ears.

“Those are mine.” He simply says and Newt gapes at him.

“You wear-?”

“Glasses?” Graves hums, and Newt notices just how close he is. “Yes,” Graves states, without waiting for Newt to reply “but not always. Mostly when I have to read.”

Newt’s lips form a silent Oh of understanding. Then he’s all giddy and awkward smiles.

“So, we’re both half-blind I suppose.” He giggles and looks at Graves, who just keeps increasing in size. What- when did he come this close?

“They suit you.” Graves murmurs and it would be inaudible if he wasn’t so close, dammit. Newt’s brain keeps frying itself and he flushes a dark shade of red, but doesn’t back either. He waits for something, he doesn’t even know what he’s waiting for.

When Graves kisses him, softly, and sighs against his lips when Newt kisses back, Newt knows what he was waiting for. Then Graves’ tongue ravishes his mouth with fervor, as if he wants to actually eat Newt, and Newt finds his mind blown up by the intensity of everything. He blinks slowly and breathes shallowly, looking at Graves who smiles at him. He fixes the glasses back into their normal position, and his fingers linger on Newt’s cheek.

“Keep them.” Graves says, looking into his eyes and Newt cannot look away “As I said, they suit you.”

Newt cheeks color further “B-but how about you?”

Graves chuckles and withdraws his hand, and Newt wants it back on him “I have more than just one pair.”

“Oh, thank you.” Newt replies and his fingers touch the frame of his new glasses, glasses Graves gave him. He smiles.

“You’re welcome,” Graves turns to leave and adds when he’s half-way out of the room, looking over his shoulder at a still flustered Newt “and come down, dinner’s ready.”

Newt watches him go and can’t help but notice something shiny, like a golden frame of glasses peeking out of Graves’ pocket. He giggles.

Niffly didn’t get out after all.


Percival fumbles with Newt’s old glasses for a whole minute. Then he steps in front of his mirror, putting them on.

Hmm. Doesn’t look… bad.

The new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, has already put himself at odds with the vast majority of climate scientists. In a TV interview today, Pruitt said he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to climate change. As NPR’s Nathan Rott reports, his own agency has said otherwise.

NATHAN ROTT, BYLINE: The question asked of Mr. Pruitt on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” was whether or not he believed it’s been proven that carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, is the, quote, “primary control knob for climate.” Here’s the EPA administrator’s response.

SCOTT PRUITT: No. I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do. And there’s tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact. That - so, no, I would not agree that it’s a primary contributor to the global warming that we see.

DAVID TITLEY: I don’t know what Mr. Pruitt does or does not believe in. And honestly it doesn’t really matter what he believes in.

ROTT: This is David Titley, the director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate at Pennsylvania State University and a former rear admiral in the U.S. Navy.

TITLEY: The atmosphere doesn’t care what any single person believes. It’s just going to keep getting warmer, and the climate’s going to change as long as we keep increasing the amount of greenhouse gases.

ROTT: The scientific community overwhelmingly agrees with Titley’s point. A report by NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just earlier this year said that changes in the planet’s surface temperature are largely driven by increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions. The EPA’s own website says, quote, “it is extremely likely that human activities have been the dominant cause of that warming.” Jennifer Francis is a research professor at Rutgers University.

JENNIFER FRANCIS: It would be hard to find a scientist that disagreed with that. The evidence is overwhelming.

ROTT: Pruitt’s comments to the contrary, though, aren’t out of the ordinary for him. During his confirmation hearing, he said that the degree to which humans impact climate change is in question. He’s written on the topic, and as Oklahoma’s attorney general, he sued to stop the Obama administration’s biggest regulation to combat climate change, the clean power plan, with the backing of the oil and gas industry.

Donald Trump has promised to get rid of that plan, as well as another major regulation that aims to limit carbon emissions from cars and trucks. An executive order that would set those changes in motion is expected just next week. Francis thinks all of that is concerning.

FRANCIS: The longer it takes us to get a grip and start reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases, the worse problem it’s going to get and the harder it’s going to be to fix it.

ROTT: The EPA actually has a legal mandate to regulate greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide because of a Supreme Court decision in 2007. But Pruitt in his interview today said he’d like to see Congress weigh in on that, as well. Nathan Rott, NPR News.

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(iamyourshame) Small dumb child who is rude and mean? My kinda mon. I hope you don't have a redemption arc and undo all the bad you have done in this world. Then you would be completely useless and not worth the time it would take to curse your name. I gotta be efficient after all. Too bad you'll never be as good as me at doing anything remotely mean-spirited. But you get an F for Failure. I mean False. I mean Forever Friendless. You get the idea, sweetheart.

Morty: “His name is Mister Little and he’s my best friend!” 

Mr Little: “A-actually my name is Sa-”


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