mr. sniffles

important information about the Fire Emblem AU that I think Nakita and I forgot to share:

Sebastian Debeste becomes a Dark Knight (like Edgeworth actually). He has a horse named Mr. Sniffles. He gets into frequent arguments with this horse that he only sometimes wins. He also becomes one of the fastest mounted units though because he just has a connection with his ridiculous horse

He lands the final blow on Blaise Debeste, too, because of course he does and everyone is very proud of him. one of the other members of the army just leans in close and is like “just so you know his horse’s name is Mr. Sniffles and you were beat by him

It is a glorious moment.

Acknowledge Part 2

Summary: A continuation to “Acknowledge”. Louise and the rest of the office workers wonder when Dan and their boss’ relationship is going to become official. Contains pastel!Dan + rich and successful Phil.

Read part 1 HERE

“Good morning,” Louise greeted Dan on the Friday of his third week at Lester Global Inc. He was wearing a cute button up lavender colored shirt with sleeves that reached his mid elbow, accompanied with another pair of white skinny jeans. The flower crown that sat atop his head was a combination of pink and white flowers, looking absolutely beautiful. Louise shook her head and set her things on the desk.

“You just get cuter everyday. I think that’s my favorite crown so far.”

“Thanks, Mr. Lester got it for me.” Dan informed her, cheeks flushing as he instinctively felt for the crown.

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makapedia replied to your post

“i’m here to tell you guys again how funny a soma au for how to lose a…”

dont tempt me


think about it kat

  • jounalist maka trying to move up in the world, but is stuck writing about things that don’t interest her
  • the genuine attraction soul and maka have for each other before maka ruins his fucking life
  • maka being all ◕3◕ ‘souley wouley’
  • ‘i bought us a kitty, we’re a family now’
  • ‘i got some of your baby pictures from you brother. and this is what our children would look like.’
  • ‘nobody likes a mr. sniffles. blow.’
  • soul teaching her how to ride a motorbike
  • maka and wes teaming up to beat soul at bullshit
  • just pure content between maka and wes is a seller really
  • maka in a killer backless dress
  • ‘no way i dont love him, it’s only been 10 days ha’ holy shit i love him
  • t h e  a n g s t

the question is why hasn’t anyone taken this beautiful opportunity yet

My solid, very important ships

The Mole/Lumpy
Disco Bear/Pops
Mr. Pickles/Lammy
Lammy/Toothy (platonic)
Mr. Pickles/Toothy/Lammy


NOO!!! BAD SHIP!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He Went to Play With The Tall Man

Submitted by: Nekkofox (

Length: Super long

A first-hand encounter with the Slenderman leaves a boy without a friend and a future of uncertainty.

Are you familiar with Slenderman? You should be. He’s been an internet sensation for some time now, and every day people create new and fantastical stories of horror and blood and terror that center around him. Of campers getting lost in the woods and seeing something tall and lanky moving within the shadowy bows of distant trees. Of people finding entrails and carcasses strung up, as if in warning. Tales of harrowing visits from a faceless man in their homes in the dark of night.

These people are wrong. They always were. They want the Hollywood spectacle, the shock factor, the jump scare. But they don’t know Slenderman. Not like I know him. Of course, I knew him before we called him Slenderman.

I was seven years old, enjoying recess on a crisp autumn afternoon with my best friend Travis, who I’d known since before I had memories to remember. We were doing what boys do, making dares, throwing rocks, playing in the dirt. We were excited because school was almost over, it was Friday, and we had big plans for a sleepover weekend. Precisely what children would be excited about. But as we played, I noticed something was off about Travis. His attention kept slipping, diverting to the shade of the pine trees lining the far side of the playground.

The teachers told us not to play in the woods behind the school because of coyotes and cougars that stalk down from the mountain, and though I’d never seen anything I’d always wanted to. I asked Travis if he saw something in the woods, the possibility of maybe seeing a wild animal sparking a thrill of anticipation.

“No, I… no, it’s nothing.” Was what Travis replied. He didn’t sound sure of himself, but he kept looking back at those woods. As recess was close to wrapping up, Travis started walking to the woods, checking to make sure the Playground Monitor’s attention was elsewhere. I, being his friend, trotted after while voicing my misgivings. I wanted to see what had Travis’ interest piqued, but I knew we were not supposed to be in those woods, and I feared the talking to I would get if we were caught far more than any coyote.

