mr. pyramid guy

My latest rant: the prophecy. That’s my little nickname for that image that shows up for a split second in the opening. U'kno, the one with Pyramid Guy (or Bill, whichever you wanna call him). I’ve seen a lot of people share their theories about that image. My turn.

Originally I thought it was about summoning Pyramid Guy. Clearly though thanks to Dreamscaperers that is not the case. Hah. Of course I was wrong. Gravity Falls is an unpredictable show after all. You can never foretell what will happen.

I don’t believe that those symbols represent the different characters simply because it’s on their article of clothing. That is too simple for me to accept. While likely they represent the different characters, I take it a bit more metaphorically. Here are my beliefs, which have grown from my own thoughts and the internet

Stitched Heart: this is very simple to decode for me. It represents the process of healing a broken heart and lost love. This also symbolizes fragility to me. It is much too easy to pull the thread apart and inflict more wounds. Thus, the owner of said heart must be careful and guarded. If I were to choose a character for this, it’d be Wendy or Robbie; more likely Wendy though. I choose her because of her initial reaction to the breakup in Boyz Crazy. She spoke about how guys apparently think of themselves. This too me referred to her impressively long list of exes. I believe that for awhile she’ll be a bit pissed at Dipper and Robbie. Maybe even go as far as too hold a grudge or quit her job. Then again, I cannot be so sure until her canon status is announced in the show.

Shooting Star: For centuries we as humans have always been in awe at the shooting star. To our ancestors, a shooting star signified lightning bolts of warring gods. On one website, it claims that shooting stars also doubles as a ball of fire. Fire means illumination and enlightenment. When a shooting star would land on earth, the ancients considered it a gift from the gods. This adds divinity to the shooting star symbolism. And since these stars contained iron, this material was used for tools and such.

Leaving the ancestry, a shooting star can also mean other things. I believe we all know the tradition of wishing upon a star; especially a shooting one. This adds a rather hopeful quality. In Native American legend, the shooting star represents a young girl. A shooting star could also represent that brief fleeting moment in our lives. Overall, the traits I see is divine, enlightenment, enchantment, gifting, war, wishing, young feminism, and the little things in life.

I would associate this with Mabel. No matter how I look at it, I always end up thinking of her. She enlightens us, and is very wishful. She’s always hoping for the best for everyone. She is also a bit gifting, and proves herself rather helpful to people around her. She also always finds a way to enjoy the little things in life. The only trait I question is divinity, but maybe that may change as the series progresses. It was that way with the heart.

Llama: Aside from what Wax Larry King said, I think that was really just forewarning. You gotta be a great warrior to survive what’s ahead. That’s just random thought though. The llama represents endurance, service, sacrifice, hard work, responsibility, and stubborness. I’m trying my best right now not to perfectly quote the website i’m looking at. A llama person is usually pretty social and easy going, but can defend themselves the same. The llama can teach us too survive and trust ourselves through the most difficult times.

I would either associate this with Soos or Wendy. They both work hard (?) at the shack and loyal to the people close to them. The only reason I really chose Wendy alongside Soos is for how she keeps a straight face despite all the stuff she has to deal with. Being Manly Dan’s daughter, having 3 younger brothers, working for Stan, her struggling relationships with Dipper and Robbie, thats alot of crap to deal with! Talk about endurance. But for the other qualities, I usually think Soos.

Six-Fingered-Hand: I came up with two different results when looking up this symbol. One, was some Fringe thing. This was no help. The other, were articles about an ancient race of people with six-fingers and toes; proven by hieroglyphics left behind. This could be a reference too the ancient times and “olden days”. The extra finger to me represents oddity and the unusual. I don’t mean to offend anyone btw. I’ve heard there are a small amount of such people nowadays, though that facts from Wikipedia.

This I associate with the strangeness of Gravity Falls in general.

Pentagram: Because there is no circle surrounding this star, this represents awareness and being prepared. In pagan religion, this is a more open and active approach. During my research, I learned that this symbol is similar to something called the ‘Elder Sign’. According to the Yahoo Answers page, this was a symbol to ward off evil. Thus, I believe this pentagram is merely a sign of awareness, preparation, openness, activity and protection.

I think Gideon with these traits. He’s far more aware of what’s happening, and is ready for anything. His actions are usually more open and straight forward, which I guess is why Dipper and Mabel are usually able to defeat him. The only part I question is the protection. Right now, I’m a bit unable to solve that part.

Pine Tree: for the ability to keep it’s color nearly 24/7, the Pine Tree symbolizes immortality and fertility. Thanks too many other cultures, the Pine Tree also represents strength, honor, virtue, wisdom and solitude. Japan and China likes to associate them with the new year. The Black Forest in Germany is not only filled with these trees, but is the location of many famous fairy tales and legends.

I’m going with Stan for this one. Obviously cuz he’s the eldest one here. Also for his solitude in the forest and the strength used to survive having the authorities at your heals.

Moon: According to the Gravity Falls wiki, the symbol on Stan’s fez is the Luwian hieroglyph for 'Luna’ which of course means 'Moon’. The only real difference though is that it’s faced sideways instead of downwards. According to one website, the Luwian’s are an extinct race of people of Ancient Anatolia. The moon god was called 'Arma’. While I found little to no information on this god, I do have some info on the moon itself. It was just a shame I found myself able to decode what the moon meant to the Luwians.

In most cultures, the moon represents feminism; though there are a few out there that chose the latter. It also represents fertility and the cycle between life and death. That’s pretty much the simplest way I can put it.

I really want to associate this one with Pacifica. Probably cuz I really like her as a character and want her to be part of the prophecy.

Ice: I chose to focus less on the ice pack itself and more on the ice. Cuz really, I can’t find anything online and my mind’s drawing a blank. That’s when I realize just how easy it would be to draw ice and have people instantly recognize it. An ice pack just makes it easier. I guess whoever was drawing that thing felt a bit lazy.

Anyways, i’d say ice symbolizes coldness, stinging, hatred and is timeless. In Tarot, ice means isolation and waiting. The feeling of separation.

I’d associate this with either Wendy or Robbie; bit more Robbie though. I’d expect him to have become colder after that little break up.

Question Mark: I’m just gonna get the 'duh’ factor out of the way and say it’s associated with unanswered questions. The melting factor i’m guessing means that these questions are melting away slowly but surely. Just give it time

Dipper. He’s the one solving everything. Nuff said

Glasses: this too me represents the act of having a new perspective on things. According to a dream dictionary, eyeglasses by themselves symbolizes a rather distorted view of your surroundings.

As of now I am still suffering with this one.

While there is still all those surrounding symbols virtually EVERYWHERE, I think this chapter is long enough. Plus I’ve been working on this for hours (not including my break at the beach). Also, keep in mind there is a chance my approach to this is wrong and it’s not the case at all. Maybe the symbols are not even associated with the characters at all. Only time will tell. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my nonsense.