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@kiwi-xeet. ar lath ma, vhenan! I made more for you. <3

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things The Swoop™ will do in s4:

  • killing mary off niagara falls
  • making tea
  • helping john reaching peaking bi level
  • buying mrs hudson scented candles
  • making john the hottest & softest man alive
  • making sherlock’s knees go wobbly
  • being disheveled by sherlock’s fingers while he kisses john
  • win a bafta

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Sterek Back of a police car :P

This was going to be all sexy and stuff but, uh. I’m not sure what happened.

Stiles would like to say this is the first time he’s been slung unceremoniously into the back of a police car, but he’d be lying – being a cop’s kid, he’s pretty sure the odds of him spending his teenage years as a budding petty criminal were astronomical even before werewolves got involved – though he can honestly say he hasn’t seen the interior of one in several years.

 He’s twenty nine, now: he hasn’t been arrested since he was sixteen. He has a mortgage, for crying out loud!

 Stiles isn’t even sure how he got here – it’s all a blur, really. One minute, he’d been making coffee and grumbling about Mr. Parker’s cats scent-marking his porch, and it seemed like mere seconds later that he’d spotted Derek—Deputy Hale to you, Mr. Stilinski—in his well-fitted uniform

 So, it’s not the first time Stiles has been shoved into the back of a cop’s car.

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Back home - Marco Reus oneshot

I tried to fall asleep as I couldn’t take my eyes off my phone screen expecting it to lighten up and his face appear on it, smiling. But it didn’t. I tossed and turned blaming the stiffness of my pillow for my incapability to sleep. I puffed and sighed as I tried to find some comfort in that deafening silence and eventually I just gave up and rested on my back staring at the darkness around me.

The match had finished hours ago and I still hadn’t heard from him. He usually texted or called, but not tonight. I hated how his absence gave me a hollow feeling and it turned me into this insecure human being, as if my whole existence depended on him. But the inarguable fact was that it did. It does depend on him. I do depend on him.

Ughh…I closed my eyes and heard how my hailing echoed in the room. It was slow and rhythmical. It went on for a few minutes until it all dissolved into nothing when I finally heard the turn of a key in the lock. I heard his footsteps clearly and I imagined him trying to get used to the dark of the living room, a few feet away from the bedroom.

I heard the sound of keys on the coffee table and I could tell he walked to the fridge. In a matter of seconds, he closed it shut and I knew he was headed for the bedroom as his footsteps grew closer and clearer.

My eyes were still shut and I don’t know why I made no move when he walked in. His perfume filled the room and I breathed of him and I knew how much I had missed him, him being there, near me, in our bedroom. I tried to breathe normally as I knew he was standing there, right across from me, near the door, not making a sound. I found it hard to keep myself from moving and I simply imagined him in the dark, making some effort to be quiet.

I wished he didn’t stay in the doorway anymore and he walked over to me, wrap his arms around me but he didn’t. A little hope filled me in when I heard him move from his spot, but to my utter disappointment the sound of him became distant. The perfume stayed though. And I opened my eyes, trying to send the tears away…

The room was black and I hugged my pillow making no noise, knowing for sure it would be the only thing I’d wrap my arms around tonight. I tried to make out what he was doing over the living room but I couldn’t. Maybe he had fallen asleep on the couch. I knew he must have been tired. Yet he’d rather not sleep with me.

I knew I might even regret it but I slowly got up from the bed and walked to the living room, turning on the light. He was lying on the couch, shirtless, wearing only his jeans and he turned to look at me as I walked to the couch next to him. His lips slightly parted surprised  and his eyes followed me until I finally took a seat, a few inches from his feet. His shirt was thrown on the floor and the socks as well.

I stared at his beautiful face and I wished we weren’t mad at each other. I wished I could just touch his lips with mine and fall asleep next to him. But instead I stared at him and he stared back at me, saying nothing.