“Travis, let’s get out of here, we’re gonna get in trouble.” I whispered when we had breached the tree-line. 

The pine trees were old, their trunks thick enough around that Travis and I could hug one and our fingertips wouldn’t touch. The canopy of those ancient sentinels blocked most of the sunlight, save for the occasion beam of light that struggled to reach the ground. I felt that us being out there was a violation, not only of the school rules but of something else as well. Something darker. Perhaps it was my imagination, young as I was, but my enthusiasm was draining and soon I was left with little else but dread.

We walked for maybe fifty yards before we stopped in small clearing. Travis stood there silently and I tugged on his sleeve, trying to pull him back the way we’d come. If we didn’t hurry, we’d miss the bell and our teacher would yell at us. At least, that was the excuse I gave, but that oppressive feeling of terror knotting my stomach was my real motivation. But Travis just stood there, and that’s when I felt something move. I didn’t see anything, no, but I felt it. I turned and looked around, trying to spot what was gliding through the trees.

Have you ever felt like you’re being watched, even when you’re all alone? It sends chills tracing up and down your spine and your legs start getting antsy, like you should be moving but you don’t know which direction you should run. I’d never felt that way in my life before, and only a few times since, but that sensation was nearly over-powering.

“Travis. Come ON.” I said, trying to be more forceful, trying to sound brave and stern even when I heard the tremor in my voice. 

“Be quiet.” Travis replied. He started smiling and he pulled away from me, walking across the clearing towards the shadows on the other side of the clearing. And that’s when I saw him.

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Ghosts that Haunt Us in Daylight

“I am actually sorry, you know. About putting you in the boot.”

Sherlock looks up from his appreciation of the assortment of Mrs Hudson’s finest biscuits and rolls his eyes. “I knew there was a reason you decided to share these. You’ve been hiding the chocolate-dipped ones behind your cookbooks.”

Mrs Hudson folds her hands in her lap and does look repentant, though Sherlock is going to maintain a healthy distance from her for a while. He still has a bruise on his elbow from her ‘driving’.

“Well, you were shooting my walls again. And making so much noise!”

Sherlock settles back in one of Mrs Hudson’s hideously floral armchairs. “It was for a case.”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare try to pull that on me, young man,” says Mrs Hudson, raising a chiding finger.

“Fine. You were saying something about being sorry?”

“Yes, I was.” Mrs Hudson’s chastising tone softens around the edges. “You were behaving quite poorly, but that doesn’t excuse cramming you into a confined space.” She gives him a meaningful look. “These walls are thin, you know.”

Sherlock tries not to become preoccupied with what his nightmares may or may not have revealed. Instead he says, “Your masterful performance at the therapist was apology enough.”

Mrs Hudson’s face breaks into a beaming smile. “It was all quite fun, really, getting to be a part of things. So exciting!”

The Sherlock of years gone past would have made some smart remark or simply said nothing at all. But Sherlock’s not that man anymore.

“I’m sorry, too.”

Mrs Hudson frowns and purses her lips. “For shooting my walls? For scaring us all half to death?”

“For yelling. On more than one occasion.”

She blinks at him as if confused, but Sherlock knows she’s cleverer than that.

“The walls were thin in Florida, too,” he admits.

Her faux frown morphs into troubled sadness. Sherlock hates that look on her face; actually, he hates any sort of upset marring her face. He leans forward and reaches out, gently placing his left hand over hers.

“I will do my best to resist any unnecessary shouting in the future.”

Mrs Hudson sniffles. “Oh, Sherlock.”

“Now, now, Mrs Hudson. Stiff upper lip, yes?” he reassures.

Her chin wobbles a bit, but she manages. She gives him a watery smile. “And no more boots.”

He squeezes her hands but doesn’t let go just yet. Eventually they will go back to drinking Mrs Hudson’s lovingly-prepared tea and Sherlock will eat all her chocolate-dipped biscuits.

And of course, they will both keep their promises.

Grateful thanks to @patternofdefiance​ for the lightning-fast beta of this little piece. 

