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The first rule about fighting a leprechaun is do not talk to the leprechaun. It only encourages him.

Bearded Bucky.

Author’s Note: I’m sorry guys. I’ve got two series to continue but this man is killing me. I couldn’t stop myself from doing this so I hope you like it. Dishonour on you, Mr. Stan.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Bearded Sebastian, 18+ (If you are a minor, go away), NSFW, Oral Sex (I mean, OF COURSE), Language, Unprotected sex (Wrap it! Use a condom!), .

Words: 2.476

You groaned as Natasha pressed her knee on your chest, sending you to the mat. Your muscles ached and you knew there would be new bruises the following day. 

Your friend looked at you from above, a smirked on her plump and perfect lips. You snored and accepted the hand she was offering you, standing up. On the other side of the room you heard the noise of objects being broken as Wanda used her powers.

You three were the only inhabitants in the Tower at that time along with Tony. He had refused to go with the rest of the time to a mission, argumenting he was too old for that. Nat had replied that maybe he should give the Iron Man suit to a younger man and he had looked daggers at her.

“If Capsicle is able to do it, I can”

“Yeah, the only difference is that even though he’s ninety-something, he looks and feels like a twenty-something young man” You had added, sipping your drink.

“Okay, you two won’t stay in my Tower anymore”

And there you were. That day Scott would bring Cassie as he had to go somewhere to a mission that you didn’t recall. It didn’t matter. The little girl loved the team. 

“So…what do you say?” Natasha started as she took her bag. “Party on Saturday?”

“Yeah, why not? Let’s have a girls’ night now they’re gone”

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This is what i imagined would happen if Diabolik lovers and Mystic messenegr meet

Zen: I am the most handsome and talented man in the world of oto-

Ayato: *pushes zen out of the way* It is I, Ore-sama the most cool and powerful man *glares at zen* in the world of-

Zen: *pushes him away* not soo cool now are we-

Ayato: HOW DARE YOU *Pulls his ponytail*

Zen: Not My HAiR- *punch*


Reiji: *sigh* i am so tired of my family

Jumin: same here, and don’t get me started on my father’s womanizing behaviour

Reiji: *eyes widen* Yes same is the case with my father, i mean- *ranting together*


V: so …… play violin ?


V: ok …ill …just let you sleep .. yeah…

V: *puts a blanket on shuu*

Shuu: thanks …..blind man.

V: no need of thanks mr. Shoe.

*yoosung in the distance*

Yoosung : hoW DaRe He TaLk To SoMeoNe -

Kanato: teddy agree’s with you talking is annoying

Kanato: hmmm that blind man will be fun to mess with hehehe

Yoosung: *rubs hands together* i agree-


Seven: i have lots of car but my favourite one is a  

Subaru: DoNt U DaRe-

Seven: Subaru !!! :D

Kino: pfffffttt-

Subaru: i hate everyone here.

Saeran: i agree.

(And that is how they formed the edgiest duo of history and later destroyed the life of their brothers )

April 1973 – Models Endy Cartnell (left), in a spotted sundress and hat, and Selina, in a striped sundress and bolero with 1950s jewellery, in King’s Road, Chelsea, London. They are modelling clothes from Mr Freedom boutique, at its opening on King’s Road

Photo by John Minihan (Irish, born 1946) | Evening Standard / Getty Images

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Any Suitehearts headcanons?


-sandpup, father was originally from the city

-devout follower of the phoenix witch, legend has it he helps her bring dreams… if you cross him, they’re nightmares

-voluntarily goes into the city to meet with juvie halls, operates CLANDESTINE INDUSTRIES with the rest of the suitehearts; he helps bring lost souls into the desert and helps them learn the ways of the wild before sending them off on their own

-pretty violent at times, but he really just doesnt think

-has made out with at least a handful of draculoids



-city born

-was once a doctor, issued medication and developed it, also was a pediatrician

-he got in trouble after having multiple cases of serving the wrong medication to the wrong patient, holding illegal experiments, and testing medication on himself

-he had a cat that he had to leave behind ):

-he tends to be really cold to outsiders, sometimes its rumored he doesnt have a heart, that he has a big long scar running down his chest… nobody has been able to prove it, but nobody has been able to disprove it, either

-hes surprisingly not the medic, but he does work on gathering supplies and hes actually pretty decent at fisticuffs

-another rumor is that hes more vicious than sandman can be

-trivia wiz

-he burns so fucking bad so hes at a constant need for aloe vera

-hes really gentle with the kids they rescue and sometimes he sings for them when they cant sleep


-city born, was an idol/celebrity figure

-after a slipup in not taking his medication, he was disgusted with how he was portrayed in the city and what he was supposed to represent, hated the system of it all

