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I don’t know if I should be sad or grateful that I can’t go to Yuri on Museum.

I’m sad because I can’t see these masterpieces directly, but at the same time I’m pretty glad I wasn’t there cuz I would’ve thrown all of my money away for them.

By the way, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I saw someone on Twitter mentioning that apparently they spray Viktor’s perfume around that life-size Viktor figure.

So yes, you can smell Mr. Nikiforov’s scent when you’re taking pics with him lmao


Mr. World & Media | Lemon Scented You (American Gods)

In a way Mr World is the modern equivalent of Odin, the All Father, with his surveillance equipment and world databases, that all seeing overlord thing he has going on. You see it with Mr Wednesday and his birds, who were there watching Shadow and Laura all through Git Gone, who were there when Laura died, and are monitoring Shadow and reporting back to Wednesday so that he can show up to interrupt their reunion. Then Mr World comes in wanting Mr Wednesday to become an underling of his, like Media and Technical Boy, to be a brand name under his umbrella, and even though Wednesday looks temporarily intrigued by the idea of his name on a missile, he’s never going to want to be an underling. He was the All Father. He used to be Mr World. There’s no way he’s gonna submit to be something less. To him that is death because he wants to be the top god not just one of Mr World’s yes men.

On the other hand, it’s funny considering how Odin is part of the Marvel comics and the MCU, and that’s how he’s most visible these days. It’s really interesting since the novel American Gods came out before the Thor movies, but the TV show is airing around the same time as Thor Ragnorak. In a way you could see them as Mr Wednesday’s capitulation to Media, currently he is seen and remembered primarily as a fictional character under the Marvel/Disney brand. (Though he was still pretty big in like, the heavy metal scene and such before then). Not sure what I’m saying except that all these old gods are primarily kept alive through Media already.


🎉🎉Winnie the Pooh Themed Giveaway!🎉🎉

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Tchalla: Ok which one of you did it?

Tony: Did what?

Tchalla: Someone passed gas in the lab.

Stephen: Are you kidding me? We have worlds ending and you called us in here for this?

Tchalla: This has been happening everytime I start my shift. Who is it?

Black Bolt: …. *shrugs shoulders*

Namor: Don’t look at me.

Tony: Isn’t the saying ‘he who smelt it dealt it’?

Stephen: Can we please at least pretend to be adults?

Tchalla: You guys might not be able to smell it but it lingers! I cant take the scent of rotten eggs anymore!

Beast: Hey Reed weren’t you the last one in the lab?

Reed: ….

Reed: At least I don’t smell like animal musk like you Tchalla! Or like dead fish like you Namor! Or the scent of failure like you Tony!

Tchalla: Fuck you Reed!

Tony: If failure smells like really expensive whiskey then I don’t want to succeed.

darfichihrenhundstreicheln  asked:

18. With Wendy, Soos, and Stan. (mystery shack trio?) Whatever holiday you want

18. Holiday.

This ended up being longer than I thought it would be.  Clearly, I have some Feelings about Stan, Wendy, Soos, and found family.  Hope you like it.

Send me some characters and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet!

               Wendy knocked on the Mystery Shack door.  She was expecting Stan to open it, but to her surprise, it was Soos.

               “Hey, dude!” Soos said excitedly, pulling her into a hug.

               “Hey, Soos,” Wendy said, attempting to break from Soos’ intense embrace. “What are you doing here?  Aren’t you supposed to be spending Thanksgiving with Abuelita?”

               “Nah, she went on a day trip with some of the other ladies from her Bingo Night,” Soos said.  

               “Oh.  That sucks.”

               “It just means I get to spend Thanksgiving at my favorite place on Earth!” Wendy looked the ramshackle dwelling over.  

               “…That’s one way to describe the Shack,” she said slowly.  “Mr. Pines said that he had a lumberjack emergency and I was the cheapest person he could find on short notice.  What’s going on?”  

               “Oh, right.  The ‘lumberjack emergency’,” Soos said, making air quotes.  Wendy squinted at him.

               “Seriously, dude.  What’s going on?”

               “Come on in, you’ll see,” Soos said gleefully.  He moved aside so that she could walk into the shack.  Wendy walked in carefully.  Within a few steps, she had been immersed in a cornucopia of holiday scents.  

               “Did Mr. Pines spring for holiday-themed candles or something?” she asked.  “It actually smells…nice in here.”

               “Please,” someone scoffed from the kitchen.  Wendy looked over.  She couldn’t decide whether to be amused or confused by the sight of Stan Pines in an apron and large oven mitts.  “Everyone knows that scented candles are a conspiracy by the EPA.”

               “Uh…what?” Wendy said.  Stan waved a gloved hand.

               “It’d take too long to tell you right now.  If you want, I’ll tell you over turkey, though.”

               “Turkey?”  Wendy looked back and forth between Stan and Soos.

               “Haven’t you figured it out, yet, kid?” Stan asked.  

               “Figured what out?” Wendy asked.  Soos looked at Stan eagerly.

               “Can I tell her?”

               “Yeah, sure.  I gotta check on the sweet potatoes,” Stan said, turning his back and going into the kitchen.

               “Sweet potatoes?” Wendy muttered to herself, confused.  

               “Dude, it’s Thanksgiving at the Mystery Shack!” Soos enthused.

               “Well, yeah, today’s Thanksgiving.  And we’re at the Mystery Shack.”

               “No, dude.  We’re gonna eat Thanksgiving dinner here.”  Wendy gaped at him.  



               “Then Mr. Pines-”

               “Cooked everything himself!”

               “Hot damn,” Wendy said quietly.  She frowned at Soos.  “Why?”

               “Last year, Mr. Pines overheard you say that your family doesn’t do ‘traditional Thanksgiving’.”

               “Yeah, chopping down the largest sycamore you can find, carving it into an animal, and then hunting your own dinner is pretty different from watching a football game.  Or whatever it is normal families do.”

               “Mr. Pines also heard you say that you weren’t gonna be doing the Thanksgiving thing your family does this year.”    

               “I said that a month ago!  He remembered?”


               “I have to help him find his pants when he loses them, but he remembers something I said to Tambry a month ago?”

               “Yeah!”  Wendy looked over at the kitchen.  She could hear Stan humming.  Humming.

               “But why is he doing all this?  He’s a grumpy old man; he shouldn’t be making us dinner.”  Soos put an arm around Wendy’s shoulders.

               “Dude, he’s like a candy.  Hard on the outside, soft on the inside.”

               “Uh-huh.  I don’t buy it.  Why is he really doing this?” Wendy said, crossing her arms. Soos sighed.

               “You wanna know the truth, dude?”


               “I think he’s lonely.”  Wendy blinked.


               “Yeah.  He gets like this around the holidays a lot.  And around June, for some reason, too.  I think he misses spending time with his family.”

               “Then why doesn’t he call them?”  Soos looked at her.  Wendy blinked, realization sinking in.  “You think that we’re his-”

               “Maybe I’m imagining things,” Soos said with a shrug.  “But he’s always been there for me.  Even when he pretends to not care, it’s pretty obvious he does.” Wendy thought back to the little things that Stan would do sometimes, like giving her a raise to “get the IRS off his back” at around the time her family was low on cash.  Or “cleaning out his fridge” when her dad worked long hours and no one at home could cook meals.  

               “Huh.  I never noticed that before.”

               “Don’t tell him I told you, though.  He likes to pretend he’s a tough guy, when deep down, he’s a sap just like the rest of us,” Soos said fondly.  

               “Soos, Wendy, get in here!  The turkey’s gonna get cold.”