Route 666 - Part 3

Word Count: 2916

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: language

A/N: I’m so glad this episode is behind me. This is bad and rushed but I wanted to just get it over with. 

Tagging: @letsgetoutalive @aprofoundbondwithdean @pb-5minutefanfiction @spnfanficpond @faith-in-dean @blacktithe7 @supernotnatural2005 @nothingeverdies @paolathedragonichuntress @thegirlwiththeimpala 

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“Y/N…a minute? Alone.” Dean demanded as soon as you walked into his motel room. He grabbed your arm and pulled you into your room, slamming the door behind you.

“Where the hell were you?” he demanded.

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Bend The Rules (41/?)

Summary: (High School AU) - Michael comes from a very strict and quite religious family, but that doesn’t stop him from having a somewhat of a normal teenage life. He still goes out, though he has an early curfew and rules to follow. He has the mouth of a sailor, but makes sure his parents never hear. He maintains good grades so his parents aren’t ever thrown off. It can be annoying, but he can handle it. But life only becomes too difficult when Gavin Free intervenes. 

Word Count: 3153

Check out the page for this fic to find the playlist and schedule (a few other things too!!).

A/N: Warnings of abuse

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It felt like much too long that Michael was staring at his hands. They wouldn’t stop shaking and they seemed to only increase after his confession – a confession his father had still not said anything about. How long had it been? A minute? Ten? Michael couldn’t even tell. The only noise was coming from the TV and the sound of his heart thudding rapidly against his chest. And even though he wanted an answer, a reaction, anything! Michael couldn’t bare to look up.

He would just sit there, where he felt safe, and wait. Waiting felt eternal though, but then…

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Originally posted by sexycliffconda

You fixed your skirt once more as you entered the building. It was your first day of work and you only have 2 minutes to be on your office to meet with your boss. You arrived just on time and you were thankful, you don’t to get fired before you even start with your work.

Are you Ms. Y/N Y/L/N?” a tall guy with brown hair and attractive dimples approached you. “Uh yeah. It’s my first day here?” he smiled. “I’m Ashton. Mr. Hood is expecting you in his office right now.” you nodded. “Thanks.” He lead you to your boss’ office and smiled at you. 

You went inside the office and you can see he’s already shouting at an employee. You can feel your knees trembling at the sight of Mr. Hood angry. He was more attractive than you expected. You saw him in magazines and you can say that those magazines didn’t give justice to what he actually looks like. Suit looks so good on him and it’s just the perfect fit. 

You heard about the stories of how much strict he is. You fail once, you’re fired. He doesn’t want “incompetent employees” in his company. Well, it’s having a good effect then if your company is one of the top companies in the industry and you’re one of the best CEOs in history in such a very young age.

Mr. Hood’s father passed the business to him before he even turned 21 and since then, he’s the one handling their company while his dad retired. Despite being a terror CEO, he’s someone who keeps to himself. He’s not a fan of going out unless it was business parties or gatherings, but even then he doesn’t stay as much. Nobody knows about him that much, besides his trusted assistant, Ashton, whom you met earlier. 

So here you were, applying to be his assistant. You always wanted to be a writer in his company. It was a dream when you were still little, when his dad was the one handling the business. Their company was known all over the world and having the opportunity to work there is a big accomplishment.

You’re snapped out of your thoughts when the employee passed by you, crying with his files. “And who are you?” he took a few steps so he was in front of his table. “I-I’m  Y/N Y/L/N sir. Your new assistant.” he looked at you from head to toe and you suddenly felt conscious. “You’re late. I’ll call Ashton. He’ll show you around” you only nodded as he called Ashton on his phone and have him show you around.

It’s been a week since you started working in Hood Inc. and you were kinds regretting applying here in the first place. He’s been non stop giving you errands and work. Before you could even sit in your cubicle there’s already a new work to do. It was never ending reports, schedules for him here and there. Exhausted was an understatement and you swear that Mr. Hood deeply hates you. Not once did you see a smile from his face whenever he’s in his office.

Hey Y/N aren’t you going home? It’s kinda late.” you looked up and see Ashton with his work bag on his shoulder. You and Ashton became really close in such a short amount of time. He said it’s about time he finally found someone who he ccan be friends with. He isn’t really close with the others because   “I’m staying til night. There’s no way I can finish this in time for deadline.” “Well okay then. You take care, Y/N. Gotta rest.” he smiled at you.