I wrapped my bare legs with my arms and rested my chin on them, not parting my eyes from him. I saw him close his eyes as his hands crossed on his chest.

“Hey.” I whispered after quite some time and he opened his eyes to look back at me.

His eyes were familiar. Very familiar. They were a part of me now. The chill, the warmth, the scolding, the begging, all in one.

“I scored tonight.” I heard him say the first words and he stared at me as he spoke.

I had seen it. “And I was not there.” He kept staring at me and I felt the weight of his eyes on me, but I didn’t pull back though.

“No.” He simply said and I couldn’t tell whether there was a reprimanding anywhere in there.

“Do you want me to apologize?” I asked and he smirked nonchalantly.

“You should go to bed.” He replied and closed his eyes again.

I felt rage come to me and I loudly sighed as I got up from the couch, turned off the light and walked to my bedroom door. I stopped in my track and took a deep breath before I turned to get a glimpse of his blonde hair a few feet from me.

“I just wanted to say I’m sorry, Marco. For not being there.” I spoke out loud hoping I’d get an answer but he made no move, no sound.

Nothing. Hurt, I just got back to bed, feeling the tears in my throat again. If sleeping was hard earlier when he was not home, I knew that sleeping was not even an option now, when he was only a few feet away from me, finding it hard to sleep too. Or maybe he was already asleep, he was tired after all. Maybe it didn’t affect him that much. Maybe he didn’t care that much.

The thought of him consumed me, all of me as I breathed of him, I thought of him, I felt of him.

I don’t know how long I stayed like that, hugging my pillow alone in the dark, until I felt a pair of cold hands wrap around me. I felt his breath on my neck as he slowly pulled me to him, tightening his arms around me.

I sighed and felt warm as he covered me with his body. I felt his lips touch the skin of my neck and I felt relieved he was there, hugging me. I brought his hand to my lips and kissed it softly, smelling the vanilla soap on his fingers.

“I am sorry too, love.” He whispered in my neck and I knew I was smiling, happy he was back to me, all over again.

“It was beautiful.” I said rolling over to see as much of his face as I could see in the dark.  

“What was?” He asked softly.

“The goal.” I replied smiling. He smiled too and he came closer to meet his most delicious lips with mine. I felt as if I was back in heaven. I was back home…

the signs as regrettable things i've done
  • aries: tried to impress a boy by doing a front flip on my trampoline. i broke my finger. he was not impressed.
  • taurus: tried to run a "bucket list" tumblr (hint: it didn't go well)
  • gemini: set a glove on fire while trying to make macaroni
  • cancer: tried to splatter paint in my living room and ended up getting red paint on my ceiling
  • leo: tried to pick up my mattress and move it (i hurt my shoulder and broke a glass)
  • virgo: cut off about 3 inches off of my hair in attempt to look like dora (i was 5)
  • libra: tried to choreograph a dance to the Mulan song about defeating the huns and stayed up 'til 1am filming myself doing it
  • scorpio: stole markers from my kindergarten teacher because they were the scented mr. sketch ones and i liked how they had a lot of ink in them
  • sagittarius: accidentally ate half a bottle of gummy vitamins
  • capricorn: worn a onsie around my house, didnt know my front door was open, turned around to see my neighbors staring at me in my zebra print onsie (i was 13)
  • aquarius: bragged about my ice skating skills to everyone, and the second i got on the ice skating rink, fell flat on my ass
  • pisces: tried to look cool by carrying a bottle of (expensive) wine that belonged to my dad, tripped, smashed the bottle on the floor.

NOPE: Blueberry farts

This behind-the-scenes video (titled “Make Coloring Even More Fun”) reveals that Mr. Sketch markers are scented by blueberry farts. To all of the kids at my elementary school who called me stingy for not sharing: you’re welcome. I took the bullet for you so you didn’t have to color with something that smelled like Violet Beauregarde’s bathroom. It looks like not sharing does have its benefits.