mr. puffin

I found this sitting in my folder and decided to spruce it up~

Mr. Puffin was probably Iceland’s first friend out there on that island and I’m certain that even through their bickering they still think fondly of each other 


ComicCon17 Stuttgart

We had a little nyo-hetalia steampunk group and a lot of fun.
I enjoyed this day with my friends - hope to see you all soon again.

Do not mess up with a Dane!

Nyo-Norway: @fumoffu5
Nyo-Denmark: @story-of-infinity
Nyo-Iceland: me
Mr Puffin: Loki

Photos by: @lillianastark

Headcannon Time

So according to legend, Iceland has four guardian spirits: A stone giant, a giant bull, a giant dragon, and a giant bird. 

I think we all can agree Mr. Puffin is not a normal bird. He talks, he’s probably over a thousand years old if he’s been with Iceland since Iceland was born, and he never seems to leave Iceland’s side. 

Would it not make sense that there would at least be one of those four Guardian’s keeping an eye on Iceland? One in a small, relatively inconspicuous form? Like a puffin?