After a few hours, you were finally done with the report and you decided to give it to Mr. Hood personally so he can give it you the next morning for any revisions. You knocked at his office and waited for him to answer. You knocked and you heard a faint “come in”.

You went inside and placed the report in his table. You can’t help but notice the tissues placed on his table. He was facing his back from you and you were quite sure you heard him sniffling. “Mr. Hood here’s the report you wanted me to finish…” you tried to catch a glimpse of him but startled you when he said. “It’s okay now, you can go. Thank you Ms. Y/L/N.” you heard his voice break. “Are you alright Mr. Hood?” he turned around, his eyes blood shot. 

It’s none of your business. Now, leave!” his voice startled you. “Well sorry for caring…” you muttered. You started to walk away when you heard him whisper “No you don,t you all hate me, just like everybody else.” you turned around and you saw tears forming again in his eyes. “Would you like to talk about it?” he looks at you like you were crazy “Won’t tell a soul I swear…” you crossed your heart and raised your hand. He chuckled at you.

He didn’t know what it was about you. From the first time he saw you, he felt different. He saw something in you that he never saw in other people. He’s trying to figure out what makes him want you to be around. It was like you were a magnet to him. He hates that feeling. He wanted to hate you, gave you a lot of work so you’d fail and he could fire you, but he knew better that he just wanted to see you.

There he was telling you his grandpa died and he couldn’t be there for his funeral because of the endless meetings he had that he couldn’t cancel. He wanted to cancel everything but his dad didn’t allow him too. He said he could see his grandfather’s grave some other time.

You listened to him and comforted him. You told him about the time your grand ma died but couldn’t be there because of college. It scares him how comfortable he is with you. He hasn’t felt this comfortable with a girl for a long time since he first fell in love with someone in high school that broke his heart by cheating on him. He didn’t want anything like that to happen again so he build his walls up and never let anyone in but here you were, knocking them so easily.

The both of you talked about everything for quite some time until the both of you realized it’s 12 in the midnight and you have to go. You were about to close the elevator doors to go down when you saw Mr. Hood, racing to go inside. “Let me take you home.” you shook your head. “You don’t have to, Mr. Hood. I can take a taxi.” “No please, I insist. I’m the reason why you’re out late plus it’s really dangerous to be alone in this time.” you nodded and proceeded to his car.

You showed him the address of your apartment and he drove you there. He walked you to your door to make sure you were safe. “Thanks for the ride Mr. Hood.” you smiled at him and he shook his head. “Call me Calum when we’re out of the company” he smiled at you. “O-okay Calum…” he scratched his head awkwardly. Why was he feeling this way? This wasn’t meant to happen. “Uh I- Thank you… for talking to me a while ago. It really helped.” you nodded. “It’s no problem. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Goodnight!”

You woke up with a smile on your face. Even if you only had a few hours of sleep, you woke up feeling fresh and happy. You got your lunch and coffee and went to the office. “Good morning Ash!!!” you exclaimed to Ashton. “Well someone’s happy. What’s with you?” you hugged him tight and buried your head on his chest. “What? Can’t a girl be happy?” you mumbled. “First of all, you’re never a morning person. Second, who gets excited with all the work you’ve been doing??” you laughed at him and proceeded with your work.

Little did you know that Calum saw you hugging Ash. He should’ve known something was going on between the two of you. Ash was never close to all of his former assistants. He was just as strict as he is when it comes to them. He felt a pang of jealousy that Ash gets to hug you like that. He wanted to be the one to do that to you, he wanted to be the person that could make you happy. It felt like this was his heartbreak all over again. He shrugged it off, he knew that you were too good to be true.

a/n: Sorry that was long. Send in your requests here!!!



A Very Supernatural Christmas - Part 3

Word Count: 3403

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Oh god, not more Christmas music.” You groaned as you woke up, finding yourself tied to a chair facing the wall. You blinked a few times, adjusting to the light and took in your situation. The boys were tied back to back in two separate chairs while you were tied beside them in your own chair, your ropes wrapped in all sorts of knots around their chairs to secure you. You felt Sam moving behind you and turned your head to face him. “Sammy?”

