mr. schue

Every time I watch this, I tear up. Do you guys remember this? It was when Will thought about leaving the school and take a new job so he had to stop coaching the Glee Club, and he had just seen them preforming Don’t Stop Believin’, just by themselves, and when he sat in the car the song played on the radio, and he drove up to the side of the road and just sat there, crying. 


This is sooo awesome. Wish i had seen it earlier.

Mr. Schuester totally ships Puckleberry
  • “sometimes things are so different they don’t feel like they go together, but the big difference between them is what makes them great”
  • When Puck is singing Sweet Caroline straight to Rachel he pokes Finn, like look he’s singing to Rachel and then right after that you can see him smirking while looking from Rachel to Puck
Glee's Mr. Schue to Release Album

Matthew Morrison, best known for playing Mr. Schuester on FOX’s popular musical series Glee, will be debuting his new album Bringing It to the Masses in February of this year.

Glee has become famous for its mash-ups of songs that seem unrelated and Morrison is bringing that little touch from the show to his album.  Elton John recently join the Glee star in the studio to record a mash-up medley of Mona Lisas and Madhatters and Rocket Man.

Will you be checking out Mr. Schue’s debut?