-became a juvie hall, was underground for a very long time until he fled to the desert, wanted to abandon the city at all costs

-when he joined the zones he swore off all drugs of any kind so long as it had some mind-altering effect and even struggles with benzedrine sometimes about taking the medicine he provides when theyre sick/injured

-smartass, know-it-all, but it does come in handy, unlike benzedrine’s random trivia

-gets it

-LOATHES tommy

horse shoe

-neutral who got involved with killjoy bands

-joined the movement mostly because it was fun at first, then actually became involved in the message

-the witch likes him for some reason, he doesnt even believe in her really but he always seems to have luck on his side

-eats bugs

-not a great fighter but not the worst


-they brought up the sinners

-lesser known than the fab four but still a big name

-located where hollywood was

i have a lot more but this is all i can think of right now (^: i love my boys please ask me more about them!!!!

Do you know what I want to see after Gotham S3E14? Edward Nygma, in denial about missing Oswald, but getting protective If anyone dare say a bad work about him.

Imagine it:

Mayor Cobblepot is gone, presumed dead. Edward is suppressing any grief or regret. He still wears the robe Oswald gave him, sometimes, and puts Lillies on Oswald’s mothers grave like he said he would, occasionally. He tries not to dwell on what happened at the docks, because it’s not like he can change it. What’s done is done.

With the mayor missing for a week, a ‘young hopeful’ is on the sidelines just eager to take Oswald’s place as mayor, just as soon as the Gotham city allows for another election. What a vulture. Like he can just swoop in and take Oswald’s place? What an idiot.

Edward is attending some upper class social, the kind he and Oswald used to attend together, which makes him all the more aware of Oswald’s absence. The wish for Oswald to be here with him fills him with a sinking bitterness that he finds confusing, but he has to attend.

At this social, the ‘young hopeful’ makes some disrespectful comment about how Oswald should have never even made it to mayor, given his attendance at Arkham. “And actually hiring an ex-inmate to be his chief of staff? I think they should have kept him in Arkham Asylum with that kind of idiot thinking.” Edward, though enraged, bites his tongue, and maintains appearances, at the time.

Then later that night when the ‘young hopeful’ gets out of his car, Edward confronts him, saying  “You should watch your mouth. Mayor Cobblepot was best thing to happen to Gotham”. 

And ‘young hopeful’ stupidly says “Please, Mayor Crumble-pot? after his breakdown on TV? And now missing? *pssh* His campaign is dead in the water.

Those words, those specific words, cause Ed to have a flashback of Oswald, his best friend, dead in the water, reaching out for him. It’s too much. Edward just loses it, all his grief that he hasn’t allowed himself to feel bubbles to the surface and comes out in white hot rage as he swings a crowbar at the idiots head and he hits the ground.

Next thing Edward knows he is yelling at the man, as he pounds blow after blow into him. Screaming that he is not fit to shine Mr Cobblepot’s shoes, let alone replace him. How could he think he could replace him? How dare he even try. Oswald was the king of Gotham. No one could do what Oswald did.  No one could replace Oswald. No one…. would ever replace him…

Some time passes, Edward Nygma realises that the man has stopped moving, realises that he has become quite disheveled and is breathing heavy. He didn’t know…. why he said so much about Oswald, it just, it just… came out. Maybe he does miss him. He senses he is not alone, and he looks up and there is Hallucination Oswald, (who has heard everything he had just said) looking down at him, smugly, saying “Oh don’t stop now, I was just getting misty.”

 Then Edward is willing to admit that maybe, he regrets killing Oswald a little.

Oh My My My - V (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: fluff and language (language is probably like my biggest warning on all of my stuff)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: FIRST - tag list. i have 23 spaces left and that’s IT. if you want to be tagged, let me know.
SECOND - there’s like 3 more high school chapters left sooo i promise you all that we will get to the better parts soon.
THIRD - i love you all. thank you for reading my work!


You arrived to school early Monday morning and spotted Wanda at her locker switching out her books. You ran up to her and threw your arms over her shoulders. Wanda looked up at you with a confused look on her face. It was way too early for you to be so giddy.

“You’re going to tell me, right?” Wanda questioned.

“Where’s Nat?”You looked around the hallway.

“She should be here any minute. You know her and coffee; she can’t live without it.” Wanda shut her locker and stuck her textbooks under her arm.

Natasha walked into school and strutted her way over to you two. You weren’t going to lie — you were jealous of her. She was hot, witty and smart.

“(Y/N) has something to tell us.”

She arched her right eyebrow and smirked. “Spill it.”

“I’m going to prom… with Bucky.” You bit down on your lip excitedly.

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