“Yeah.” He cracked his neck. “I’m good. You ok?”

“If by ok you mean not dead then yeah.” You turned to look at Dean who was still unconscious. “Dean?” Hearing his name seemed to bring him around. You heard him groan and felt his head move back, resting against yours. “Are you ok?”

“Yeah.” He said with a raspy voice.

“Ooh!” Madge walked in with Mr. Carrigan wearing Christmas sweaters. “And here we thought you two lazybones were gonna sleep straight through all the fun stuff!” She giggled in glee.

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Princess Luke (Luke)



The house was quiet except for the game I had on. I was enjoying my time off considering how many shows I played. Y/n was upstairs taking care of Finn while Grace was in her room playing. “Are you fucking kidding me!? He was right open!?” I yelled at the TV. I mentally scolded myself for swearing. The game went on and suddenly I felt a tug on my jeans.

I looked down and saw Grace standing there with her pink blanket in hand, a tiara placed on her blonde hair, she had a pink tutu on with sparkles and her puppy eyes shown. “Hello darling,” I grabbed her and sat her on my lap. Then I took the remote and muted the TV. I pressed a kiss to her head.

“Daddy will you have a tea party with me?” Her voice was small and soft.

I laughed and nodded my head. “Yes I will.”

“Yay!” She exclaimed causing a laugh to escape from me. She got off his lap and took his hand and lead him to her purple room. Once in the room I saw she had set up her teddy bears. “Daddy you have to put on this and this, so you can join our club,” she handed me a tiara and a tutu that was also pink.

I took a deep breathe and took the items and put them on. Luckily the tutu did fit and I sat down on the small metal chair. My body was scrunched up in the chair and I was hunched over the table. I felt like a giant hanging out with elves. “Here daddy, you can have some tea,” she poured me some tea from her Disney Princess tea pot that contain nothing. I looked down at my pink plastic cup and saw nothing, but I pretended as if it did contain tea. After a moment I brought the cup to my lips before Grace stopped me. “Daddy, pinkies up.” She corrected as she held up her pinkie.

“My bad,” I said and held up my pinkie. I took a ‘sip’ and pretended as if the tea had stung my tongue. “Oh my Grace that’s hot.”

“Mr. Sniffles always make sure it cool before he drinks it.” She the pointed over to the teddy bear that I had gotten her from America.

“Good idea, Mr. Sniffles.” I said to the teddy bear next to me. “He doesn’t talk much does he.”

“He talks when you’re not around Daddy.” If this wasn’t a tea party with Grace I would have been flipping my shit, since I have seen horror movies and that’s how it always starts. “Would you like some tea,” she asked the stuff cat with her own version of a crown. Grace pretended that the cat said yes and poured tea in her cup.

“What do we have here?” Y/n came in with Finn on her hip and he was sleeping on her shoulder. “My, Daddy you will look beautiful.”

“I know I think this could be my new look.” Y/n walked in.

“Mommy! We are having a tea party!”

“I can see that, hows it going? Is Daddy being a bad guest?” She asked as she walked over to Grace and hunched down next to her while changing Finn position. Finn was slowly waking up.

“Daddy is being good!” Finn was now awake and tears were falling. “Oh Finny its okay you can come,” she said to the baby as she pressed a kiss to his bald head.

“I think this prince needs a bottle, I will go get him one.” Y/n stood up and was about to walk out. “I hope you have fun with your tea party.”

It’s John and Sherlock’s wedding day.  It’s a small wedding, just a few close friends and family.  Mycroft, Mummy and Daddy Holmes, Harry, Mrs. Hudson, Molly, Greg, Mike (who gets a seat of honor obviously because he introduced these two idiots who have taken so long to figure each other out) and hey, why not Wiggins too?

But the point is, it’s time for Sherlock to say his vows.  John has already said his, and Molly and Mrs. Hudson are sniffling and crying (Greg comforts Molly with an arm around her.)  So now it’s Sherlock’s turn, and honestly, he and John both already know that Sherlock made his big speech at John’s previous wedding (but no one’s going to mention that today), already declared everything that John meant to him then.  So all Sherlock says, all he needs to say, very simply and with so much sincerity that you can hear the tightness in his throat, is “I was so alone, and I owe you so much.”

