mr. sackett


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sir, for a conspiracy like this one to function we would need to be keeping secrets from the enemy, from congress, even from our own army. this would require absolute trust amongst the secret keepers; and yet, general scott here does not trust me, or my judgment; mr. sackett here mistrusts my experience much as i mistrust his attitude toward the lives of the agents in the field. and you sir, you know the name abraham woodhull and yet you will not disclose to me the source of your knowing. apparently you do not trust me either. therefore, i cannot trust the success of any chain that we might build here today.

In honor of Sunday’s episode of Turn, here is the letter that George Washington wrote to Nathaniel Sackett hiring him as spymaster. Sackett would be paid $50/month, plus $500 to set things up. Since this was 1777 the Continental dollar still had pretty decent value (despite Abraham’s comment to Caleb in an earlier episode of Turn).

To Mr. Nathaniel Sackett


The advantage of obtaining the earliest and best Intelligence of the designs of the enemy, the good character given of you by Colonel Duer added to your capacity for an undertaking of this kind have induced me to entrust the management of this business to your care till further orders on this head.

For your care and trouble in this business I agree on behalf of the public to allow you Fifty Dollars pr. Kalendar Month and herewith give you a warrant on the Paymaster Genl. For the sum of Five hundd. Dollars to pay those whom you may find necessary to imploy in the transaction of this business, an acct. of the disbursements of which you are to render to me.

Given under my hand at Morris town this 4th day of Feb., 1777

George Washington

I do love the spelling of Kalendar instead of calendar.