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We hope you’re proud of yourself now, internet. You’ve made marketing executives cry.

6 Hilarious Cases of Online Voting Contests Gone Awry

#4. American Apparel Holds a Contest for Fat Models

Recently, American Apparel began selling some of their clothes in the image-shattering size of XL, a decision that certainly had nothing to do with having narrowly avoided bankruptcy.

To commemorate this historic event, American Apparel launched a contest called “The Next BIG Thing,” because “Fatty Patty’s Boulder Holders” would’ve been a little too on-the-nose. Size 12 women (provided they were “booty-ful” and had “full size fannies”) were invited to upload photos of themselves for the Internet to rate on a scale from “Not Quite” to “Xlent.”

Nancy Upton, taking umbrage at the contest’s incredibly offensive verbiage, decided to submit pictures of herself bathing in ranch dressing and chocolate sauce and holding a pie over her vagina.

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