mr. scapegrace

Ok so I met Derek last Saturday, and apart from him taking a pile of selfies on my phone, I got some answers for some very important questions.

  • Ghastly has never had hair. He was born bald and has always been since childhood. Derek said this contributed to the bullying he faced as a child.
  • Mr Bliss does not have a first name. He never has, he has always been called Bliss, it’s the name he chose. Derek said in the early books Mr acts as his first name even though it is not, it is simply a title. He said during the war he was simply called Bliss.
  • Vaurien Scapegrace does indeed have a magical discipline. Derek said his discipline has the potential to be terrifying, devastating… but it isn’t because he’s very bad at it. His discipline is also going to be revealed in the second phase.
  • Martin Flannery will not play as much of a prominent role as he was supposed to. He was created as a parody character because Derek thought Trump would never win. However, as Trump did win the election, Martin Flannery’s plot line has been changed majorly. Originally he was very important to the plot, now not so much.
  • The Grotesquery was made up of parts of Derek’s favourite monsters from his favourite horror movies. He said his favourite feature of the Grotesquery was the arm that could unravel and snatch up its prey, he’s very proud of it.
  • He created the Torment and the concept of the Children of the Spider purely because the discipline and the transformation is incredibly gory.
  • Scapegrace: Right, let’s run through our evil plan once more, Mr Thrasher.
  • Thrasher: Right you are, Mr Scapegrace.
  • Valkyrie: (inside tent) Wake up, Skul. I can hear voices.
  • Skulduggery: I can’t hear anything.
  • Valkyrie: Listen - there it is again.
  • Scapegrace: Blah blah blah - stolen plans - blah blah blah - missing scientists - blah blah blah.
  • Thrasher: Ssh.
  • Scapegrace: Blah blah blah - atom bombs - blah blah blah - third world war - blah blah blah.
  • Thrasher: Ssh.
  • Scapegrace: Blah blah blah - Kneecap Hill - blah blah blah - big secret - blah blah blah - kidnapped boy - blah blah blah - everything ties up - blah blah blah.