mr. puffin

“Okay kids now its time to show your drawings to the rest of the class!” said the art teacher. “Peter goes first!”

“This is my family” Says Peter showing his work.

“The one holding a beer is my uncle Matthias, he drinks a lot of beer, i think he secretly likes Uncle Lukas. Uncle Lukas is that guy choking Uncle Matthias,he likes to hear Uncle Emil say Big Brother, i think he takes drugs because he talks alone. Uncle Emil is the one holding the phone, he is calling his boyfriend from Hong Kong. That bitchy parrot is Emil’s pet, he is annoying. The guy with the cookies is my mummy Tino and when he’s drunk he says he is Santa and tells me to sit in his lap. The guy with glasses is my Daddy Berwald he loves furniture and my Mummy Tino, hes hella gay and is super intimidating at first,” *thumb* “he is the only person i know who never got lost in ikea, i wanna be like him when i get older. and that little dog is Hanamatago. In conclusion they are all gay. Except Hanamatago, she is a girl.”

The teacher had a heart attack. it was not the first time, he was a waiter once until one day he saw a guy proposing another and he had a heart attack.