Color My Life (1/?)


A/N: Okay, well, I’m not sure how long this is exactly going to be, but I had to get started on it ASAP because I thought this was a really cool idea. Hope it doesn’t disappoint so far!!

Word Count: 2701


When you opened your eyes for the very first time, the world was black and white. When you adjusted to the light of the hospital room, the world remained in black and white. Your earliest memories were in black and white. The scenery surrounding you as your grew older were all just black and white. Because that’s how the world worked. Not for everyone, though. Many talked of color, how beautifully green nature was, how there were many different shades of a certain color. Kids and most teenagers never believed this. There was no such thing as color. The world worked in two colors and two colors only; black and white.

Most teachers who taught kindergarten were married or currently in a relationship where it was obvious it was meant to be, because they could see it – the colors. They happened when one met the one destined to be with them, the one they were meant to be with, the one they would fall in love with, the one that in a sense, completed them. So in kindergarten, even though the children didn’t see anything beyond the gray scale, they were taught to learn each color. Of course, none of it made sense to them, and they didn’t really have to learn to tell them apart – that would be impossible, but they would learn the names for future references.

It sounded silly to them, no matter how many times their parents would tell them the world did exist in color. They couldn’t believe it, and they wouldn’t believe it until they saw it for themselves.

“With time, you’ll see it, too, Michael,” Mrs. Jones, a proud mother of a restless, curly haired boy, said to the boy every night as she tucked him in.

Michael always wrinkled up his nose in response and crossed his arms.

And this particular night, Mrs. Jones laughed and kissed his forehead. “You’ll see.”

“Yuck, love,” Michael stuck out his tongue. “Why does something so gross help us see color? That’s dumb.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you, by any chance write fanfics or short stories? If you do, could you maybe write a prompt related to kfp3? More specifically around Tipo and Lei Lei? Anything is fine! Thanks!

Thank you for your patience! I realize that this isn’t what’s going to happen, but may as well kick out the tragic AU before the movie comes! =D


Tigress panted, taking the briefest of moments to observe the battle around her. Despite their rushed training, the pandas were doing well against the jombies. She spotted Li Shan taking one down to the ground while an elderly panda kicked the fallen warrior in a place that would make any man cry. Nearby, Mr. Ping provided a group of children with a batch of dumplings. They eagerly swatted the incoming jombies with the fresh food, sending them backwards. A surprise group rolled down the hill, hit the statues, and sent them stumbling backwards towards the cliff.

Tigress darted around the tall figure that loomed in front of her. She swept her leg across the ground, striking the gorilla’s knees and bringing him down to the ground with a thud! She bounded over to the shaken jombies and thrust her legs into their guts one after the other. They slipped and tumbled down the rocky mountainside, far away from the village.

The children cheered enthusiastically, surrounding Tigress in moments. They chanted ‘wow you’re so cool!’ and ‘thank you for taking down the green dudes’ over each other, leaving Tigress quite flustered. She was not used to such unbridled praise, even from Po. Lei Lei expertly climbed up her back to cling to her neck.

“Stripey Baby, you’re my hero! Let’s go take down more of the bad guys!” she squealed, holding her prized doll in the air. Tigress smiled at her determination, a small laugh bubbling in her chest. It would be difficult for her to leave this child when she returned to the Jade Palace. But she had to focus on the battle at hand. No one was safe yet.

“Let’s go,” she commanded. The small children let out a whoop and rushed at their next opponent “Remember what we taught you, kids! And hang on tight, Lei Lei.”

“Mmhmm!” she confirmed, digging her claws into Tigress’ coat.

As she leapt in between a fallen panda and a jombie, she momentarily flashed back to the misty bridge. She and Po had a momentary spar to remind him how to use the Wushi Finger Hold. Surely that would work against Kai. Before she could say anything reassuring, the panda residents arrived to wish Po strength. He thanked them for everything and hugged his fathers, promising them that he would make them both soup after the battle was over. Mr. Ping sniffled and Li patted the distraught goose on the back, biting back his own tears. Tigress met Po’s eyes as he walked towards her. Fear flickered across his face before being replaced by a different emotion entirely. She had no time to decipher it before he enveloped her in a bear hug. His warm fur pressed against hers as he held her close. She leaned her nose into his shoulder and clung to him.

