mr. rook


Here it is, guys! The completed Sherlock chess set. (Now all that’s left to do is to figure out how to build a replica Victorian chess table…)

Team Sherlock
King: Sherlock
Queen: John
Bishops: Lestrade and Mary
Knights: Molly and Anderson
Rooks: Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft
Pawns: Police, a pair of the Homeless Network, and Baby Watson (not that I think Sherlock would see her as a pawn, but you can bet your deerstalker Moriarty would)

Team Moriarty
King: Moriarty (honey, you should see him in a crown)
Queen: Irene Adler
Bishops: Magnussen and Moran
Knights: Kitty Riley and The Cabbie
Rooks: General Shan and The Golem
Pawns: A bunch of generic henchmen (because I’ll bet that’s all they ever were to him anyway)

AU Finnrey fluff
  • Finn and Rey are students, Rey is an amazing soccer player and it allowed her to get a scholarship. Finn also got a scholarship thanks to his amazing results in high school, he’s a law student.
  • They share a tiny apartment and they both have part-time jobs. Rey works at the Chewie&Han car repair shop, and Finn works at Mr Rook’s flower shop.
  • When Rey gets home from practice, exhausted and sore, Finn gives her a great massage. When Finn is deep in his papers, studying law all night long and overwhelmed by upcoming finals, Rey brings him his favorite coffee and bagel from the coffe shop down the street, and kisses him to fuel his energy.
  • Every time Rey has a soccer game, Finn is there in the audience, cheering on her and her team.
  • They’re always in each other’s space, holding hands and leaning against each other, kissing and whispering in each other’s ears. They are “disgustingly cute” as Poe says.
  • When they are home, they cuddle a lot. They cuddle on the the couch while watching tv, they cuddle in bed, sometimes Rey cuddles against Finn when he’s studying, sitting next to him and putting her head on his shoulder, an arm around his waist. Rey’s warm and comfortable weight against him relaxes Finn.
  • They take turns cooking most of the time, but when they have a rare day off they love to cook together. It often ends up in food fight and makeout session instead of real cooking, though.
  • Finn jokes that when Rey will be a worldwide famous athlete, he’ll be her trophy husband. She answers that when he’ll be one of the greatest lawyers in the world, she’ll be his trophy wife.
  • They love each other more than anything.