mr. simple era

Super Junior’s efforts

I read an unpopularkpopopinions post about Super Junior needing to stand up for themselves, (link here: and I just wanted to write about the efforts SJ has been doing.

1. Since the Bonamana Era, Super Junior wanted to choose their own title song.

Instead of Bonamana, all the members wanted to promote the song “Boom Boom”. Let’s be real. We all know that the title song by Yoo Youngjin “Bonamana” wasn’t as appealing. However, SM said SJ funky was “SJ’s identity” and ignored the members opinion, which doesn’t make sense, because the members are the ones part of SJ, not SM. Although “Sorry Sorry” was a huge hit, Bonamana wasn’t a song that appealed to the public in Korea. This led to the downfall of Super Junior’s image (ex. they can’t sing, their song is trash, we can trust to not listen to SJ songs). I still think that SJ could have been more successful in the digital charts if it wasn’t for this title song (this perception wouldn’t have existed).

During the Mr. Simple era, members wanted the song “Opera”. This song was released as a Japanese title. Mr.Simple era really pushed towards the downfall of Super Junior’s artist image. 

During Mamacita era, members wanted the song that Donghae composed, “Shirt” as their title song. This was obviously ignored. 

2. Super Junior’s 10th anniversary wasn’t planned by SM, it was planned by Super Junior

Finally for the Devil promotions, SM let them release an album. This was not part of SM’s plan (obviously because SNSD, Jonghyun collided with SJ’s promotions). However, the only thing I would compliment about SM is the fact that they let Super Junior spend the money. Super Junior had to go around and visit all their connections (with artists) and ask them for a song for their 10th anniversary album. All the songs in the Devil album were made without SM’s work. 

Why did Super Junior go on broadcast for “Devil” for two weeks? Because of all the concerts and schedules they had. Super Junior tried their best to fit in the tight schedules and go on music shows to show themselves to their fans. Devil’s choreography wasn’t even properly practiced by Suju because each members were busy with their own schedule. They were supposed to only go on promotion for a week, but they wanted to satisfy their fans, so they made time for another week.

Even with the trashy cover/teaser of the Magic album (great work by SM), the songs and the repackage album was prepared by Super Junior. Did you know in the teaser images for Magic, Kangin’s right hand was not focused/shaky. SM cmon that image is for the B cut, NOT TO USE AS A LEGIT TEASER IMAGE. Anyways props to SJ for trying ;’0

3. Their MVs (ugh)

If you notice, almost all SM artists go abroad to foreign countries to film their MVs. Even the rookie, Red Velvet went to America to film their “Ice Cream Cake” MV.

But what about SJ?

During U era and Magic era, they went to the English village in Korea. AN ENGLISH VILLAGE. SM’s that cheap to send Super Junior to foreign countries.

Other than those era? Of course, their MV was filmed in a container box in Namyangjoo, Korea. 

4. Super Camp

It’s Super Junior’s 10th anniversary and there are like a gazillion fans all over the world. How many seats were available for Super Camp? 4000. 

Tickets that costed 550 dollars (approx) rose to 5000 because people who weren’t fans bought the ticket and started to re-sell them. SM could have rented a place that could have been more spacious, but nah. They don’t bother.

Super Junior said that they made an extended contract for another 5 years with SM this year(?) or maybe last year (?) because they know it would be harder to stay as a whole group then. It’s true so that’s why I find it so frustrating. Thanks for listening to the rant 


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