“Take care of them for me, Tigress,” Po whispered.

“Until you return,” she promised.

Neither one moved, both unwilling to let go. Finally, fate parted them. Po squeezed Tigress’ paw in his own. She did not release her grip until he was out of arm’s reach, their fingertips brushing as he walked towards the village entrance.

As another jombie fell, Tigress could see everyone’s energy beginning to wane. Many pandas sank to their knees, trying to catch their breath. She could handle long, drawn-out battles, but it was difficult for these inexperienced fighters to keep up with the essence of past masters.

“Keep fighting everyone. Don’t stop until Po defeats Kai!” she called out, keeping up their morale.

Suddenly, laughter rang throughout the battlefield. The unnerving kind that silenced everyone and sent chills up spines. Jade mouths unhinged, allowing Kai’s voice to be heard by all.

“Take a look, everyone! Your Dragon Warrior is here to fight,” Kai declared.  The jombies evaporated and floated as orbs towards the cliff. All eyes followed them and widened in horror.

“Lotus? Lotus!”


His green eyes were glazed over, unblinking and emotionless. Po’s once furry and plump body was now hardened and reflective. Behind him stood Kai, towering over his conquered warrior. He reveled in the shocked expressions on everyone’s faces. His head swiveled and he locked onto Tigress. Every hair on her body bristled, a growl rose in her throat.

“Did you really think your precious Dragon Warrior was going to stop me? Now he is mine to control,” Kai said smugly, resting one of his swords over his shoulder.

Tigress flexed her claws.

“Lei Lei, get somewhere safe,” she said under her breath. The girl hesitantly slid down to the ground, still clinging to Tigress’ robe.

“Stripey Baby?” she whimpered. “What happened to Cuddles?”

“You were somewhat of a nuisance before, but once I’ve captured your chi, then there will be no one left in my way before I take this entire village as my own,” Kai declared, pointing his sword at the striped warrior.

Tigress let out a roar and flew at him, her robe ripping out of Lei Lei’s hold.

“Bring her to me,” Kai said, tilting his head at the Dragon Warrior. Po’s eyes narrowed and he stepped forward.

He blocked Tigress’ strike intended for Kai with his own paw. She gasped. His touch was cold. She had felt his living hand not an hour ago. Now he was gone. Snapping out of it, she flipped over his head to go for Kai’s throat. A harsh whip of her tail pulled her back. She met the ground and rolled in time to dodge his incoming belly flop.

As they met each strike with one of their own, Tigress felt the urge to call his name. She bit her tongue, knowing her words could not reach him. Her red and gold eyes glanced at the amulets hanging around Kai’s waist. One in the shape of the yin and yang dangled on the end of the chain.


Turning her back to Kai, she faced Po once more. He charged at her headfirst. Gripping his shoulders the moment he got close, she rolled on her back and sent his heavy body flying into Kai. The bull stumbled backwards and waved his arms about to keep his balance. Tigress wasted no time in racing at him and reaching for her the chain. The tip of her claw brushed the Yang before the cold hand wrapped around her wrist, tugging her away from Po. She broke his hold with a spinning kick. As she turned for the amulet, a fiery burst shot through her chest.

Looking down, the jade blade stuck out of her. Her skin began to crystalize, the heat of pain replaced by a numbing sensation. Tigress’ vision began to dim.


“You know, your name was the last thing he said before the jade consumed him. Now it’s your turn,” Kai said, leaning over her. He pulled his sword out of her and watched as she crumpled to the ground, clutching at the infesting wound.

Breathing heavily, she could hear the cries of the pandas, terrified at her imminent doom. Craning her head, she could see Bao holding back a distraught Lei Lei. Tears streamed down the girl’s face as she watched her hero begin to fade.

Tigress lifted her eyes to the jade Po standing before her. He looked down on her without a flicker of emotion. Tigress felt her heart crack in two.

“Forgive me, Po. I failed you,” she uttered. Before the jade claimed her, she could swear she saw him, black and white, with tears in his eyes.

Forgive me.